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One Night Stand - Indeed


Xiao Zhan wanted to let himself loose for one night, Wang Yibo never slept with a person twice...until he met Xiao Zhan. This is a one shot. This story is entirely mine, the pictures(if any)mare not mine, I got them on google search and created the cover myself. This story is not based on any events.

Erotica / Romance
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Part 1

Xiao Zhan lay in bed, starring at the ceiling. His mind drifted back home to Yiling city. He was thinking of his friends and family. Xiao Zhan just moved to Yi town. He finally got the job he always dreamed of; an art professor. The pay was decent and Xiao Zhan had loved art since he was little. His dream has been to pass on his knowledge.

His best friends; Yu Bin and Wang Zhuocheng accompanied him all the way to Yi town and helped him set up his apartment. They spent a whole week with Xiao Zhan to help him settle into his new house and to help him take his mind off Meng Ziyi.

Xiao Zhan met Meng Ziyi some years back at an art exhibition where she worked. They started dating after some months. They dated for a year and 6 months, after which they got engaged. They were engaged for 4 months. Meng Ziyi loved her job as a model and when Xiao Zhan got his new job and had to move to a smaller town, Meng Ziyi felt she would be unable to adjust and decided to call of the relationship, breaking the engagement and Xiao Zhan's heart along with it.

Xiao Zhan had been fine since his friends were around but they had to leave on Friday morning. Yiling city was 6 hours away by road but only 45 minutes away by air, they promised to visit often. Now, he was left alone and he couldn't help thinking about Meng Ziyi.

Xiao Zhan had the weekend to himself before resuming his work on Monday. He decided to go out for a drink that night and if possible, meet someone. Xiao Zhan had only ever been with Meng Ziyi and he decided to let himself loose for one day as he no longer had any commitments. He remembered seeing a bar in a small town called Gusu about 90 minutes away from Yi town on their way. It was a bit far but he was perfect as it would reduce his chances of running into someone who might turn out to be a staff or student of the Cloud Recess University where he now works.

At about 4pm, Xiao Zhan got into his car and headed towards the bar. It was easy to find as it was just along the major road. He got into the bar and noticed there were only a few people. It was just 5:46pm, he guessed more people would come out later. He looked around and saw a few beautiful women. He didn't even know how to approach them. Back then, it was Ziyi who asked him out. He then noticed a handsome man sitting across from him. The bartender walked up to him and whispered to his ears occasionally. The person was about 22 years old, he was wearing a pair of ripped blue jeans and a black shirt. He had a purple hooded shirt on. He pushed the hood back to reveal his black hair with blue highlights. He pushed his hair back to reveal his pink lips. Xiao Zhan had never met another man this handsome, not even a single female in the bar came close to him when it came to his looks. He then noticed the man stealing glances at him. He had stared for too long that he began to blush, he felt embarrassed and turned to look the other way.

Wang Yibo walked into The Emperors bar, as he did every other weekend and sat down. Su She, the waiter knew his favourite; Emperors smile, he quickly prepared it, saying it was on the house but Yibo refused and opted to pay instead. Su She kept trying to strike a conversation with him as usual. Yibo was a regular at the bar, known by many for his good looks. Everyone knew Yibo was gay and he never wanted a relationship. He only had one night stands with men and his standards were extremely high, only a few men had been able to get him into bed. Even after that, he never saw them again, leaving them heartbroken. Yibo never slept with a person twice. Su She had known Yibo for a few years and he had had a crush on him since then but...Yibo standards were too high, Su She never got a chance to even get his phone number.

Yibo noticed a handsome man staring at him and he was completely blown away. He had high standards but this man redefined his standards, beating every single one of them and going a bit higher. He wouldn't mind having this man more than once. He had never seen another man so beautiful. Yibo noticed his long legs and started to imagine them wrapped around him in bed. Yibo knew he had to have this man. Then he noticed the man's red ears when he turned away and he decided to give him a try.

"Hello, my name is Wang Yibo. I'm a regular here. I've never seen you here before. May I sit next to you?"

'Regular? Does he live here? If he does, it means he is less likely be affiliated with Cloud Recess University. It was safe to sleep with hi...wait, WHAT?' Xiao Zhan was surprised at himself, he came here to pick up women, not a man but he didn't find the thought of sleeping with this man repulsive at all. He decided to give it a try since his actual aim was to let himself go for one night. He might as well do it with a man in case he ended up with a female partner in the future, he would have experienced both sides.

"Hi, I'm Xiao Zhan. No, I don't live here, I recently moved here from Yilling city and decided to check out this place". Xiao Zhan was not totally open with Yibo as he did not intend to be in a relationship with him, he only wanted to spend one night with him, doing all sorts of things. The thought of sleeping with Yibo made him hard, so hard that he was unable to conceal it.

Yibo noticed his erection and smiled. All men were the same. They couldn't resist his charms. Some even wet themselves by just talking to him. He had done this several times so he decided to go straight to the point.

"I'd like to know you a little better. Can we take this discussion somewhere private? I could get us a room. We can have more drinks there and do more if you want", he smiled seductively, putting his hands on Zhan's thighs as he spoke.

"Yes, I'd like that, to do more. I'm sorry, I need to ask, how old are you? You look quite young".

Don't worry about it, I'm legal. I've been so for a few years. I cannot get into this bar otherwise".

Of course, Xiao Zhan had heard of fake IDs but he wanted to be sure of what he was doing. He gave Yibo a suspicious look. Yibo sighed and took out a driver's license from his pocket which clearly showed his age, 21 years. Zhan was relieved to see this and he nodded towards Yibo who got up to go get a room.

"Wait, here, use this".

Zhan handed Yibo his card. He wasn't going to allow someone who was 6 years younger than him pay for the room. Yibo tried to refuse but Zhan insisted. Yibo was a little eager to eat this man up so he didn't argue for too long and left to get the room.

"That boy, he is a well-known player. He sleeps with men and dumps them immediately. You won't even get to talk to him a second after he is done with you. You should stay away from him. I can hook you up with someone more decent and more mature if you want", Su She came to Zhan and tried to dissuade him from sleeping with Yibo. He already knew what Yibo was up to. Zhan was indeed the kind of man Yibo went to bed with but he had to agree, he had never met anyone as handsome as this man.

"Thank you for telling me this. You see, this is exactly what I want. A night of fun with no strings attached. Tomorrow, we go our separate ways. Thank you for your effort".

Su She almost cried. This tactic had never worked. Every man he told preferred to have a one-night stand with Yibo than have nothing at all. He could only watch his crush take someone to bed...again...while he served them drinks. He hated his life. Maybe he did something bad in his previous life to be punished this way in this life.

Yibo returned and led Zhan to a room. The moment they shut the door, Yibo grabbed Zhan and attacked his lips, kissing him, without leaving him room to breathe. His lips tasted so good, Yibo knew he wanted more. After some time, Xiao Zhan broke the kiss.

"Yibo, I want to make things clear, I'm just looking to have fun, a one-night stand. Whatever happens between us ends here in this room. We won't see each other again. Even if we do, we would have to act casually. Can you do that?

Yibo was surprised. He never thought Xiao Zhan could get any sexier. Everyone he met said the exact opposite. They either wanted to date him or have him for keeps to sleep with regularly. One person even mentioned marriage. Yibo felt he was very lucky.

"Okay", he nodded. "Then I should give you the time of your life tonight. Since you're looking to blow off some steam, let me help you. Whatever you don't like, just say so and I'd stop. If there is something you want, ask. I'd do it".

Next part contains smut, proceed with caution.

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