New to love (Hawks x reader) story


The reader is 22 years old. One day you go to apply for agency and you got in but you didn’t know the number two hero hawks was in the agency that you got in. You and hawks became best friends but ever since you and hawks become friends hawks has a crush on you. Will hawks tell his feeling for you?

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Your backstory and explanation

I don’t own any of the mha characters

Your name is Y/N L/N. You live with your mom, stepdad and sister. You are a middle child. Your older sister got a apartment with her boyfriend. Your dad has wings that is like hawks.Your mom was a pro hero name Fire Queen but she and your stop being a pro hero because they wanted to settle down. Your dad and mom broke up because your mom stop loving him. When you where 5 years old you meet your stepdad which you and your sisters called him Manny. Every since you were young you didn’t know why your dad left. Your mom didn’t care that he left because she was focus on your stepdad. Every since your stepdad came in your live it has been a living hell of a nightmare. Your stepdad have been abusing your mom, you and your sister but you and your mom get abused the most. Your mom dose not care about your feeling or you mental health. As this keep going on you have social anxiety and get lots of break down time to time. You got out of there at age 14 and moved to your grandma’s house. Now you are 22 years old living in a house with your little sister name destiny and your dog name teddy. Your sister is 13 years old in middle school.

You have both you father and your moms quark

1. Flame: you can make fire out of your hands whenever you what but if you go over you limit you will feel like you are burning inside. Your flame are a dark red color.

2 wings: is looks like hawks wing but the color is a dark red color like your wings. You can use your wings to control your feathers and use a a weapon

The one thing that make you happy is Mirko your best friend. You and Mirko ever seen you guys where little kids. Every time you are sad or had a hard day she will come to your house and watching movies and playing board games to try to make you feel better.

Hey is me the creator of this story I hope you like this. Is my first time doing this. I hope you have a good day or night.
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