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Zeaquu *Jikook*

A Kingdom Far Away

Jimin looked out the window of his room. Sitting on the seat next to it. He watched as men trained with each other. He heard the door creaking open and turned to it.

“Prince Evan is here.” His brother said with a smile, excited.

Jimin tried to match his excitement with an airy “yay” as he shook his fists. Standing up and walking towards him.

“I know you’re against this marriage but you’re doing something great for our kingdom.”

Jimin groaned. So tired of hearing that.

“Kingdom this, kingdom that. What about me, Jinnie?!” Jimin shrieked turning to him.

Seokjin touched his shoulders and squeezed them before sighing.

“I promise it’s all going to be okay.”

Jimin stared into his eyes, his own eyes dull, before turning around and stomping down the stairs. Seokjin sighed before following him. There stood their mother and father, with the king of the neighboring kingdom and his son. The king and queen smiled up to their sons as they walked down to the stairs. Jimin stood next to his mother, Seokjin next to him. Evan smiled and took Jimin’s hand, kissing it then looking up to him, eyes shining.

“It’s an honor.” He said calmly.

Jimin watched as he stood back up and walked back next to his father.

“Charming.” Seokjin whispered.

“Sure.” Jimin whispered back observing how Evan looked at him while their parents talked.

“Jimin, why don’t you take Evan around.” His dad demanded more than asked.

Jimin was going to decline before Seokjin whispered.

“You will be on father’s good side with this.”

Jimin rolled his neck before smiling. “Sure.”

He walked off, Evan bowing before following. He ran up behind him before walking next to him.

“So, we are to be wedded.” Evan started.

“Mhm.” Jimin answered boredly.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Jimin answered quickly as he led Evan to the garden.

He walked towards a bench and sat down. Evan sat next to him.

“But I think pretty things should smile.” Evan said, grabbing Jimin’s face and turning it to him.

Jimin scoffed, hitting his hand away.

“Don’t touch me and sure as hell don’t me to smile. Don’t call me a thing either.” Jimin hissed.

Evan gripped his face again, harder this time his eyes darkening.

“I will not allow my spouse to disrespect me.”

Jimin pushed away.

“I’m not your spouse!”

“You will be!”

“Oh please! You think I’d want to marry an egotistical bastard like you?! This is all because of my father! Stupid.” Jimin declared as he stood from his spot on the bench.

Evan stood up too.

“You will not speak to me that way!”

“Oh yeah? Make me-”

Jimin’s face flew to the right, his hair covering his eyes. His hand slowly went up to his cheek before his face was jerked to Evan.

“I’m not some weak little bitch who you push around. In my home, once wedded, there are rules you will need to follow. Whether you like it or not. And don’t tell anyone about this!”

Evan let go and began walking off.

“My kingdom doesn’t need you. Your kingdom needs me.” Jimin said as he walked away, yet Evan stopped ready to hit him again.

But he decided against it and walked off. Jimin touched his swollen cheek and sniffled. They weren’t even married yet and he already hated that man.

He walked back to his room and went back to his window. His safe place. He sat on that window seat and watched as the people trained. But this time unwanted tears left his eyes. Stinging his cheek. His shoulders shook as he cried. Seokjin came in.

“Minnie- Oh my god! What happened?!

Jimin looked at him and Seokjin rushed over. Immediately treating him.

“Don’t tell father.”

“Why not?! Who did this?!”

“Don’t worry about it. Just don’t tell father, please.”

Seokjin didn’t want to agree but he did. He agreed hesitantly. He took care of his wounds with a frown.

Jimin hated this kingdom. The only people that cared about him were his mother and brother. His father had a hint of disgust whenever he looked at him. Maybe that’s why he chose such a husband for him. A way of punishment. He wishes someone to take him from this place. Sweep him off his feet and show him some love, true love. But this isn’t some fairy tale. He knows he can’t and won’t get that.


✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Jeongguk sat on the limb of the tree listening to his soldiers and best friends laugh underneath him.

“Lepownim!” One of them shouted up the tree. (Sergeant!)

“Don’t call me that, we aren’t on the field.” Jeongguk mumbled, eyes still closed, head against the tree.

“Well, sire, mamani and momoni wish to see you.” (Well, sire, second in command and first in command wish to see you.)

Jeongguk opened his eyes, raising an eyebrow curiously.

“They wish to see me despite knowing I’ll be back in the palace soon? I’m tired of lah oom jak kiomi! Balmop! Haj ko lopr.” Jeongguk groaned as he closed his eyes. (They wish to see me despite knowing I’ll be back in the place? I’m tired of seeing them make out! I refuse! I’m not going.)

“Jeongguk you should go, it might be important.”

“Yoongi, you don’t understand. You’re blinded by love too. Seeing your brother shove his tongue down his husband’s throat does stuff to you.” Jeongguk shivered.

“You’re brother will drag you back by your ear.” Yoongi responded.

Jeongguk groaned before jumping from the tree and trudging towards his horse. Jumping on her back before squeezing her sides slightly with his legs, causing her to run off towards the palace. He turned her to go into the stables. Dropping her off after kissing her nose. He walked in the palace. He whistled for his pet to come near. A minko is what they’re called. A panther-tiger mix. Black shiny hair all over his body and stripes decorating themselves on his body, light blue stripes. He ran towards Jeongguk who smiled and rubbed his hand from top of his head down his back.

“Brother!” Jeongguk yelled as he walked up the stairs and into his brother’s room.

He figured since they wanted to see him he’d just walk in. But he regretted doing so.

“AH! CHI PALA CHI PALA!” He screamed as his hands rushed to his eyes, sharp black and shiny nails grazing his forehead. Before folding into his palm, shielding his eyes. (AH! MY EYES MY EYES!)

Namjoon laughed as he leaned away from his husband.

“Nothing’s happening pingy.” He chuckled as he finished tying his husbands top. (Nothing’s happening stupid.)

Jeongguk pecked through his fingers, looking around before dropping his hands, rubbing them.

“I thought I went blind.” Jeongguk groaned.

Taehyung rolled his eyes before fixing his top more in the mirror.

“I called you here because ja pinibi wants to hold a party by the end of the week.” Namjoon grinned walking to Jeongguk who had his arms crossed, eyebrows coming to meet. (I called you here because my love wants to hold a party by the end of the week.)


“When have we had a gathering with all of us?” Taehyung pouted as he held onto Namjoon’s arm.

“We haven’t had one because boonjis have been fierce.” Jeongguk countered rubbing his bare chest as he was slightly tired. (We haven’t had one because humans have been fierce.)

“No fun! You fear them so much to the point we can’t have gatherings?” Taehyung whined at Jeongguk who rolled his eyes.

His brother may be weak to Taehyung’s actions but, he most certainly was not. Now their sister on the other hand-

“Ow!” Jeongguk shouted when he felt a sharp pain in his arm.

He looked over and saw his elder sister. Arms crossed as she eyed him.

“Tae wants to have a gathering so we’re having one.” Jieun sassed.

“What?! Last time I checked I’m your superior!” Jeongguk argued.

“Last time I checked I’m your elder.” Jieun countered, her too, shiny black pointed nail poking Jeongguk’s chest.

He rolled his eyes.

“Will you make sure security is strong then?” Namjoon asked.

“You know most of the soldiers are going to want to join the gathering.”

“We can’t go unprotected.” Jieun explained.

“The barrier. How come we’ve never put it up?” Jeongguk shrugged, arms crossed.

“That’s very true.” Taehyung agreed.

“Because it’s hard to take back down and now a days it doesn’t stay up for more than 2 days. Sometimes less.” Namjoon explained sitting on his bed.

Taehyung tapped his lip with his nail before turning to Namjoon.

“Love, how long does it take for the barrier to go up?”

“About a few minutes?”

“Then just set it up minutes before the gathering so that way, you won’t waste energy.” Taehyung offered.

“That works.” Jeongguk answered.

“I agree.” Jieun smiled.

Namjoon stood up and kissed the side of Taehyung’s head.

“Alright. We’ll set up the barrier and gather. Just the way you want.” Namjoon grinned at Taehyung.

Taehyung smiled happily, Jieun smiling as well. Jeongguk had his arms crossed as he looked down.

He has such a high expectation of love because of his brother and their parents. He wants that kind of love. Though he feels he never can.

He walked to his room, his minko, Kama, following behind. He slid his hand across his body as he walked beside him. He laid on his bed after shutting the door. Kama poking his nose against Jeongguk’s. Jeongguk smiled and rubbed his head.

“It’s hard being a Sergeant, Kama. Everyone is depending on me to keep them safe.” Jeongguk said in a pout, face squished against his bed.

Kama placed his chin on the bed and bumped his forehead against Jeongguk’s chest. Jeongguk smiled and scratched Kama’s neck, before they fell asleep.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

“Father I do not want to.” Jimin said as he stared at the black and white blobs that were keys on his piano.

His eyes began to sting before he felt his dad squeeze his shoulder.

“You will be living there once wedded. It’d be best if you went.”

Jimin shoulders slouched before looking up to his father.

“How long must I go?”

“Just for the day. You will come home before midnight.” His dad grumbled.

Jimin looked back down at the keys, sliding the cover over the keys before standing up. He walked to the bathroom to get ready. He sighed as he knew this trip would be terrible. But he would suck it up and go. He didn’t want to, but he was going to.

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