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A Mandalorian’s Trust: A Din Djarin x OC

Chapter 1 - The Child (2/2)

"Ah, you have returned, but why may I ask?" Kuiil asked the approaching Mandalorian before noticing his two new companions. "And with friends I see,"

"They are not my friends," Din stated bluntly, making the child and Signe share a look. He was right but Signe couldn't help but feel slightly offended by it and apparently so did the green creature who had taken a liking to both of the bounty hunters despite only just meeting them. "My ship has been stripped by Jawas and I need to find them, and (Y/n) here has an axe she needs back," The Viking, upon hearing her alias, stepped forward with a smile and shook the shorter man's hand. The Ugnaught smiled, shaking her hand.

"Pleasure to meet you, (Y/n), I am Kuiil,"

"We were hoping you could help us. Do you know where we might find the Jawas?"

"Yes, yes, I will take you to them in an hour, for now you should rest, I have spoken," Kuiil said before walking into his home. Din and Signe remained outside as the sky darkened. Signe watched with a smile as the little green alien chased a frog before successfully capturing it and shoving it in his mouth to which she raised an eyebrow before a baffled look crossed her features when he appeared to swallow it whole. Moving to a nearby rock she sat down on it and took out the bottle of Eosirin. She took another petal before looking at the man in Beskar who was sitting himself a few feet from her.

"Mandalorian, do you need another petal?" Din looked up at her as she held out a petal to him. He nodded, still feeling a dull ache. He took the petal giving her a nod in thanks and quickly sneaking it under his helmet without revealing anything. "How is your wound?" The Viking asked as she looked through her white cloth bag, pulling out the Hoil and another medicine, Din assumed. He didn't really say anything, merely stared at her for a moment before.

"I'm not sure,"

"Want me to look?" he hesitated at this question. Signe could tell he still wasn't sure of her. She found it strange how untrusting he was but she would be cautious with him. "If not then at least let me guide you through using these," she said holding up the bottles. The Mandalorian again gave her no response before she noticed him nod ever so slightly and he moved to the side so his arm faced her. She kneeled down next to him and began her work. She uncorked the leather skinned water bottle and poured the water on to a cloth before gently cleaning off the dried Ragweed paste, he grunted every now and then as the wound stung. Her eyes flickered to him every now and then, trying to guess the angered expressions he was giving her, she proceeded onto the next step. She pulled out the cloth ball she had used earlier with the Hoil and used it again dabbing some on before pressing it to his wound. He flinched away when Signe's thumb briefly touched his bare skin, she backed away a bit and offered him the cloth ball in case he wanted to do it himself. He moved back to his original spot allowing her to continue, looking out at the darkening desert. The child had now decided to have a sleep, curling up in the soft furs of Signe's hide. Signe continued.

"Is (Y/n) actually your name?" Din suddenly asked, making the woman stop what she was doing and she stared at the sand granules. She then carried on but moved only her eyes to look at him out of the corner of them, the Mandalorians helmet wasn't facing her but she could sense that he was doing the same thing, watching her out the corner. Her green eyes moved back to the wound, picking up the vial that had the snow white ointment.

"Why do you ask?"

"(Y/n) doesn't sound like a Vicingian name," the woman didn't say anything as she lathered it into the wound until it was covered. Din could already feel the burn cooling down. She picked up her things and sat back on her rock.

"You're correct, (Y/n) is merely my alias. I'm not telling you my real one though, you haven't even had the decency to tell me yours," Signe stated firmly as she took out a small piece of bread and ripped a chunk out somewhat violently. Din merely glanced at her before fiddling with his arm bracer which made the woman roll her eyes. Kuiil appeared out of his home and walked round the back.

"It's time we leave, we'll take the Blurrgs," he said, Signe following him to see very odd creatures that she had never seen before. They walked on their hind legs and had short thin arms with great gaping mouths and bulging eyes. Ugly... Signe thought simply. One came to her, and just stared at her. She broke the weird eye contact by getting her things and putting the small alien in a hovering transporter. She watched as Kuiil strapped a Blurrg to the transporter. The Viking and The Mandalorian jumped into the camper, Signe laid on her side next to the baby who gurgled happily upon seeing her join him while Din stood at the front of the camper. She smiled at him, "Hello my young friend, I shall keep in good company, don't worry," she said, clearly making a jab at the other Bounty Hunter. Din rolled his eyes from under his helmet as Kuiil got on top of the Blurrg that was pulling the camper. She was clearly a quick tempered character, not far off his own, he too had his moments. He couldn't wait to get this all over and done with so he could go back to his usual life but right now, he needed to get his ship sorted and so their quest to find the troublesome Jawas was afoot.
— — —

It was morning by the time the four came to the Jawas hideout, who were ambling about and looking at the things that they had 'found' but when they saw they had company they straightened up and staring at the visitors with interest although upon seeing the Mandalorian and the Viking, they began to back away, muttering to one another anxiously. Signe looked at the Mandalorian who looked like he was just about ready to cause chaos for a second time as he jumped off the Blurrg with his rifle in hand making the Jawas draw their own weapons. Luckily, Kuiil stepped in to stop him. He shook his head before putting a hand on the barrel of the rifle and lowering it.

"You need to lower your weapon and leave your blasters too," Signe took the opportunity to jump out of the camper and make her way to the Beskar warrior's side as Kuiil looked to her too, meaning she had to do the same thing. She instantly did as she was told, unlike the Mandalorian who decided he was going to argue back.

"I'm a Mandalorian, it's a part of my religion,"

"Then you won't be getting your belongings back," Kuiil said calmly, staring at him as if humbly challenging him to carry on. The Mandalorian stared back, a frown was plastered on his face before he let out a heavy sigh and put his blaster on the ground. "Now wait here, let me go to them first," Din and Signe watched as Kuiil walked a bit closer and beckoned them over to which they obeyed. Kuiil then ushered the two Bounty Hunters over, who both glanced at each other before walking over and taking a seat, Signe sat crossed legged while Din sat with his legs out in front of him, in a sort of laying position. The Jawas conversed with Kuiil, first asking for The Mandalorians Beskar armour to which he hotly replied with a firm, 'no.' As they spoke Signe's eyes wandered to their pile of stolen goods and right there sat her fathers battleaxe. She immediately stood up and made her way over to it, ignoring Kuiil's protest and shoving any Jawas out the way, she made it to her axe. She picked it up, instantly noticing the damage to it and her face twisted into one of anger. Not only had the Kyber Crystal been smashed but what was even more frustrating was that the blade too was damaged and blunt. She started to panic slightly, how was she going to get it fixed? She had no idea how to pilot a ship, no idea how to even get back to her home planet and that's probably what scared her the most. The fact she wouldn't be able to find her way back and see her family again. The sound of the Mandalorians' voice snapped her out of her trance like state.

"What are you doing, are you trying to ruin our chances of getting off this planet?" he was angry, that was clear but he wasn't really shouting at her. The young woman turned around slowly, a malicious sneer on her face. There was that Viking fire.

"Do you not get it?" she spoke viciously, the whole new Signe he was seeing seemed to shock him slightly as his head moved back in surprise. "I need this axe. It's precious. My father gave it to me. The only place I can get it fixed back to its full potential is back on Vicingi and I have no way of getting there. For Erasil's sake, I don't even know where it is out there and I can't find the merchant who took me," noticing how emotional and tearful she was getting, Din relaxed his shoulders and his unseen eyes softened. Kuiil made his way over and placed a hand on the woman's bicep.

"Now now my dear, I understand your worry, I do, but we need to get his ship fixed before you can even think about finding your world," hearing Kuiil's calming voice and caring eyes, the woman's anger and turmoil seemed to subside. She hung her head in shame and sadness before turning around and putting it back onto the pile. From in the camper, the small green alien had seen what happened, his ears drooped sadly. He felt the sadness and pain flow from the female bounty hunter. He chirped sadly from his spot as Din came over and put him in his pod while telling Signe of the plan.

"We've made a deal with Jawas, they want an egg and we're going to get it for them," the young Viking looked at him and nodded, her face now held determination as she made her way over to the camper to get her blaster and hatchets. She holstered them as she followed The Mandalorian, Kuiil and the child into the Sandcrawler. When they were at the cockpit, Din had to crank his head down slightly to avoid banging his head on the Sandcrawlers ceiling, a troublesome burden he'd have to put up with temporarily for the journey. Signe didn't have as much trouble as him as she was a little shorter and she couldn't help but giggle with the Jawas when they purposefully went over a bump and The Mandalorian's head met with the ceiling. He grunted and looked at Signe making her straighten her face.
— — —

When they arrived, Kuiil pointed them in the right direction to where the egg would apparently be found. The Beskar Warrior lead the way with the Vicingian woman following behind with the Child next to her. She noticed the child was staring at her and when she looked back, his ears dropped. As if knowing why a sad expression crossed his face, the woman smiled and patted his head.

"I'm okay, Sprout. Lost faith in everything for a moment," she said before walking into The Mandalorian who had decided to stop all of a sudden. She stuttered a sorry out before Din spoke up without turning to her.

"I'll help you find Vincingi. I'll help you find it and help you get there too, I promise." he said out of the blue before continuing down the rocky slope. Signe stood there for a moment completely flabbergasted by what happened. This was very out of character for him, she didn't know him long but she knew he wasn't the type to give promises out willy nilly and when he did, he most likely meant them. She looked at the little one again who smiled up at her. She stood there for a few more moments, still trying to take in what he set before making her way down to him. She looked around to find themselves in a small cove where on one side was a huge gaping hole in the cliff face, the woman frowned in discomfort, not really a fan of caves and what could be lurking in them.

"Stay here with the kid," Din ordered, making Signe frown but she did as he said as he made his way to the cave's opening. He briefly looked back at the Viking who merely watched him with an expectant look as she blocked the sun from glaring in her eyes before he disappeared into the darkness. Signe tapped her foot wondering how long this was gonna take. She looked at the child,

"He's taking his sweet time, isn't he?" the child gurgled in agreement and she smiled before she heard blaster shots in the depths of the cave before a certain warrior flew out of the cave and landed in the wet mud. Signe quickly readied herself for whatever was going to reveal itself from the cave's mouth. She side-stepped her way over to the Mandalorian, keeping her eyes on the cave and just as she got to him, a bellowing roar rang out throughout the cove. The ash blonde's head snapped up to see what made it. A mudhorn and a big one too. It's eyes zoned in on the two, narrowing with ferocity, She gently kicked the Mandalorians' side urgently.

"I suggest you get up now," she said, maintaining eye contact, not giving it a chance to charge yet. In a dazed manner, Din lifted his hand, asking for help up. She took it and hauled him up as the Mudhorn roared again, smacking its horn against the muddy ground before stampeding its way over. Signe's eyes widened and psyching herself up, shoved the flustered Mandalorian to the right before diving to the left out of the way of the oncoming living tank. As she hit the ground, Signe's mood flattened when she realised she was now covered head to toe in mud, she quickly rid herself of annoyance. She didn't have time to be worrying about mud. When she got up and turned to get herself ready for the next attack, she was met with the creature moving to face her.

Oh dear.

The creature swung its head and growled menacingly, challenging her. She dug her heels in the ground as much as she could creating footholds. The Mudhorn roared and ran to her. Signe braced herself and when it reached her, she grabbed its horn and pushed back with every fibre in her being. Thankfully for her, the short run it had wasn't enough for her to get pushed too far. She glared into its eyes, seeing the slight shock flash through them as she was the one now challenging it. The Mandalorian sat up, grunting in annoyance that he was yet again in the mud. His eyes looked up to what he thought would be an impossible sight. He watched as Holly held back the Mudhorn but he noticed that she started to slip and was slowly being pushed back. She wasn't going to hold it for long and that's exactly what happened when Signe suddenly lost her footing and the large beast took the opportunity to fling her across the cove. She landed with a heavy thud and didn't move. Din would be lying if he didn't feel his stomach drop slightly. His attention moved back to the Mudhorn who had now set its sight on the kid. Using his bracer he sent his grappling hook flying into the Pod and dragged it closer to him and doing so in time before the Mudhorn could smash into it. Instead, it charged straight into the rockwall, briefly stunning it. The Beskar warrior sighed in relief at the small achievement before looking at his Viking companion who still hadn't gotten up yet. An angry grunt caught his attention and he was again staring into fiery eyes of the beast, in a final and desperate effort he took out a small knife and held it in front of him. He closed his eyes and waited for the impact as he felt the vibrations of the Mudhorn's bounding form but it never came and the footsteps stopped. He opened his eyes to see that the Mudhorn had definitely stopped but that wasn't the only strange thing about it. The creature was now floating in the air a few feet of the ground. Din watched in shock as it struggled and groaned in confusion. He looked around before his eyes saw the child who was holding a small three fingered hand toward the giant beast, his face twisted in concentration.

Signe finally found the strength to sit up and did her best to get as much mud off of her face. When she was done, she turned to see what was happening and gawped at the scene in front of her. How on earth was that occurring? She stood up and took a hatchet from its holster, just as the creature dropped, she threw the small axe, she watched it fly through the air before the blade embedded itself in the side of the creature's head with a dull thwack. Din's head snapped to Signe, then the beast before quickly getting up and stabbing his knife in for good measure. The Mudhorn slumped to the ground, completely lifeless. Both bounty hunters let out a sigh of relief and paused a moment to catch their breaths. Signe stumbled her way over to Din, a sullen look on her face. Her hair was thick and hanging stiffly around her face and shoulders, her cloak and fur hide were caked in mud. It was going to take forever to wash it out. Upon seeing the woman's unamused face, Din couldn't help but chuckle quietly.

"Something funny, Mandalorian?" she asked bluntly as she ripped the hatchet out of the Mudhorn's neck. Her response was a simple shake of the head.

"I have a shower on my ship, you can clean up once we've fixed her up again," hearing that Signe seemed to lighten up.

"Let's get this egg then, the sooner we get the parts, the better," she said. The Mandalorian gave her a single nod.

"You wait here,"
— — —

The egg deal went like a dream and the four were on their way back to Kuill's with the Razorcrest's part and Signe's axe which she didn't once put down. She could feel the mud drying in her hair as it started to become heavy, she didn't like this feeling at all. She looked to the Mandalorian, slightly envious that he wasn't as muddy as her and all he needed to do was clean his helmet, armour and clothing. She looked at the child who was still sleeping.

"So what happened again?" she inquired.
"I'm not entirely sure myself," Din replied, making her nod her head even though he was not looking at her.

The four arrived back at Kuiil's by nightfall and didn't waste any time in beginning the repairs of the ship, as Signe took the first few minutes to wash her cloak and fur hide and hanging them out to dry before seeing what she could do to help since she wasn't really skilled in anything relating to ships. Luckily, she found herself being able to help by holding things for Kuiil so that he could weld the metals together as Din fiddled about with wiring. It wasn't until the next morning that they had finally done and they stood and admired their handiwork. Everything looked brand new. Din turned to look at Signe, taking note of her bare arms. It was odd to see her without her cloak and fur hide but something caught Din's eye. Now that she no longer had her outer gear and armour on he could see a small part of her collarbone and neck. He could make out a scar. He could tell it was a large one due to its thickness and that it was definitely caused by a deep wound. He didn't stare for too long, not wanting to make her uncomfortable. Casting his eyes elsewhere, he couldn't help but wonder what could've caused such damaging consequences.

"Right, get ready we're leaving soon,"

The woman perked up at his words, she could have a shower and change finally. She gathered her things messily, thrilled to get off this hot planet. She turned to Kuiil and smiled at him.

"Thank you so much for your hospitality Kuiil, it was a pleasure to meet you," She said, only just managing to give his hand a shake. "I hope we meet again soon."

"As do I, young one. Keep him safe now," he replied, referring to the small child who gazed at them curiously. The young woman gave him a singular determined nod before looking to the Mandalorian before heading onto the RazorCrest with the Child. As Din went to speak to Kuiil, he made sure to keep an eye on the Vicingian woman, making sure she didn't try to steal his ship but all she did was wait patiently in the hull for him admiring the interior around her.

"I can not thank you enough, please allow me to give you a portion of the reward," Din suggested, but Kuiil simply shook his head.

"You are my guest and therefore I am at your service; I can not accept,"

"You know, I could use an extra pair of hands like you on board, and I can pay handsomely," Din extended his offer once again but Kuiil humbly declined.

"I am honoured, but I have worked an entire lifetime to be free of servitude,"

"Understandable, all I can offer you then is my thanks,"

"And I offer you mine, thank you for bringing peace to my valley," Finally coming to an agreement, The Mandalorian and The Ugnaught departed. Din walked up the ramp to the hull, finding himself a Viking and Child watching him intently. He put the sleeping child in the sleeping area before turning to his companion.

"You'll find the shower and wash room upstairs, clean yourself up. We're going to Nevarro," he said before climbing up the ladder to the cockpit. The Viking looked at the sleeping Child then up the hole, seeing the Beskar warrior feet disappear at the top.

'Nevarro... it's been awhile since I've been there... I wonder if he's still working with the guild,'

Signe quickly grabbed her carrying frame and made her to the shower room, eager to get the mud out her hair.
— — —

Din turned when he heard footsteps, seeing the ash blonde appear from the ladder, a little green Child awake in her left arm. Her hair was damp and she was now in a forest green tunic, a brown leather belt round her middle and baggy brown cloth trousers and her nicely scrubbed boots. He turned back to the controls but sensed her placing the Child in the seat on his right and then she moved to the seat on his left. He slightly moved to his left seemingly without the Vikings knowledge and watched as she parted her hair and she then took her long fringe and tucked it behind her ears before tying them at the back of her head in a simple hair up hair down hairstyle with a small band as she squinted at the control panels in concentration. His eyes moved back to the empty void in front of him. He cleared his throat awkwardly, gaining her attention as she finished her hair tying, her eyes flickered to him but she was only met with the side of his helmet.

"I wanted to say thank you for earlier... with the Mudhorn," the woman smiled.

"You're welcome, but I only really saved you because you were my ticket off that sand hellhole," she stated smugly before tucking her arms behind her head and closed her eyes. She heard him sigh in annoyance. She grinned, "See you in about two hours," before she settled into her seat and let the ambience of the Razorcrest drift her into a blissful sleep.

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