"You don't need me But you crave it You lose your mind every time I Ride." (Ride by Lolo Zouaï) [told in 2 prospectives - Draco Malfoy & Noelle Corvo] [smut warning]

Fantasy / Erotica
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: Cast & Author's Note

Noelle Corvo
House: Slytherin -> 5th year

Theodore Knott
House: Slytherin -> 5th year

Eleanor Corvo
House: Gryffindor - 1st year

Daphne Greengrass
House: Slytherin -> 5th year

Christopher Parkinson
House: Slytherin -> 7th year

Pansy Parkinson
House: Slytherin -> 5th year

Cassius Warrington
House: Slytherin -> 7th year

Addison Sweeper
House: Slytherin -> 6th year

Alena Montigue
House: Slytherin -> 6th year

Evangeline Parker
House: Slytherin -> 7th year

Daniel Corvo
House: Slytherin -> 36 years old

Gemma Corvo
House: Slytherin -> 35 years old

A/N: Hi everyone! Decided to go out of my comfort zone and write a very smutty fanfic~ As you can see, the cast above is how I picture the characters in this story. Draco, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Ron, etc are all portrayed by how they look in the movies. There will be explicit scenes, mature scenes, strong language - everything. Please read at your discretion but most importantly, I hope you enjoy it!
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