Fucked Up Gallagher


Its been a few years that Amanda has been in the Gallagher family. They've overcome so much together, But nothing can prepare them for what the next chapter of their lives has instore for them.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It’s been a year of Monica. The only Gallagher I’ve seen was Ian, who left after meeting Mom’s meth-making boyfriend. He tried to get me to go with him but I couldn’t muster it. I would be leaving Mom, just like she left me. But she promised from here on out it was me and her vs the world. And it was, till she left again, leaving me alone.

I tried Mickey one day. It rang and rang. I hung up when he didn’t answer right away. He called back but I let it go to voice mail. “Hey Amanda, long time. It’s been a little over a year. and None of us have heard from you. We miss you like crazy. Just, Just call me back.” I ignored the voicemail. I called Ian once, he actually answered.

“Hey, Ian.”

“Amanda, hey.” There was a weird not knowing what to say pause. “I just called to see how everyone’s doing,” I told him. “Mickeys in jail, Carl thinks he’s black, I’m dating a firefighter, Debbie and Fiona are pregnant.”

“Oh, That’s cool,” I respond, not knowing what to say. “We lost the house, but Carls drug money saved it.” He laughs. “What’s so funny?” I ask. “Oh, Debbie and Carl are throwing eggs at Frank. I can hear crashing and Frank yelling. “How’s Mom?” He asks. “Oh, she left like a month ago with her boyfriend,” I tell him. I can hear Lip ask if it’s me on the phone. “So who are you with?” I hear Lip yell. “I’m on speaker?” I ask Ian. “Yeah, sorry I forgot to tell-” I hang up. How DARE he put me on speaker, I didn’t call the others. I called him. And how the fuck is Mickey in jail again! I throw my phone and the screen cracks. “FUCK!”

I lay in the small bedroom and stare at the ceiling. I need weed. Or something stronger. I take my broken phone and call the only number I can think of that delivers this far out. Enzo. He has a network that stretches all around, He has drivers for every town at almost anytime. Think, uber eats but drugs.

“Enzo, Can you deliver me shit.”

“Haven’t heard from you in a year Amanda!” He says, Ignoring my request for drugs. “I know, sorry. Ill text you the address, I want whatever.” I tell him. I hang up before he can respond and I text him the address. He texts back,

Not my Drugdealing cop car stealing boss~Why don’t I give you a ride back to the Gallaghers?

Me~ Why would I go back

Not my Drugdealing cop car stealing boss~ They miss you, Ian said you’re alone

I don’t text back. Fuck him. I sit in my room waiting for Enzo or one of his employees to drop off the drugs. It takes two hours but Enzo finally arrives. I run to the door and smile as I open it. Enzo stands there. Without drugs, or alcohol... “You forgot my shit!” I tell him. “I’m taking you home.” Home!? “NO sir” He grabs me before I can run. “Pack your things. We are leaving.” he hands me bags. I pack up my few outfits, Notebooks, and any other thing that’s mine. “I guess I’m going back to live with the Fucked Up Gallaghers.”

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