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An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. A life for a life. For a long time, Izuku Midoriya didn't believe in karma or the idea that all the bad he had done would one day come to claim what it was owed, until one day it came to claim the one thing that he wasn't willing to pay. Or: Izuku Midoriya was handed a hard life right from the start, but after an unfortunate run-in with the heroes, the Villain Deku will have to survive U.A.'s new Villain Rehab Program. Will he make it through a changed man, or will his fights with Bakugou hold him back.

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Chapter 1



Izuku Midoriya lived a life filled with never-ending nightmares that haunted him day and night. In a world where over 80% of the population could call themselves superhumans, Izuku was of the minority that laid no claim to the title. After his diagnostic at the age of 5, Izuku was cast from society and labeled



It was thought that perhaps Izuku was just a late bloomer, someone whose quirk or power would be revealed later in life, but the likelihood of that happening was rarer than his condition. As a result, Izuku’s father abandoned his wife and son, leaving them to fend for themselves while the wolves waited outside, ready to strike.

“Stupid waste of space.”


Living in a small 2-bedroom apartment in the broken remnants of the city, Izuku and his mother did their best to survive the storm of people outside their doors that simply wanted the boy gone. For months, Inko Midoriya, Izuku’s mother, would comfort the boy. She would play heroes with him and read him stories of the world’s greatest heroes. The Symbol of Peace, All Might, as Izuku’s favorite among the thousands that he studied. Izuku would watch the pro heroes on the news as they saved the citizens from danger, flashing their quirks to the world. Their quirks always fascinated the boy. He wanted to learn more about them, how they worked, why each one was different from the next, what were their strengths, and what were their weaknesses. From the time he could finally hold a pencil, he was writing anything he could analyze about the heroes he adored.

But there was none that Izuku adored more than All Might. The Symbol of Peace was a hero to Izuku in more ways than one. He was a hero to the world, establishing peace and ridding the world of villains, but he was also a symbol of hope to the young boy. Izuku, despite his condition, wanted nothing more than to be a hero just like All Might. He wanted nothing more than to save people in trouble and be the reason that they smiled.

But unfortunately, society did not support that dream. Izuku was bullied by those he thought were friends and beaten or blamed by those he thought would protect him.

“Give up on your dream!”

“There’s no way you could become a hero! Don’t make me laugh.”

“You’re just a stupid Deku!”

The words weren’t the worst of it. Burns and bruises would often litter his face and arms. Most were given to him by his former best friend Katsuki Bakugou, or Kacchan as Izuku used to fondly call him, and his group of followers. Izuku would often return home from school with broken bones, cuts, bruises, and burns. He would sob on the counter of his grimy bathroom as his mother would quietly bandage his wounds.

“Turn the other cheek Izuku. Don’t let them see you cry, show them that you are my brave boy.”

“It is always best to ensure the happiness of others instead of inflicting pain on them, even if that means that you must carry that pain.”

“Always be kind, no matter what others do to you”

His mother’s words of advice always ran clear as day in the young boy’s head. It didn’t matter if he was getting pushed, punched, kicked, or spat on, Izuku always turned the other cheek. He took the pain. He embraced it, just as his mother told him to.

And the young boy continued to do so, even after it became his mother who would deliver the beatings. The pressure that society put on her weighed so heavily on her mind that she eventually broke. Her frustrations, her anger, and resentment for the unfair treatment she received simply because her son was quirkless was all taken out on the boy.

There was no escape for him.

“Good for nothing child!”


“Quirkless waste!”


“You are no son of mine!”


Quietly, the 6-year-old child stood from his crouched position on the kitchen floor. His feet stuck to the floor as he quietly padded his way to the front door of his apartment. His footsteps left a trail of a dark, thick, and sticky substance that stained his socks. The hallway light flickered from above as that dark substance stained the boy’s face, clothes, and hands a deep crimson. The knife in his hand glinted against the wall as the last remnants of the day’s sun reflected on the metal. His hands left stains on the cool metal of the door handle as he opened the door to the crisp outside world.

Izuku turned his dull green eyes to give one last glance down the hallway at the brutalized body of Inko Midoriya.

“I’m sorry mommy... but I don’t wanna be kind anymore.”

And with that the boy turned and left, leaving behind the only world he knew, in search of one that was better.

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