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NCT x Readers I wrote some of these chapters a month before WayV debuted and also Shotaro and SungChan so it's why there is no mention of them in the beginning. Also my it's my first book on NCT so sorry if its bad.

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♡ Welcome ♡

Welcome NCTZENS!♡♡♡♡♡

So this is my first NCT Imagine book so sorry if its bad. Also I will do request so dm me or comment and I'll do my best. Also I already have 8 chapters so I'll start writing request after they are all posted.

Also sorry if some of these are cliché and slightly cringy. I due do SMUT.

Also who is your bias?
Mine is Jaemin .

So that's it I think if there's anything else I'm sure I'll add on in the future. Bye bye♡

Edit: hi if you are from wattpad 😝 I’m transferring all my books here so look forward for them😘
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