When the leaves fall | Vkook


- ♧ It's like a wind that gently strokes me. Stealing the leaves I'm covered in, but that's not enough. The wind is not enough. I need you. Pluck my leaves. Please, free me. A story that focuses on personal growth, blooming love between two people, new adventures and unexpected friendships. - ♧ Jungkook (17) ♧ Taehyung (18) - ♧ The first few chapters will contain the following : Abusive behavior, angst, blood and violence. It will get more fluffier from there on. Don't take this book to seriously :> - Started: 20/10/20 Ended: .... [ONGOING]

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:


The only thing keeping us sane in this twisted world is knowing you have something to grasp onto.
However, being able to experience that kind of comfort brings alot of worries along with it

Worries such as the tight grip slipping away beneath your fingers. You end up thinking it's all your fault, but have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe. The person you held onto, needs someone like that too?



Every time a leaf disconnects itself from a tree. The plant is given a fresh start, and the nutrients from the decaying leaves are recycled to help grow the next leafy generation. Interestingly, autumn leaves are not simply blown off trees but are separated from the plants in a highly controlled process.

Who knew that one twisted ankle could change ones entire future.



Kim Taehyung
Hair color - Raven black
Unbothered about most things, but lowkey wants to experience true youth.
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