Sweetheart | harry styles


Being one directions assistant wasn't an easy job, but it's even worse when harry styles was your high school sweetheart...

Romance / Drama
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My heart was racing, my breath was shaky. I tried to distract myself from the panicked feeling I was getting look everywhere but my open laptop "addy you've already done the hard part. This part's easy, I have every faith in you and I'm most certain you got in" harry comforts from the other side of the call

"but what if I didn't, what if I'm not cut out for this job, I've never been a proper musician-" I spiral. My cursor waving over top of the unopened email

"addy, look at me. Whatever that email says I'm so proud of you, you need to know that and that if I was there right now I'd give you the biggest hug" he reassures me giving a big cheesy smile

"I know" I smile calming down a bit from his words. I take my cursor back over the top of the email. Clicking on it I shoot my hands away as soon as I pressed on it.

"Adalynn Clark you have been accepted to Gregory's management as an up-and-coming artist manager" I read aloud. My hands flying to my mouth I squeal in excitement. Eyes filling with tears.

"Congrats addy" Harry celebrates from across the screen with a wide smile. "I told you, you could do it, watch you go on and be Taylor swift's manager" he praises me

"oh god no I'd probably faint every time I see her" I laugh looking back at the email. I got accepted, I'm going to be a manager someday. Soon after I opened the email Harry had to go for soundcheck and I had made my way downstairs

"don't eat anymore Jess I'm about to make dinner" I remind my little sister

"yeah yeah," she responds, eyes glued to the tv. Ever since the accident I've been jess's legal guardian which was hard since I was only 18 and still needed to have a parental figure myself. I grew up quicker than everyone else, it's a Friday night and I was invited to go to a party, a year ago I would've said hell yeah but now I just think about Poor Jess and all the risks and shit that goes on at parties. Jess is only 10 and still doesn't get what happened in the accident, one day, one day I'll tell her everything.

"Miss Clark, Mr Gregory is ready to see you now," my agents assistant tells me poking her head out from above her desk

"Thank you, Lily" I smile making my way through the all too familiar wooden doors

"Adalynn, take a seat," Mr Gregory tells me gesturing to the seats on the other side of his large ebony wood desk

"I was looking through your files and I noticed that you've only been assigned minor jobs, is that correct" he points out, taking a beige folder from a stack, I only assume it's mine

"Yes sir" I nod in slight embarrassment, for some reason I had only been given smaller jobs unlike some of my friends. Hayley, my best friend has had way more opportunities than me and is currently Shawn Mendes assistant manager

"I've been told that one direction is looking for a new assistant and I think that's a great way to help your career" Mr Gregory informs me. My throat tightens at the mention of that band. Yes, I always hear it and think nothing of it but never in this industry. It's only ever 'did you hear one direction new album' or 'one direction are so cool don't you think adalynn' never 'one direction looking for an assistant'

"I'm sorry, but I can't take this job" I croak out quick to decline the job

"This wasn't a suggestion miss Clark, if you don't take this job I'll have nothing to do but to drop you from the agency," he says sternly looking me straight in the eyes. On one hand, I can't lose my spot here at the agency or I'll lose the dream of getting my dream job but on the other hand, I can't face seeing Harry not after what he did.

"I'll give you 48hour to think about it, now out of my office" he quickly dismisses me shooing me away like I was some sort of rat. I quickly make my way out of his office not to make another noise and make a beeline to the glass front doors.

Driving home I contemplated what I should do, I was stuck. What Harry did to me is unforgivable, we had been together since we were 16 and he just pushed it all away.

"Jess, I'm home" I shout opening the front door and placing my bags down on the

"I'm in the kitchen" she shouts back. Walking into the kitchen I see Jess cooking dinner. standing on a footstool a wooden spoon in one hand and the other a timer.

"and what are you doing" I question smiling at her taking a seat on the island bench. her head whips around and cheekily smile's at me.

"making dinner" she stating the obvious, pointing to the concoction on the stove.

"and that is?" I ask. reaching down and taking off my ankle boots. wearing heeled ankle boots wasn't fun, I hate wearing heels altogether but they make me look more professional so I give into the pain.

"Spaghetti, duh" she rolls her eyes focusing back on the spaghetti. Why wasn't I surprised spaghetti had become our thing to cook after the accident... it was familiar, it reminded us of mum.

"Are you good here, cause I need a shower?" I ask Jess gesturing over the mess she'd made on the countertops

"Yeah I'm fine, go take a shower you stink" she jokes, shooing me away with her hand


I had spent most of my shower contemplating my decision, not getting very far.

Grabbing my sweat and an oversized t-shirt I make my way down the stair and go help Jess set the table.

"Thank you for cooking tonight Jess, I wouldn't be able to focus" I thank my younger sister, taking a bite of my food.

"It's all good, what's on your mind," she asks sitting down in front of me.

Here we go. "I got offered a job today by the boss himself that will most likely get me to where I need to go" I start letting go of a breath I didn't realise I was holding

"That's amazing addy" Jess congratulates

"But, it's with one direction" I finish, looking down at my food stabbing around at the noodles.

"Oh, how badly do you want this," she asks her voice going softer

"Badly, but I don't know if I could be in the same room as him let alone his bands assistant" I sigh, finally taking another bite

"If you want it bad enough, you won't let him get in the way of your dream job, you never know maybe you'll forgive him" she shrugs

"Do you just defend him?" I ask in disbelief

"God no, he can rot in hell I was just saying maybe you could be the bigger person" she re explains

"Maybe" I shrug


Staring down at my phone I anxiously pick it up tapping on the calls app. Tapping my bosses number I put it up to my ear praying he'll pick up and it isn't too late.

"Adalynn, what can I do for you," he asks through the phone

"I'll do it" I take a deep breath "I'll take the job"
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