The Liar


Eva Crouch was expelled from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. She was costantly expelled from schools because of her father (bartemius crouch junior). But Dumbledore saw something in her and decided to give her another chance.....

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Chapter 1

My name is Eva Crouch, and my Surname is the reason I get kicked out from every school I've ever been to. It's not a secret that I'm Bartemius Crouch juniors daughter I've never met my father because he was in Azkaban and my mother died during the birth so I got adopted. And two amazing people raised me.

I'm a very talented witch but "I" manged to get kicked out from the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France and every other Magic school except Hogwarts. After professor Dumbledore found out he offered me a place at Hogwarts. He said that he saw something in me. I don't really know what he saw but he believes in me.

I was outside from the Malfoy Manor as the letter requested. "Name" I heard a man say. I immediately turned around and faced a tall thin man with sallow skin, a large hooked nose and shoulder length black hair. "Eva Crouch!" I said confidently. "My name is Severus Snape, follow me" he answered quickly as he opened the gate.

I followed him inside the Manor. I couldn't help but notice how big this Manor was, everything looked so expensive and delicate.

Snape suddenly stopped and knocked at one door . The door opened and I faced a very large table with people surrounding it. "My Lord, she is here.." Snape said sternly and proceeded to take a sit.
"Welcome... Eva..." said the man with the pale skin and the skull-like face. I walked towards him. "My Lord.." I smirked while greeting him, he grabbed me by the back and showed me an empty sit next to Snape. I sat down.

''My friends we have a new member! Eva Crouch The daughter from my diarest friend Bartemius Crouch junior'' said the dark Lord. Everyone in the table stared at me up and down, some gasped and whispered while others were speechless. ''Nice place don't you think?'' the dark lord asked me, I nodded in response then he explained me that he was ✌just a guest✌ and the owner of the Manor was the man who was sitting opposite me. The man had a pale, pointed face, with pale blond hair and cold grey eyes '' I'm Lucius Malfoy.. Pleasure meeting you Miss Crouch'' he said and tried to smile '' Mr Malfoy the pleasure is all mine'' I responded. And then he proceeded to introduce me to his family.

Narcissa (his wife) was tall, slim, "nice looking", and very pale, with blue eyes, long blonde hair and a clear, cold voice. Then he introduced me to his son, Draco he greeted me with a quick smirk. He had a pale pointed face with cold grey eyes colder than his father and white-blond hair. After a while

The Dark Lord stood up from his chair walked over and looked outside of a huge window ''Draco studies at Hogwarts like you will do. I demand you to help him complete his mission'' he paused and smiled to himself ''YOU.. you two will be my eyes and ears at Hogwarts''. .''Ofcourse my Lord'' I said and smiled over at Draco. The dark lord grabbed his wand ''Eva... come here.'' I immediately stood up while I rolled up my sleeve. He was about to give me the dark mark. I closed my eyes and breathed heavily. I flinched when I felt the cold wand on my skin and then I felt a sudden pain all over my body my whole arm was burning. I opened my eyes and saw the Mark apear through my smooth skin. After some time I felt dizzy.

I excused myself and left the room, I just wanted to go outside to get some air but I couldn't find the way out I walked and walked.
All of the sudden I heard a noise of something being broken I followed the noise and saw a thing.. It was a creature .. when it saw me it flinched and stepped back "Merlyns beard I'm so sorry to bother you with the noise! Dobby won't do that.. ever again!! I'm so sorry.." I got on my knees so I could have a better look of him "It's okay Do-Dobby I'm Eva do you need help with that broken vase?" I asked him with a warm smile. The creature looked at me in disbelief started sobbing crying and run off 🏃‍♂️ "what the fuck" I mumbled. "What did you do to him?" A voice asked me, I turned around and saw Draco. He was looking at me with a raised eyebrow I stood up fixed my pants a little bit and signed " I'm sorry if I said something wrong I just.." Draco bursted out laughing "It's just a house elf come on" he said and shook his hand . He showed me where I would spend the night and we spoke a little bit about the school but he was always on guard. His answers were cold and sharp I guess he wasn't very talkative. So I just went to my room and slept tomorrow was a big day.

I was awaken by a knock at my door "mmhm!" The door opened "Dobby is sorry to wake you miss Crouch but... you need to get ready" the elf said I stood up and got ready.


"Today we have a new student...and here she comes.."said Professor Dumbledore as I stepped inside the great Hall "Eva Crouch!" Said Dumbledore. Everyone gasped and whispered with each other. I walked through the hall to the sorting hat with everyone's eyes scanning me up and down.
I sat on a chair and the hat was placed on my head "hmmmm... I know you.."pause "I know your Father.." pause " don't belong here!" And then it screamed " GET ME OFF THIS HEAD!! MURDER!! DEVIL!! PSYCHO!! LIAR!! LIARR!! EXPELL HER!!! AZKABAN!!!"
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