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Zeaquu *Jikook*


A young prince, forced to marry a cruel man, runs away before he can be wedded. He runs as far as he can until he thinks he's safe. Only to have spears pointed at him by people with blue marks on their faces. These beings hate humans. The youngest prince hating them the most. But what happens when this one human starts to grow on him? Will he be the acceptation?

Fantasy / Romance
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A Tale Before Time

Young blue faced children ran, screaming and laughing. They all sat before the old man ready to tell a story. A story told for centuries.

“Kekelim! Will you tell us the story about roy ba and quc ba?!” One child yelled excited. (Grandpa! Will you tell us about the blood born and poor born?!)

The man chuckled before nodding. He swiped his hands against each other before shooting them up. Smoke escaping them and creating figures in the sky.

“You know the story. Your parents have told you. The story of our ancestors.” He began with a smile, swaying his hands as he began his story.

“Our first roy ba and quc ba from millenniums ago were strong and powerful. A papake and ronmaring is how they are called. They hold the most power and now are born every one hundred thousand years.” He showed in the sky with the smoke from his hands. (Our first blood born and poor born from millennia ago were strong and powerful. A phoenix and dragon is how they are called. They hold the most power and now are born every one hundred thousand years.)

The children watched intently.

“They are called limnis.” The sky flashed pink. Two figures forming in the sky next to each other. (They are called chosens.)

“Some call them luna and zingzu. They are the most powerful Zeaquus. They are sworn to protect us. They will make sure we are not destroyed.” The old man smiled as the land of Zabian flashed throughout the sky. (Some call them moon and sun. They are the most powerful warriors. They are sworn to protect us. They will make sure we are not destroyed.)

“Kekelim! When were the last roy ba and quc ba, born?” One little girl asked excitedly. (Grandpa! When were the last blood born and poor born, born?)

“Well, the last ones were ninety thousand years ago so, in ten thousand years, child.”

All the kids groaned.

“Aww but I wanted to meet them!”

The old man laughed, “You never know, the quc ba could be one of your descendants. Maybe even the roy ba.” (You never know, the poor born could be one of your descendants. Maybe even the blood born.)

All the children gasped in excitement. The blood born? Their descendants? No way. Poor kids like them could never. But, they held onto that little bit of hope.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

The kids all giggled that night just thinking of the possibility that someone down their bloodline is a royal. Though unlikely, they wanted to have hope. Who’s to say what can happen in ten thousand years? A turn of events could possibly occur. They didn’t know. But they were excited to find out.

Later that day during classes a young boy ran into a classroom shouting.

“Boonji! Boonji! I saw one on the border!” He cried. (Human! Human! I saw one on the border!)

The teacher panicked, horrified if humans truly did manage to get onto their land, into the kingdom. All homes and schools shut their doors and windows. Protecting themselves as they heard the humans pass by their buildings.

Where were they going? Why were they here? No one knew for sure. They didn’t know if they wanted to know.

The present royals of the kingdom were relaxing at home until they heard their guards shout. They walked out to see humans? In their palace?

“Uhm, ja ke uh, dammit.” The human stuttered. (Uhm, I am uh, dammit.)

The king chuckled as he walked down the stairs to him.

“Ah, you learned Saabse to come all the way here?”

“I just wanted you to be comfortable if you allowed me to speak with you.” The human said as he looked at the king walking to him.

The king’s love behind him. A beautiful man, strong gray eyes and soft lips. His eyes piercing as his chilling black hair stood confidentiality on top of his head.

“What brings you here?” The gray eyed beauty asks.

“My king, of Heart Kingdom, wanted to form an alliance.”

“Heart kingdom? That’s a far ride. Have you been riding for days?” The king asked as his husband held his arm.

“Yes, your majesty.” The messenger said, bowing his head.

“An alliance? Humans usually want nothing to do with us.” The king’s husband sighed.

“Well, you see, we’re at war with Diamond kingdom.”

“Ah that powerful kingdom.”

“Yes, we know with your help we can beat them.”

The king chuckled.

“That just isn’t fair, now is it? Powers against material weapons? I’m sure you can fight them on your own. Or ask for the help of neighboring kingdoms. Besides, we don’t like engaging in war unless we need to.”

“Are you declining, your majesty?” The messenger asked.


“Thank you anyway.” He bowed before leaving with the rest of the kinsmen leaving the Zabian king and his husband.

“Ka chi mika tim? Boonji asking for our help.” The storm filled eyes of the king’s husband flared in interest. (Who would’ve thought? Humans asking for our help.)

“Leave them be Olin.”

“I wasn’t going to do anything, Tirq.” Olin giggled as he walked back off into their bedroom.

“How strange.” The king voiced before following behind.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Humans don’t trust Zeaquus. They think they’re rabid evil beasts that crave blood. Yet not realizing they described themselves. They start wars among themselves for what? The joy of it? A little scuffle between two people? If they handle it like Zeaquus, the two who have a problem fight the battle by themselves. They don’t bring every being on the land into it. Causing them harm too.

Zeaquus watch humans as they act stupidly and rashly. Humans scared of Zeaquus? I guess they could be. They do have the strength and power to end them at any cost. If they weren’t mostly peaceful creatures, humans might’ve been whipped out already, scarily enough.

You can’t just come across a Zeaquu. You would have to travel to their home of Zabian. Even then, you might not be able to get too far if they see you as a threat. You will either be thrown out or killed.

Yet, years go by and humans don’t truly try to interact with Zeaquus after a while. They ban learning Saabse and refuse to teach about Zeaquus properly. Teaching their young that they’re evil blue faced creatures. They’ll kill you as soon as they see you. They trust no one. And they thirst for blood. Parents use this to get their children in bed or keep them out of the cookie jar. Zeaquus don’t even know humans are spreading such lies about them nor do they care much.

But a secret meeting of Zeaquu and human happens quickly after the past two thousand years.

“Yah! Bak chi kill mo!” The boy yelled. (Yah! What the heck are you?!)

“I do not understand?” The young girl explained as she put her book down.

He jumped down from the tree he was in.

“Ah, human. You happen to be on the brink of our border.” He informed her.

She looked down at where he pointed, looking back up.

“Huh? Border?”

“Ah never mind. Where are you from?”

“Diamond kingdom.” She smiled. “You?”

“Zabian. I’m a village kid. My momma doesn’t know I’m out here. Pa will give me a good hit if he finds out I strayed this far.” He grinned brightly.

“Those markings on your face look like tiger stripes.” The girl giggled. “Did you paint them?

“Paint them? Oh no, I was born like this. Check it.” He lifted his pants and sleeves to reveal similar markings on his legs and arms. “I got some on my stomach too!” He smiled proudly.

“How peculiar.” She said, brushing his fingers against the markings on his arm.

“Johnny! Mal ka chi noo?! Johnny?!” A frantic woman cried out. (Johnny? Where are you?! Johnny?!)

“Who is that?” The girl asked, looking to find the voice.

“You have to run back to your kingdom! And fast!” He rushed as he ran off.

“Mama!” He yelled at her, running to her.

The frantic women gasped picking him and squeezing him. The little girl noticed the same markings on her face as well. She did rush off back to her kingdom before she was caught, but she kept thinking about that boy. What was he? What were those markings? Where was this place he mentioned, “Zabian?”

Questions left unanswered. Questions shunned. The little boy and little girl grew old, never seeing each other again. They weren’t allowed. But they never forgot each other. In fact, they went on to explain that not all humans were evil and not all Zeaquus were bloodthirsty. But these positivities died along with them. Humans were back to hating Zeaquus and vise versa.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

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