Baby Boy


Eddie discovers he is an Age regressor, he keeps it a secret for a while until he can't anymore, he finally tells his boyfriend Richie, terrified of his reaction. -NO NASTIES HERE- -SUPER SAFE- -They are 21 and 20 so- -THIS MIGHT SUCK PACI-

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Eddie was left at home while his boyfriend worked. Eddie had always felt small in some way, and he didn't really know why, he decides to go online and search up questions like Why do I feel like a child? and Am I mentally ill if I feel like a child? or Why do I have a mindset of a child? And there was his Answer:

Agere/Little Space

In a link, Eddie clicked the link and read through it, he thought it was a little strange at first, but continued to read and realized he might be an Age Regressor, he and thoughts ran through his mind.

'What will Richie Think!?'

'He's gonna leave me!'

'I can't say a word'

"BABE IM HOME" Richie, Eddie's boyfriend said opening the front door walking inside, and locking the door behind him "Eddie? Are you awake?" Richie said softly walking into the room. Eddie looked at Richie and smiled nervously "H-Hey Rich" he looked down. "Ed's, baby what's wrong?" Richie sat next to Eddie and grabbed his hand and traced small circles on his palm "Talk to me" Richie whispered. "I just missed you!" Eddie smiled and hugged Richie. "Well I missed you too Eds" Richie chuckled and kissed Eddie's cheek "We can make some microwave food and watch a movie if you want! I'm off tomorrow" Richie said softly. Eddie nodded and pulled away from Richie "You make it?" he said in a slight babyish voice and quickly covered his mouth. "Huh?" Richie raised his eyebrows. "Can you warm up the food so I can...pick a movie" Eddie slowly uncovered his mouth. "Okay?" Richie shrugged and left the room and walked to the kitchen and put some pizza rolls in the oven. Richie walked to the living room and grabbed the remote and put on Disney+ "Wanna watch a Disney movie?" Eddie asked.

Richie smiled and walked to the living room and sat down next to Eddie "Sure!" He sighed. Eddie nodded and put on Aladdin. Richie smiled and went to get the pizza rolls he put them on a plate and walked into the living room and saw Eddie sucking his thumb "Uhm...Eddie?" he cleared his throat and put the plate on the table. Eddie quickly pulled his hand away from his mouth and turned bright red. "Is that like...a comfort thing or something?" Richie asked and went to turn off the light. Eddie nodded slowly "Y-Yeah" he mumbled nervously. Richie nodded and sat next to Eddie and smiled grabbing a pizza roll shoving it in his mouth "It's alright!" he looked at the tv and watched Aladdin.

Eddie smiled a bit and ate a few pizza rolls while watching Aladdin. Richie was really into the movie "Oh! We need a flying carpet babe!" Richie said excitedly. "Richie," Eddie said out of nowhere. Richie turned to Eddie "Yeah?". Eddie made direct eye contact which scared Richie a little "We need to go to 99 cents and get some coloring books" Eddie said in a demanding tone.

"Uh...s-sure hold on" Richie cleared his throat and looked at the tv and continued watching Aladdin. Eddie whined and threw himself on the couch pouting "Noooooooooooooo!". Richie raised his eyebrows and reached for Eddie's hand. Eddie pulled his hand away and teared up. Richie raised his eyebrows and scooted closer to Eddie and pulled him into a hug "baby, hey! I'm sorry, we can go get coloring books okay? Come on Ededs let's go" Richie whispered. Eddie nodded and wiped his eyes and went to put his shoes on. Richie put his shoes on and got the keys. "Let's go!" Eddie smiled widely.

~^^ i almost made this chapter too long^^~

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