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Last Christmas || Vmin / Ex Vkook ||


(ONE SHOT) A Christmas morning and night party brings back some old memories of last Christmas that aren't too fond to Taehyungs mind when he sees Jungkook, his ex, showing up to the party uninvited but Jimins there to help him of the troubles.

Romance / Drama
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Last Christmas

It was Christmas morning, fresh snow was falling onto the ground as the sun was shining. The perfect Christmas day to anyone else in fact. Except for Taehyung.

Usually, families would get together for a Christmas dinner and exchange gifts, food or whatever they bought. Everyone came together, children, husbands and wives and even couples. Taehyung had none of that, his family was overseas still from a business trip they took which couldn't be avoided. He had no kids, unless somebody counted his dog Yeontan.

He wasn't married and wasn't dating someone anymore.

Its almost been exactly one year since Jungkook broke up with Taehyung the day after Christmas. And to this day, Taehyung never knew why. He gave his heart to Jungkook, poured it out even and then the next day, Jungkook suddenly stopped by and broke up with him then left. Since that day, the two never spoken to each other.

Taehyung was laying in bed, the thick blanket keeping him warm. He had just woken up, gloomy from his loneliness already. He missed his family a lot. None of his hyungs texted or called yet seeing how it was only nine in the morning.

He figured they were sleeping, showering and heading to their own families homes.

With a sigh, Taehyung got out of bed and dragged himself to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror, he looked at himself. He had a morning puffy face, his hair was everywhere. He was pretty much a mess but at least his house was nicely decorated for the holidays. With the thought, Taehyung decided to take a hot morning shower, fixing himself up for the day.

He decided that he would go out to a club for Christmas, follow along to all the other lonely people.

Taehyung only got over Jungkook a few months ago. Crying so many nights overthinking, getting himself drunk to drown the pain of losing someone he loved with all his heart. He felt lost when it happened.

"Taehyungie hyung I'm sorry but I'm breaking up with you, goodbye"

That night it happened, those words rung in Taehyungs ears, he hurt. It hurt so badly to have nightmares of it. Taehyung would tell himself, Jungkook just wasn't ready yet to get into a relationship. But each time he said it, it was a lie. Jungkook had confessed first way before Taehyung did but at the time, Tae was unsure of himself. He didn't know what to do. Then months later he confessed, they dated for one night and thr next morning, it was over.

Finally getting out of the shower and brushing his teeth, Taehyung grabbed his phone and went downstairs to the kitchen to eat.

As he was getting milk and cereal since he was a basic bitch, his phone dinged. A light tune played before shutting off.

He placed the milk and cereal down onto the counter and grabbed his phone, seeing a message sent by Namjoon.

"Hey Taehyung! Merry Christmas bear, so my parents are sick and don't want me coming over so I'll be with Seokjin hyung this Christmas, we're throwing a small party for the holiday and I know your parents aren't here so, would you want to come? I don't want you spending the holiday alone this year"

Namjoon was the first to know about the breakup, but it was kind of an accident. One day he came over to Taehyungs house, finding the boy passed out drunk in front if his house door. When Namjoon got him to wake up, he started crying and blurted out what happened with him and Jungkook.

Namjoon only lost his cool because it was below freezing and Taehyung was laying outside with no jacket on. He was lucky to not catch anything after that.

After thinking Taehyung thought why not and texted his hyung back.

"Of course I'll come hyung! Merry Christmas to you too, I'll see you later. Need me to bring anything?"

While waiting for a response, Taehyung started to eat his breakfast in silence. He finished and then fed his dog as well as giving him fresh water and letting him outside. By time he was done, Namjoon texted back a simple

"just bring yourself"

To Taehyung, making the boy chuckle a bit. At least he'll be going somewhere for the holiday.

Several hours finally passed by and it was already time to head over to Namjoons place. Taehyung was dressed in black jeans with an oversized red sweater, which he forgot was Jungkooks...

He threw on his boots and gave more food to his dog before grabbing his coat and started heading over to see his Hyungs.

Sitting in the car, both hands on the wheel, his mind wandered a bit.

He forgot to ask if anyone else was going. Would he be seeing Jimin and Yoongi? Or even Hoseok. He missed them all and hasn't seem them for a few months because if the hectic schedules of all their jobs.

While driving on his way there, he decided to listen to the radio. Of course Christmas music was playing. It was something Taehyung stopped listening to after Jungkook broke up with him. They would always sing the songs together. But once he left, it was over. Taehyung couldn't listen to the music anymore.

The end of Jingle bells played and the next song came on. Baby it's cold outside.

Immediately Taehyungs mind went straight to Jungkook.

"Taehyungie hyung! Turn up the volume, its baby its cold outside, duet with me, please!"

His and Jungkooks favorite song together. Of course it had to come on.Taehyung gripped onto the wheel, knuckles going white with how tight he was holding it. But it wasn't out of anger. It was the confusion and sadness coming down from way back in his mind.

He tried to keep his cool as tears came to his eyes. Then, he started to lose focus of the road and driving so he pulled over and shut the radio off. He turned his whole car off after and tears came running down.


He didn't even realize he was outside of Namjoons house already. But he found out when someone was knocking on the glass.


It was Namjoon.

Taehyung wiped his tears with the sleeves of his jacket and got out of the car.

"Hyung Hi.." He said, sniffling a bit while walking over.

Namjoon frowned, seeing his friend cry so being the man he was, he immediately hugged the younger standing there.

"What happened Tae? Are you alright?" He asked.

"I just..really miss my eomma and appa" a lie. But Namjoon bought it.

"They'll be home soon right? About two days so, you'll see them soon but for now, lets have a good night, Seokjin hyung made hot chocolate for you" Namjoon said, letting go of Taehyung.

"Just for me? What about y-"

"Just for you, now let's get inside, it's too cold to be out here" Namjoon says, before pulling Taehyung alk the way inside.

Once he got inside, he didn't notice anything at first, so while he was taking off his boots and jacket, a group of people came behind him and once he turned around, he was attacked with a giant hug.

"TAEHYUNG!!" they yelled, cheerfully.

It was Hoseok, Jimin, Yoongi and Seokjin.

With a slight jump scare, Taehyung flinched at the hug.

"H-hyungs!" He yelled back but more in a startled mannor.

They all stopped hugging to exchange personal hugs to each other and a soft merry Christmas to them. Taehyungs mind once again, forgot about Jungkook.

The sayings and hugs were done so now everyone was sitting in the giant living room Namjoon had with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. They were all catching up and having a good time.

Jimin explained how his dad kicked him out and told him to hang out with friends. Namjoon mentioned his sick parents, Yoongi said he saw them already along with Hoseok who also saw them and Seokjin explained his were too busy with work to celebrate Christmas together this year.

They all laughed together for about an hour talking about school and all the fun times when suddenly, the door bell rang.

"Someone else was coming?" Seokjin questioned and Namjoom got up from where he was sitting.

"No? Unless one of you guys invited an extra person and forgot to tell me?" Namjoon says, looking at everyone who shook their heads that they didn't.

"Could be soming coming to sing Christmas carols to you" Jimin says, glancing to the door.

Namjoon then pulled out a random dollar from his jean pocket, "If it is, I'll give them this and tell them to be on their way"

With that being said, Namjoon walked to the door and opened it up, handing the dollar to the person standing there.

"Look, I'm busy with a part- J-Jungkook?" Namjoon said, shock in his voice as he whispered Jungkooks name.

"Joonie Hyung Hi.." he softly spoke, "Um, why are you whispering? And Merry Christmas"

"Namjoon who is it?!" Hoseok yelled from across the room.

Namjoon slightly panicked when Hoseok asked that. He couldn't just say it was Jungkook like that. Taehyung was there but if he didn't say it was Jungkook, later one of the others would find out he lied and an argument would happen.

"Namjoon?" Yoongi then asked, wondering why it was so quiet suddenly.

"Is everyone here?" Jungkook asks suddenly, "I've been trying to contact Hoseok and Yoongi hyungs for a while... Jimin told me he was busy, is he um, here too?" Jungkook says, something in his voice was sad sounding.

Suddenly, Yoongi popped besides Namjoon and Hoseok was on the other.

"Jungkook" they both said in unison, scaring Namjoon a bit.

"Hyungs hey! Merry Christmas.." Jungkook says with his bunny smile, "Are you all hanging out here? Can I come in or is it full?"

Hoseok and Yoongi both glanced at each other while Namjoon glanced back at them. Nobody said anything and there was an awkward silence for a few moments. To save the day, Seokjin walked over, telling Jimin and Taehyung to stay in the living room together.

"Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, move over and let the boy in, it's freezing out, it'll be fine.." The oldest said, knowing what the others were thinking.

It's been a year, Taehyung and Jungkook would be fine seeing each other. Right?

"Seokjin hyung, merry Christmas! And it's okay if you're full in the house....I can leave, no worries" Jungkook states with a smile, obvious hurt in his voice.

"No, come inside, it's okay" Seokjin says, pulling the youngest inside of the house.

"Guys, who is it?! Don't leave Tete and I in the dark while you all whisper in there!" Jimin yelled.

Jungkook then froze as everyone was walking back to the living room.

"T-taehyungie hyungs...h-here too?" Jungkook whispers and Namjoon looked back at him.

"Yeah? We're all here, are you okay?" Seokjin was the one to speak first and Namjoon turned back around and walked to the living room.

"It's um...its" Namjoon stuttered, nit wanting to say it. Yoongi and Hoseok walked past him, going back to their spots and sitting down. Seokjin and Jungkook staying behind.

"Jungkook." Yoongi states bluntly.

This time, Taehyung was the one to freeze. What? Did he hear that correctly? He felt his chest tighten up, and breathing became hard for him. Jimin immediately noticed and stood up, pulling Taehyung up with him.

"I need to ask Taehyung something real quick so I'm stepping out for a moment, please excuse us" Jimin announces, holding Taehyungs hand and pulling him out of the room, using the other exit.

As they walked out, Taehyung saw Seokjin walking in and his eyes met with Jungkooks right after the youngest walked into the room.

"Tae, will you be okay with him here? I swear I didn't know he was coming and I haven't forgiven him for what happened, if not we both can leave and go back to your place?" Jimin says, cupping his soulmates face to calm him.

"I don't...I don't know Jimin....I just...its been so long" Taehyung tried to speak but finding words hard to come out.

"How about we try? If you aren't okay we'll leave alright?" Jimin suggests and Taehyung just nodded.

So Jimin grabbed his hand again tightly in a comforting way and walked back into the living room with everyone else.

"Sorry about that guys~" Jimin announced as he walked back into the room, glaring at Jungkook as he sat down with Taehyung next to him again.

The youngest saw the glare and looked away from the two. Seeing Taehyung and how he looked stressed and broken hurt him. The look in his face said it all, Jungkook broke the man he loved.

The night went on as normal, Taehyung went almost dead silent and Jungkook was chatting and laughing. Jimin never left Taehyungs side the whole time Jungkook was there.

More hours went by and it had gotten really late, everyone was still at Namjoins house, passed out or drunk. A Christmas movie was playing on the tv and Christmas music was in the background.

Yoongi and Hoseok were drinking still, way too drunk to know what was happening honestly. Seokjin was sober, keeping an eye on them all, Namjoon was asleep and Jimin was falling asleep in Taehyungs shoulder.

While Taehyung was still silent and awake and Jungkook only had a few drinks.

"Hey Taehyungie hyung...look it's been really awkward and tense in the air since I've come here" Jungkook says out if the blue, making Taehyung tense up more and look at him.

"I'm sorry.." He then says, "for last year...I was scared of us being together you know.."

"I-I don't want to hear it Jungkook..it's too late" Taehyung says back, looking away, "You had a chance to explain but you ran away and cut me off completely, I don't deserve this.."

"Hyung I know! I was stupid and dumb to leave you.. It was literally the next day and I ended things because of my mind...I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart...and I hope we can fix things? Get back together maybe.." Jungkook says, whispering the last part.

Taehyung sat in shock as tears started to form again.

"you're wearing my sweater that you stole" Jungkook points out, making Taehyung look down at the sweater.

"I forgot it was yours..." Taehyung replies, his throat close to closing up, it felt dry and his mind was rushing with things.

"Jungkookie, please answer the phone, are you okay? Please, what did I do wrong Koo? It's only been a few hours, call or text me back...don't leave me in the dust Kookie"

The voicemail he left the younger after he ran away from Taehyungs home that year ago.

"Oh right...it's been a long time, maybe we could catch up then?" Jungkook asks and Jimin lifted his head off from Taehyungs shoulder.

"Don't you get it Jungkook? You're making him uncomfortable! You left him with nothing! No answers, you didn't answer his calls or texts, you broke him, you broke my Tetes heart and I won't let you do it again" Jimin says, voice laced with anger.

"Jimin hy-" Jungkook tried to speak but Jimin was quick to cut him off.

"I don't want to hear what you have to say to him, you had months to tell him but you didn't.. That's cruel Jungkook, so cruel...even right after Christmas" Jimin spat, holding Taehyungs hand a little tighter.

Taehyung sat there listening to Jimin speak, the amount of care and worry he had for Taehyung was crazy. His heart did a little leap of a feeling he hasn't felt in a while. Love.

If Jimin hadn't come, Taehyung wouldn't have been able to speak now though.

Tears broke down his cheeks and he started crying. He couldn't handle it anymore. That's when he suddenly heard,

"But hyung I still love him!" leave Jungkooks mouth.

"And I love him too! You don't deserve Tete anymore! Not after what you did to him!"

Taehyung squeezed Jimins hand back tightly, letting Jimin know what he wanted without words.

Jimin looked at his soulmate and saw him crying so he stood up.

"Come on Taehyung, let's go home" Jimin softly says, pulling the other up gently.

"T-taehyungie hyung... I-Im sorry I didn't mean-"

"He's right Jungkook...you don't deserve me anymore...I'm sorry but we can't fix things...not after you left me in the dust like that.." Taehyung managed to say between sobs.

"Hyung please-" Jungkook pleaded, standing up.

"You heard him Jungkook, now shut up and leave him alone.." Jimin spat at the youngest, making him bewildered and not knowing what to say.

With all that being done, Jimin took Taehyung home, leaving Jungkook just as broken.

"J-Jimin?" Taehyung said, going to step inside to his house.

"Yes Tete?"

"Stay with me?" Taehyung asks, turning around, "for the rest of the night..please?"

"Of course, I would never leave you like this, you know that, I even called out of work tomorrow previous to this" Jimin says, going inside the house with Taehyung.

Another hour later, Jimin and Taehyung were on Taes bed, cuddling together. Jimin was sitting up and Taehyung was laying in between the shorter ones legs facing the other, his eyes closed as Jimin ran his fingers through Taehyungs hair as it calmed the taller down.

"You okay now? Wanna get into a more comfortable position?" Jimin asks and Taehyung shook his head.

"'M good..wanna stay like this forever" he mumbled making Jimin smile.

"Forever hm?" Jimin asks, making Taehyung nod again.

Then Taehyung opened his eyes and looked up at Jimin again.

"Mhm, forever with you" Taehyung says, blush going across his cheeks without realizing it.

The room light was dimmed but Jimin could tell the other was blushing.

"Taehyung, I love you" Jimin says, completely letting it slip out on accident. His mind was excited and there it came.

Taehyung blushed more and lifted himself up so he was face to face with Jimin, "You love me?" He asks, making Jimin nod.

"So much Tete.."

With a smile, Taehyung leaned closer to Jimins face so their lips were centimeters apart.

"I love you too" Taehyung says back, this time making Jimin blush.

"U-um may I?" Jimin then asked, indirecting a, may I kiss you to the other.

"Mhhm, you can" Taehyung replies, closing the tiny gap between the two.

Taehyung kissed Jimin while he fixed himself on Jimins lap, not breaking the kiss. Jimins soft plush lips felt so nice against his own, he didn't want to ruin it.

The kiss wasn't heated and it didn't get heated. It was slow, soft kisses with a little but of comfort. So much love was in it, Taehyungs heart was fluttering and beating out of his chest with emotions. Jimins was doing the same thing except it was a whole party inside his chest. His best friend, soulmate, possible lover, loved him back and he couldn't have felt happier.

"Taehyung?" Jimin the says in the kiss, pulling away for a quick second.

"Yes Jimin?" Taehyung responds back, leaning forward to just lay on the other.

"Will you go out with me?" The shorter one asks, moving Taehyung to make eye contact with him again, to show that he was serious.

With a smile and another light kiss Taehyung nodded.

"Of course Jiminie~"

Once again, the two went back to kissing. It stayed slow and passionate before it turned back into cuddling for the night. Holding onto each other like they were each others world and Taehyungs mind free of Jungkook.


(A/n: this was supposed to be angsty and TK but it changed as I was writing it and it became vmin so yeah idk what happened. Please vote if you liked the one shot!

Sorry if it wasn't what you expected!! Thanks for reading!!

Happy early Christmas everyone! 🎅🎄)

(kinda inspired by the song "Last Christmas")

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