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Temptation | Draco Malfoy


*WARNING* Contains: Smut, Violence and Rape - "You are still in love with him? After all he's done to you?" "It will always be him and just him." "How can you be so sure?" "Because after all this time - I am more than ever sure that seeing him smile is the only thing I ever want to see, even if it's not because of me. But I ask myself everyday: what is love if I can't touch it, see it or feel it for myself?" "I must admit that I never thought I would hear you say any of those words." "Why? Because my whole life I've been a spoiled brat that always got everything she wanted - no matter who she hurt in the process? Well he's the one thing I can't have." _ "If I had only known who I really was from the beginning; I would have never let myself fall for you." What if Draco Malfoy had been sorted into Gryffindor? What if instead he was raised by Molly Weasley? What if Harry Potter wasn't the chosen one after all? *I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS* I ONLY OWN: Oliver Regulus Black & Deimos Neil Malfoy This story is also available on my wattpad: caterinarozier

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Out of my fucking way, Gryffindorks."

After my father died, my nearest living relative was my godfather, however, this summer the Malfoy's took me in. In our short time together, I became like the child they never had or did, but they disowned that dirty blood traitor, Draco.

Merlin, that boy is such a lost cause. Poor Narcissa, I will never understand what she did to deserve having such a blood traitor son.

Today is the first day back from summer break. Nothing has changed really.

I was in my dorm getting ready for dinner. Lucius made certain I had a dormitory all for me. I put on my black designer high heeled boots that Narcissa gave me for my birthday to go with my uniform and gazed at myself in the mirror.

I brushed my hand through my dark brown hair as I took a profound breath before I walked down to the great hall, making sure everyone who made eye contact with me instantly became intimidated. I was the most popular and most intimidating girl in Slytherin house. I enjoy having people be scared of me and run away when they hear the sound of my voice.

In the entrance of great hall were a bunch of gingers and a blonde blocking the entrance, immediately I knew, fucking Gryffindors.

I pushed them all out of the way as I yelled, "Out of my fucking way, Gryffindorks!"

As I continued walking away towards my table, I heard one of those boys mumble, "As you command, Slytherbitch."

Soon enough, I was rushing towards them as I growled, "Which one of you, bloody gingers, said that?" with my hands in fists and I was biting down on my tongue from fury.

The blonde walked in front of them with his hands in his pockets and a wide smile plastered on his face as he asserted, "No need to shout, darling. It was me."

I let out a wicked laugh, "Of course, it was the one and only disowned blood traitor." I bit my nail as I took a step towards him and boasted, "Your parents turned your old room into my walk-in closet."

Draco nodded and mocked, "I bet you do need a big closet to fit all of your extra-large clothes." I grabbed my wand out of my pocket and declared, "I think you need to be taught a lesson to never disrespect women like that." I took a step close and tormented, "No wonder not even your mother wanted you."

His hand now in fists and his adam's apple adjusting as he clenched his jaw.

I placed the tip of my wand on his chin and asked, "Now, what spell would you like me to use on you?"

"Expelliarmus!" shouted Harry bloody Potter.

My wand went flying out in the air.

I turned to Potter with my hands on my hips and a smirk on my face. I raised my eyebrows and nodded as I teased, "You've got balls," the green-eyed boy, taking a few steps closer to him.

I looked around and saw a random third year Gryffindor standing around, so I grabbed him by the back of the head and threw him to the ground as I ordered, "Pick up my wand, dog."

One of the tall gingers had his arms crossed and his hands clenching onto his arm as he spoke up, "Let him go. I promised myself never to hit women."

I smiled, shaking my head as I scrunched my nose playfully and said, "Nah, I don't think so."

I pushed the shaking boy down on his knees and yelled, "I said to fucking pick up my bloody wand, you idiot!" He grabbed the wand with his shaky right hand and handed it up to me. I snatched the wand out of his hand and threw it back at the floor. "Are you a fucking idiot? I don't think you understood me, like a dog! You pick it up with your mouth!" I ordered as I pointed my finger at my wand.

He was about to pick it up with his mouth when Draco pulled him up and silently shook his head at the young boy. Pathetic.

I crossed my arms with my chin up and spoke up, "This wand isn't going to pick up itself, boys. Should I just pick a random first year to do it for me instead?"

Draco knelt on one knee as he sighed, "Let's just get this over." I grinned as I saw him on the ground. I put my boot on his forehead and exclaimed, "Good job! That's where you belong - on the fucking dirty ground!"

Then that mudblood of Hermione Granger came racing towards me as he was madly yelling, "That's enough already!" But the boys were holding her back before she could even make it to me. I snatched my wand out of Draco's hand and pushed him to the ground.

I waved at them playfully as I skipped over to the Slytherin table.

Blaise smirked and remarked, "Quite the show you put on out there, Y/N." I smiled a slight as I shrugged and said, "Nothing those blood traitors don't deserve after all."

Pansy laid her head on the palm of her hand and asked, "Why do you even bother, Y/N?" I chuckled as I picked up an apple and explained, "My dear because it is fun making their stupid and miserable little lives even more miserable."

Pansy pointed up at them with her chin and said, "They don't seem very miserable to me."

I looked up at them and they were all laughing and throwing food at each other, having a bloody good time.

I put my fist under my chin and said, "Then we just need to do something real bad against them." I looked up at Theo who was sitting next to Blaise and asked, "What do you suggest, Nott?"

Theo rested his index finger on his chin as he examined me up and down, and after taking a good look at me he said, "Well, you're not all that bad looking, I say you break one of their stupid little hearts."

I smiled crossing one leg over the other and asked, "Who do you suggest, Blaise?"

Blaise looked behind him at the crowd of Gryffindors and stated, "I say you go for blondie."

I looked over at Draco who was laughing with his stupid little ginger friends as I took a bite of my apple, then said, "Good choice, Zabini."

—— ♔ ⚯͛ △⃒⃘ ——

By the evening, I was walking down the corridors for the Slytherin quidditch party. I have been the only girl on the team for years. I wore a strapless green tight dress in honour of our house colour.

As I was walking down, I saw someone sitting by one of the windows writing in a journal. I skipped over to see who it was, and soon enough I discovered it was the one and only, Draco Malfoy. "What are you writing?" I curiously asked as I snatched the book out of his hands.

As I read it, I realized it was a diary, but I only got to read the dear diary part until he snatched it back. Seductively, I inquired, "Who were you writing about?" He sat back and snapped, "None of your business."

I put my hands on my hips questioned, "What kind of sentimental idiot writes down everything they feel?" He rolled his eyes and justified, "Dumbledore gave it to me." I sat close to him and inquired, "And you listen to what an old grey man tells you to do?"

Draco rolled his eyes and vaguely interrogated, "Don't you have someone better to be? Or someone else to torment?" I gently touched his chin and whispered, "Probably, but I chose you."

Draco slowly examined me up and down and cleared his throat. He turned his view to the opposite way and stammered, "W-Well, why are you so d-dressed up?"

I brushed my hand down his chest and answered,
"The Slytherin quidditch team party." My hand instantly reached his crotch, making him jump from how off guard I caught him. Draco gulped and asked, "I-Isn't that only for Gryffindor and Slytherin boys?"

I huffed, "Gryffindors are going to be there?" He nodded with his finger arched and touching his lip as he looked away from me in a nervous way.

With my other hand, I brushed my hair off of my shoulder and innocently asked, "Well do you like what you see?"

I gently squeezed onto his dick which was getting harder by the second. Draco jumped as he shook his head and moved away.

I giggled as I let go of him and stood up. I waved and said, "I'll see you at the party then, Gryffindor."

"S-See you there," his voice screeched.

"Pathetic," I mumbled as I walked away.

Finally, I made it to the party where all the boys were already acting like the bloody animals they were. I put my hands in the air and shouted, "The party just started, boys!"

The boys started screaming and cheering. Theo handed me a bottle of beer and I instantly chugged on it.

I sat on the couch alone with my legs crossed as Blaise threw himself next to me. He leaned in closer as his hand slowly crept onto my thigh as he seductively whispered, "You know, you look sexy tonight." I grabbed one his finger and threw hand away as I confidently stated, "I know."

Blaise looked down at the empty bottle in my hand and offered, "Do you want me to get you another one?" I nodded since Blaise was the only boy I trusted and sat back with my arms crossed as I waited for him to come back.

I spotted Draco sitting across the room with a Gryffindor girl whose name I didn't know. I sat up, folding my arms over my knees as I watched him.

Draco seemed irritated. He tended to be mean unlike other Gryffindors' - maybe that's what drove the sudden temptation I felt towards having him.

"Are you jealous?" asked Blaise as he sat next to me and handed me the beer. I scoffed, "Shut the fuck up, Zabini."

Blaise patted his lap in which I sat on, facing him. I took a sip out of my bottle and purposely let some drip from my lips down to my chest. He chuckled, "Are you trying to turn me on? Are you that needy from not having me all summer?" I shrugged, "Possibly, " and moved closer to him.

I put the beer bottle on his lips and let him booze out of my beverage while he grabbed onto my ass and didn't break our eye contact.

A girl passed by us and Blaise stared at her as she walked by. "Is that the girl you told me about?" I playfully asked as I moved the bottle down. He nodded and so I got off of him and suggested, "Why don't you go after her?" He chuckled, "I missed you, " and put his hand on my knee to stand up and chase after her.

After I finished the bit of firewater he left, I walked into the crowd of boys that were dancing as I chugged onto a new bottle. I quickly felt hands all over me as I danced. I twirled around and saw Theo before me with his hands on my hips.

I put my hands behind his neck as he heaved me closer to him. I gently moved my hand inside his shirt teasing him as my other hand was behind his back, holding my bottle. He smirked as he stared down at me and ran his hand down the arch of my back as he suggested, "Why don't we take things up to my dorm?" I patted his cheek and asked, "Why don't you take another girl?" before I shoved him off and walked away towards Pansy who was coming into the dance floor.
After dancing with Pansy for at least an hour, she left and I sat back on the couch to continue drinking by myself. I looked around and saw Draco sitting by himself, but before I could stand up to go up to him an individual came and nudged me back down on the couch.

Theo was on top of me, kissing my neck down to my exposed shoulder. I gently hit his chest, pushing him away with the palm of my hand as I rejected him, "Not now, you angsty virgin."

He continued running his hands down my body and tried kissing my lips, but I pushed his face away as I complained, "Leave me alone, I have other and better things to do than to satisfy your needs."

I slowly turned my head to my left and stared at Draco who was sitting across the room as everything started moving and getting blurry.

Deep down I knew exactly what Theo was going to do to me next - considering how drunk I was. I closed my eyes and felt as he touched every single inch of my body.

He abruptly stopped and I heard two manly voices argue. I opened my eyes and saw some unrecognisable boys fighting off Theo. I couldn't move - all I could do was lay there staring at them until my eyes slowly started shutting down.

I opened my eyes again as I felt someone carrying me out, and a bunch of voices surrounding us.

I completely passed out and assumed it was Theo carrying me out, so I stopped caring about what would happen to me next - it seemed inevitable at that point.



Thank you - Caterina

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