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Sasuke and Naruto. Rivals and fuck buddies. Its interesting how Naruto, a teen with a high ego and known to never give up, can become a begging slut in the span of seconds. It's a wonder how Sasuke, Naruto's rival who also has a very high ego, can turn the blonde into that. Sasuke and Naruto. Instead of fighting to see who is stronger, why not see who dominates in the bedroom? Characters are 18 Story from my profile on Wattpad.

Erotica / Other
Bokuto's Waifu
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Chapter 1

Naruto was once again sitting in his lonely apartment thinking over a massive question. You see, and must understand, Naruto hated his rival. That's how rivals worked.

He hated him, and strived to he better. They challenged each other at everything. They bore a fierce hatred for one another, but also a bond stronger then most in the Leaf Village.

And some would say, a love that brought some into tears. Not at how cute they were, but how FUCKING OBLIVIOUS THEY WERE.

Naruto questioned how a simple rivalry, had turned into something more. Just yesterday he and the Uchiha were fighting. Shouting the basic insults amd about to fight, before a cold hand wrapped around Naruto's throat.

Recap, yes? <Flashback?>

"STUPID TEME!!" The blonde shouted and mocked the black ette. Who in turn muttered insults. Both boys were about to pull out their current strongest justu, rasengan and chidori, until Sasuke had an excellent idea.

He wanted to see the blonde crumble. That built ego collapse under his hands. Sasuke wanted to see Naruto's pride be burnt. But how? Simple, or so the Uchiha thought.

He used his speed to get to Naruto faster then the blonde could see. And before blue eyes could catch his movements, he wrapped his right hand around his rivals throat.

He could feel the others pulse on his fingertips. The gulp Naru took, the slight feeling of breath. He could feel the warm skin heat up with his touch. A devilish smirk and mocking eyes.

Naruto gasped, one at the hand tightening around his throat and the other at the pleasure he felt.

It felt comfortable being choked, was that weird? Like a missing piece he didnt know was missing clicked in place. He wanted to ask the other to choke him harder, much harder. So he could feel the pain it would bring and the adrenaline.

But his pride stopped him. This was his rival, in no way would he ask that! He held back the words laying on the tip of his tongue and snarled.

"Cat got your tongue dobe?" The egotistical voice echoed in Naruto's head. "You wish, shitty Uchiha." He growled again. This growl bordering on human and creature.

He was thrown to the ground by the hand pushing down hard. His back hit the stiff dirt painfully, legs collapsing in a weird position. He struggled to catch his breath from the impact, his eyes searching everywhere for a way to escape.

But....of Naruto was being true to himself....

He liked how he was being treated.

It made him, hm, horny?

Sasuke had a large smirk on his face. His hand still wrapped around the others throat, but his eyes catching every facial change. He watched the blue eyes show fear, then confusion, and then....lust. the lust was still rapped in denial and courage, but it was a shock it was even there.

Sasuke expected Naruto to fight back, to attack him. But all he got was a near silent whine.

"St-stupid teme!" Naruto's eyes refocused on the man above him. His lips curling into a snarl. His naturally sharp canines flashing in the sunlight. He felt a strong urge to moan, yet he had never moaned before. It was a sound stuck at the back of his throat. One more push and it would be released.

Sasuke lowered his face an inch away from Naru's. Their warm breathe mixing.

"Say it again, fox."

"Stu-stup-" He froze in fear for a small second. The fierce gaze piercing him from above made him hornier. He wanted to moan so bad... to grab the Uchihas face and connect their lips. He wanted to taste the others skin.

A cocky smirk and all, "stupid teme!" His vocie held arrogance.

Sasuke growled in frustration, but he too felt the lust. The luring sent of the man below him, he wanted to mark what was his. His fox, his bitch, his whore.

He rubbed one knee against the blondes crotch-which had a small erection growing-and tightened his choke hold. He recieved a long moan.

His eyes watched the scarlet red blush consume Naruto. The eyes that once held fear now filled with lust. Another moan.

Sasuke grabbed a kunai from his side, swinging the blade around one finger.

Naruto's eyes followed the gleaming metal, heart thumping against its bone cage. His dick rising from suspense. The sharl bladder of a kunai, he wanted it to drag across his skin.

The knife twirled again before being firmly grasped in a silky pale hand. Said hand lowered down to Narutos jacket.

Slowly piercing the fabric all the way to the warm and waiting flesh underneath. It barely grazed the tan skin. Sasuke dragged the kunai downward, cutting the jacket and shirt in half. He slowly added pressure with each string cut.

Naruto moaned and bucked his hips upwards.

He loved the stinging pain of the kunai. He loved the weight of Sasuke straddling his hips. He loved how he was being treated. He loved the hand near suffocating him.

The kunai was removed and replaced with a cold hand. The thin fingers tracing each muscles and change in smooth skin. The rough and calloused fingertips scraping at soft skin. The cold hand slowly moved up. Pushing the cut fabric off of Naruto's stomach and chest.

The ling fingers wrapped themselves around one nipple, playing with the soft pink bud. The friction drove the other crazy. His hips acted on their own and grinded against the one ontop.

His quiet moans coming more freely. His eyes closed tightly and tears of pleasure built up on long eyelashes.

Sasuke grinned at the now hard bud and moved his hand from Naru's throat to his waistband. His skilled fingers slid under the orange amd black pants, pulling at the rim and letting it snap back to the skin.

A loud whine left the blue-eyed boys mouth in sadness from the loss of contact on his neck. The neck that had small purple spots where slim fingers dug into the skin. The purple slowly growing, bruised and reddened skin standing out form normally tan.

Sasuke let his hand grab his kunai from the tangled grass. He grounded his hips down, watchung the other squirm and moan at a simple movement.

"Say. It. Again." The kunai slowly slid across Naruto's cheek. The pain making him whimper, all in pleasure. He hated how slow this was going. He wanted to feel Sasuke inside him-

"Hah~!! S-Stu~ Ahh~ S-Sasuke!! Fuc-ck!" His words were jumbled as a familiar hand wrapped around his hardened dick. The hand slowly moved up and down. The holder of the hand printing into memory how the dick felt.

Naruto shuddered and moaned louder, his hands trying to grab Sasuke's neck or hair.

His weak hands finally succeeded and he lulled the other down to a long lasting kiss. Their lips pushing together, both opening their mouth and devouring the other.

Naruto fought with his tongue, pushing against the others and trying to gain dominance. Sasuke stroke his dick faster, making the Jinchuriki weak. Slowly the blonde fell into submission, allowing Sasuke to explore his mouth completely.

His moans slowly growing louder and only muffled by the others mouth. Their teeth clanked together as their hips flushed against eachother, rising and falling at the same pace.

Both were completely hard, their clothes becoming painful.

Sasuke blindly reached for his dropped kunai. Finally grabbing the end. Hs stopped thrusting his hips down and dug the blade into more fabric

Sliding it down until Naruto was left bare, including his boxers that followed the pants. Sasuke relished in the sight before him. Naruto, who was now nervous, went to cover his dick. His hands were stopped as Sasuke moved his hips once more.

The Uchihas rested on arm above Narutos head, the other near his head. Naruto arched his back in all the pleasure, Sasukes hips still thrusting down.

Their lips reconnected. This time, Maruto submitted faster.

All he wanted was to submit. He loved the submissive blood running in his veins the feeling of being fucked up by his rival turned him on more then anything else could have.

Sasuke stopped, pulled away, and slipped out of his pants. He slipped his boxers off and threw them close to his other clothes. He began to strip of his shirt as Naruto peppered kisses on his abdomen.

Naruto loved his the warm, well built and tasted against his tongue. He loved how he could feel his lover flexing. Even more he loved the large dick that he left untouched.

Just the sight scared and excited Naruto.

Sasuke finay got rid of his shirt and blushed Naruto down.

He pinned the subs shojlders to the grou d and glared at him.

"Naruto, call me master..." his voice was strained from holding back. His dick was pulsing, heat erupting from his area.

Naruto nodded quickly and welled his arms around Sasukes shoulders.

Sasuke in turn popped three fingers into his mouth and quickly coated them in saliva. He slowly inserted one finger, the others massaging the skin around Narutos hole.

He slowly slid the finger in and out. Each movement gained a loud moan and shudder from Naruto.

He moved the finger in small circles before adding another. He pulled them out and inserted them agonizingly slow.

"S-sa-" He moaned as a third finger was entered. "MASter!!! Please- fuck me faster!! AaH~" his moans turned whiny and high pitched. He trusted his hips onto the fingers greedily.

Sasuke smirked, taking the fingers out and putting his dick near the entrance.

He turned Naruto's head to him and made out with him. Teeth, lips, and tongues clashing together. Blood washed in both boys mouths but neither had any clue who's it was.

Naruto's eyes widened and he screamed into the skin. Tears poured from his eyes as his ass got ripped apart. Sasuke had trusted forward to half way and stopped. Letting the other calm down.

They were still in a heated kiss, but both were moaning and groaning. Sasuke moved his hand to choke Naruto, noting it calmed down the boy.

After a minute of kissing, choking, amd slowly getting used to the heated dick inside of him, Naruto signalled Sasuke to move.

He gladly took the command and went all the way in. It was tight and hot, the want to cum right then was near overwhelming. He felt Naruto cum against his chest, a sticky substance coating the two of them.

But their eyes were closed, lips still battling.

Sasuke started moving. Slowly at first, then faster as Naruto's asshole loosened up. He was moving much faster by the time he ever noticed blood was dripping from his back

He opened his eyes and seperated from the others mouth. What he saw made him almost cum. Naruto was panting and struggling to hold in loud moans, his eyes crossing and closing tiemd with every thrust, his nose scrunched up and his face was red. His hair was messed up too.

The whiskers omnia face was thicker, a slight red gleam in his bright blue eyes. His canines were much sharper.

Sasuke felt sharp nails dig into his shoulders and with every thrust, slide down. Probably creating class marks.

Sasuke cummed and felt his high lower. Naruto cumming right after and his body going limp. Sasuke rolled to the side of Naruto and wrapped his arms around him, keeping them together as they fell asleep.

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