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Hermione had asked me help her figure out how every muggle-born was getting petrified. Oliver was hesitant when I told him that I was going but I managed to get away. We met up in the library and got to work immediately.

When we found out she wrote it down and we immediately started going back to the common room. Hermione looked at me worriedly and then I realized that the basilisk was following us. "Hermione run. Now" I said pushing her in front of me. "No! Wait lillian!" She shrieked as I ran towards the basilisk to distract it away from hermione. I made it a couple of more steps before it petrified me. But I didn't scream. I just silently fell to the ground.

Hermione went up to me with a sad look in her eyes. "No, no your like a sister to me I can't lose you" before she was petrified herself. Mcgonagall found us next morning and brought us to the hospital wing.

It was so quiet for me. It was like me being silenced. I wanted to say something but I couldn't. I heard ron and harry come in to see hermione.

"Madam pomfrey, you asked for me" someone said walking in frantically.

Oh no. Oliver. I did not want him seeing me like this. When he saw me he he gasped a no and ran and dropped to his knees and held my face in his hands.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Wood but it's true, Ms lupin has been petrified" I saw a tear go down his face. He stayed for a few more moments before he had to leave to go to class.

Lots of people have visited me. Adrienne, Fred and George visited me every day for about 10 minutes, Lee and angelina visited me every monday for 30 minutes, neville stoped by frequently and brought me flowers, but my most frequent visitor was oliver. He visited almost everyday.

Some days he would work on his assignments, just sit there talking to me, which I thought was nice. He would even sing some of my favorite songs. It was always like I was there even though I couldn't say anything.

One time he walked in and just cried into my shoulder. I wanted to comfort him so bad but I couldn't. It physically hurt me that I couldn't comfort him. (You can just tell that I'm the mom friend lmao)

"Lass, lillian, I need you. I need your smile, your laugh, your hugs, your- your everything. I love you. I don't even know if you can hear this. But I do. I really do" madam pomfrey let him sleep next to me that night because he just couldn't move.

Then I heard that harry did it. I thought that they must've found the note from hermione. They said that they could unpetrify the students. I was so happy. I could actually talk to my friends again. To him again.

When I was unpetrified I immediately sprinted towards the great hall and I opened the doors. I saw percy nudge oliver and point to me. I waved at him and we just ran to each other and hugged as if we haven't seen each other in years.

Then we sat down and I told everyone what happened how I became petrified. Then I saw hermione come in and then the golden trio was reunited. Hermione came towards me and we gave each other huge hugs.

Then we were sent back to our dormitories. Oliver just sticking to me like a lost puppy. I put my head on his shoulder while we road the stairs up.

He looked at me and said "are you tired lass?" And I shook my head and I told him that I had to tell him something. He looked at me then we walked up the stairs.

He looked at me and said "are you tired lass?" And I shook my head and I told him that I had to tell him something. He looked at me then we walked up the stairs.

After all my friends checked up on me again I could finally get some alone time with oliver.

"What is it you wanted to tell me?" He said as we walked towards the corner of the common room. "I remember everything everyone said to me while I was petrified" I said as Oliver's face blushed. "And I wanted to thank you" I said quickly.


"You sang my favorite songs, you ranted about quidditch, and you talked to me normally... And I love you too" I said quieter as I pecked him on the cheek and I went to my dorm.

As i was about to I heard someone laugh like a cheetah shouting loudly "SHE REALLY DID THAT" but I heard the same voice saw "ow" afterwards. That voice was lee. I fell asleep soon afterwards. Waiting for tommorow to come.

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