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'Oneirataxia'; The inability to distinguish between reality and fantasy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 'I'd stay with you forever. Whether that's just my love or a curse I can't escape of. My final goal might be selfish, but if I fail, will you still hate me after all my selfish mistakes? Will you be able to distinguish between what's real and what's not?' In which Taehyung has a strange encounter with someone whom claims to be from his past life. This person isn't just someone who has reincarnated. The person he met is a ghost. What happens when, once two cursed lovers, find their way back to one another? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (This story takes place in 2021 and a few chapters in the 18th century. I'm going for a dark academia style further into the story. Enjoy :) - Started: 06-01-2021

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:


The inability to distinguish between dream and reality

Pronunciation; O - nEr - a - 'tax - E - a


• - - - -

• • - - -

• • • - -

• • - - -

• - - - -

He is not going to make it.

• - - - -

• • - - -

• • • - -

The only way to finish this journey is to let go

• - - - -

• • - - -

You did well


This story contains death, mentions of suicide, blood, hidden clues, fluff, comedy and much more. (I suggest you don't take this story too seriously. It's not your regular dark theme, I hope? All I can tell you is to be prepared)
This is my second Taekook fic and the theme is a bit more mature compared to my other story. Also if you don't like shipping I suggest you click off right now :)

Watch out for clues. I put a lot of clues throughout the story that are hinting towards the very last chapter of this book. They'll become more clear as you read on hehe

°•*.Enjoy °•*.

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