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Wrong Universe ~ (Completed)


“What the hell was that about!?” Five yells out as you shoved him through your apartment door.

“Look, you can’t exactly be seen out in this world. You look like a famous actor for god’s sake. You’ll be swarmed!” Five glares at you as you take out your container to put it away in your fridge.

“Ok, but you didn’t have to shove me in your car!”

“And I can’t let my mum see some random boy in her house with her daughter. Especially when they still dress in fucking booty shorts.” You raise a brow at Five and he glances down at his uniform. “Why are you still dressed like that?” Five shrugs and looks around your apartment which was a bit smaller than your mums place since you lived alone.

“What do I do if I can’t ‘be seen out in this world’.” Five air quotes your words and you roll your eyes at him.

“Go to sleep. Hope that your powers come back in the morning.” You shrug and pass Five to fix up the second bedroom a bit since you had assigned that room as the laundry room. “You can sleep here tonight. I live alone so it’s unused. Might be a bit cold too.” Five leans on the doorframe as you grabbed out the largest pair of pants and a men’s hoodie you kept. “Hope these fit you. The bathrooms in there.” You point to the bathroom, handing Five the clothes as he looks down at the pile.


“No worries man. I’m right next to you of you need anything ok?” Five nods and you close his bedroom door to walk into yours and closing your door. “Today was just weird.” As you nod off to sleep, Five had changed into your clothes and folded his on the foldable couch that was in his room. He sat down on the bed and sighed out, finally coming to terms of the situation he was in.

“Please don’t tell me I’m stuck here like before.” Five groans, his head in his hands as his body shuddered. He couldn’t help the tears fall down his cheeks as he tried to teleport home but coming up empty. “Not again...” memories of the apocalypse and him growing up flashed before his eyes as Five flinched away, his hands shaking as he pulled the blanket back to lay down. He curled in a ball, hugging himself asleep. “I want to go home...”

“Why am I so hungry?” You groan as you grabbed your phone to shut your alarm off, dropping your arm to just lay on the bed as you struggled to stay awake. “So tired.” You mumble out, slowly sitting up and rubbing your eyes, yawning out. You check your phone and see nothing interesting so you get up to get dressed up for the day. “Oh shit-” you slam your hand over your mouth when you see Five fast asleep in the bed and you remember what happened the night before. “-forgot he was here.” You mumble softly, closing the bedroom door carefully again and deciding to make some breakfast instead for the both of you. You quickly brush your teeth and start making pancakes after, trying to be as quiet as possible to not try and wake up the poor boy.

He must have stayed awake last night, doing equations or something to try and get home.

The poor thing.

He really needs to get his sleep.

You plate the pancakes and your soul nearly jumps out of your body when you see Five standing in the living room that was connected to the kitchen. “Sweet mother of baby Jesus. Don’t do that to me!” You wheeze out, gripping your shirt above your heart as Five just rubs his eyes.

“Sorry...” You notice the dark bags under Five’s eyes and frown.

“You should sleep more.” He shakes his head.

“Never been one to sleep for long. I’m surprised I slept at all yesterday.” You clench your jaw at the statement, worry in your eyes as the tired boy sat at the dining table between the living room and the kitchen.

“Here. This is for you.” Five blinks at the plate you set before him, towered with pancakes.

“You didn’t have to-”

“-nonsense. You would be hungry and I’m not letting you go starving.” You shrug and go back to grab your plate that had much fewer pancakes. “I’ll get an extra toothbrush for you.” You do just that, finding an extra and give it to Five so he could freshen up. You were scrolling through your phone, dipping your rolled-up pancakes in the syrup when Five comes back.

“You can’t be serious.” Five grimaces at how you were eating your pancakes but you stick your tongue out at him.

“Just eat and let me be in peace.” Five glances at his plate and notices the big difference.

“You don’t have much-”

“-I don’t eat a lot in the morning.” You cut Five off, going to make his coffee as you downed your drink and putting your plate away. “Got your powers back?” You called out, making Five’s coffee and you turn around to see his face stuffed full of pancakes. “Well shit.” you laugh as Five struggled to swallow, a bright blush on his cheeks.

“Sorry. These are really good.” Five pants out as you set his coffee down and he quickly gulps it down.

“Careful there!” Five sighs out in bliss, slamming the cup down.

“I think that was the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had.”

“Damn. Never knew I had the skills to make good coffee for Five Hargreeves, the king of black coffee.” Five rolls his eyes at you but slowly pushes the cup towards your direction. “You want more?” Five nods shyly and you go to fill it up with a smile on your face. As you set the cup down again, Five was trying to open a portal but his powers fizz a blue around his fists before disappearing again.


“We can try again later.” Five sighs out in defeat, sipping his coffee. You got up and went to your bedroom, dressing up in a simple top and jeans before walking out to grab your bag.

“Where are you going?” Five asks as you grab your keys.

“I need to go do some errands so you can just chill here. There’s food in the fridge if I end up gone for the whole day.” You turn around and notice Five pouting slightly.

“I don’t want to be stuck here all day!”

“I know. You tend to be a productive person but there’s nothing to do. Just think of this as your vacation day. Try to chill, watch TV or just sleep.” You slowly backed towards the front door and Five panicked as he stood up, ready to grab you.

“Wait no, don’t go-”

“-sorry man. Gotta go-”

“-please don’t-

“-I’ll see you soon!” You quickly leave, the door slamming shut and Five frowns, dropping his arm down to his side.

“Leave me...” He looks around the quiet apartment, suddenly feeling empty and alone.

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