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(DeanXReader) Your a hunter. Well on the side, but full time yourown a bar that's on the side of a road in the middle of no where. Actually it's not your bar, it was Jo and Ellen's till they died so you took over. Hunts here and there, while serving cold ones till the Winchesters walk into your life bringing hell behind them, literally. STARTED IN 2017 FINISHED 2018 Partly Edited 2021

Romance / Action
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"Come on y/n, one more round." The drunk man in front of me slurred. His breath drenched in the smell of booze making me want to vomit. "No way Dunkin, you're done for tonight. I'll have someone help you home." I chuckle, taking away his empty shot glass and begin whipping down the counter. "Alright alright." The man sighs, getting up. He was in his late 50's, with charcoal black hair, dusted with grey and a matching beard. He was one of the hunters that occasionally stopped by for a cold one after a hunt. Telling me his stories about fighting off nests all by himself and stuff like that. He was a good man at heart, but crazy drunk.

After making sure he had a ride home, and no one was left in the bar I began cleaning up. Wiping down tables, emptying ash trays, putting pool sticks away, you know the usual bar crap. I stop on my way in the back, seeing a picture of Jo and Ellen on the wall. I missed them.....so much. I was around the same age as Joe, slightly older. They took me in, gave me a home, a family. I couldn't leave the bar to sit here and rot after everything.

I was snapped out of my thoughts hearing someone open the door. I sigh, rolling my eyes and make my way towards the front. Probably a drunk or someone forgot something as usual. "I'm sorry we're closed!" I shout, walking through the doors to see two figures standing in the middle of the bar. "Um I'm sorry we're closed." I repeat, crossing my arms over my chest. "Who are you?" The tall one asks. He has long hair, not passing his neck though, and he was very fucking tall. Jesus was this dude on steroids. I reach for the gun, behind my back tucked in my waist band of my jeans. "Depends on who wants to know." I reply hesitantly. They can't be demons, I got traps everywhere. "We were friends of Jo and Ellen's." The shorter one says. His voice was deeper, and he has spiked hair. And I'll admit fairly handsome. "Y/N I was a friend of Jo and Ellen's too." I reply, putting my gun on the counter to show I'm not trying anything. They both sigh in relief, and tension seems to leave them, well sorta.

"I'm Sam this is my brother Dean." The tall-Sam says. "Howdy. Now this doesn't mean the bar still isn't closed, so unless you got something important to tell me imma have to tell you guys to leave." I smile slightly, trying to sound as polite as possible. "We were wondering if Ellen's paper work was still around, we kinda need it for a hunt." Sam informs me, giving me a kind smile. Dean hasn't said a word, just eyes me. Okay that's not creepy at all. "Uh yeah, should be back in my office. I'll go grab it, help yourself to anything at the bar." I offer, before making my way down the small hallway and into the office. I grab a box that has 'Ellen' written on it and make my way back to the boys. Sam has a beer while Dean has a shot of what I assume is whiskey. "This is what was left of Ellen's stuff." I tell them, plopping the box on the counter. "Thanks." Dean finally speaks, grabbing the box. "Uh..do you mind if we stay here and read through it? It shouldn't take long." Sam asks, a polite smile plastered on his face. Awe, kinda adorable. Dean glares down at Sam, making me assume that they didn't want the same thing. "Sure, knock yourselves out. I gotta clean up anyways."

I continue cleaning up while Sam and Dean study through paper work, drinking beers as they went. After cleaning I peeked over their shoulders, curious about what they were looking at.
"That's Egyptian isn't it?" I ask, raising my eyebrow. They both turn around to face me, their eyes wide. "You know it?" Dean asks in a shocked tone. I shrug and put my hands in my pockets,"I know enough to know that what your reading is no bueno." I smirk. He frowns, but a small light flickers in his eyes. "Can you tell us what it means?" Sam asks kindly, and eagerly. I pull up a chair and pop a squat next to Sam, taking the papers from them and scanning over them. "Mmmm something about the sun and a disk, and ra." I sigh, putting the paper down. "I can have this completely translated by tomorrow." I sigh. "okay, we'll be back tomorrow." Dean smiles for once, standing up. "See you tomorrow." I chuckle.

They begin to leave until I hear someone call my name. I turn to see Dean standing in the door way.
"By the way, diggin those jeans on you." He smirks before leaving.

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