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I Don’t Do Chick-Flicks


Last night was long, but I finally figured out the hieroglyphics. Pretty fucked up stuff. I shower, than toss on the usual black tank top and jeans with boots before tying my (h/c) hair in a pony tail. I make my way downstairs, preparing the bar for opening. The bar in the morning is slow, which is nice. After preparing everything, I unlock the door and wait for costumers. Mainly Sam and Dean.

It was 9, and they probably won't be coming till later, so I pull out my laptop and start looking for a case since I've been so bored lately. While humming and scrolling through the internet, I hear the door open and look up to see the two familiar faces.
"Was wondering where you guys were. Can't keep a lady waiting all day." I smirk, pulling out two beers and placing them on the table for them. "Sorry we got a little caught up in something." Sam smiled slightly, while Dean groaned and took his beer. "So what do the things say?" Dean asks, getting straight to the point. God does he ever lighten up? Except for last night when he made that smart ass remark about me in jeans. "To kill her, you must pierce her heart with the sunlights pure gold. Than burn her body so Anubis can take her." I sigh. "What the heck is sunlights pure gold?" Dean asks confused. Sam shrugs, just as puzzled as them. I turn my laptop to face them, showing them a picture of a staff. "What's that?" Sam asks. "Well after translating I was curious, so I did some extra digging. There's a staff, with a sun ontop with a mirror, and it's made out of pure gold." I smirk, proud of myself for practically solving their case. Sam chuckles and leans back in his chair,"Well, Guess it's settled. Get that, kill her and case is solved." "Your welcome." I chuckle, taking their empty beer bottles. "You hunt?" Dean asks suddenly. "Once in awhile." I respond, placing new beers in front of them. "So where do we find the golden stick?" Dean asks before taking a large gulp of his beer. "Museum. But they're transporting it to a new holding place, and the truck should be passing by soon. So sooner you stop that truck, sooner you get the golden stick, the sooner you kill that son of a bitch."

~ later~

Before I knew it, it was closing time again. It was slow today, but I didn't mind it. Usual drunks, came and went. I was stacking up chairs when I heard the door open. I turn expecting maybe the boys but instead it was someone else.
"Um I'm sorry we're closed." I inform them, watching as they study the room. "Oh really? That's a shame I was really looking forward to a drink." The man says in a cool tone that sends shivers down my back. He was blonde, with burning hazel eyes, and fairly tall. He wore all black, and he was sickly pale. I hear noises from behind me, and see there are more men. "What do you want?" I ask, backing up into a table as they corner me. "We heard, that you know some things. Some things that can be very valuable to us." He smirks, inching his way towards me like a predator stalking its pray. "I don't know what your talking about." I spit at him, feeling around me for something to defend myself with. He was close now, I could feel his breath on my neck. "I think, you do." He whispers, his lips grazing over my ear making my skin crawl. Before I can respond, a loud bang comes from my right and I look over to see Sam and Dean.

"Guys get out of here!!!" I shout, trying to give them a heads up. A man lunges towards them, but Sam gives a kick slice and the man's head falls to the floor effortlessly. Vampires. "Take her!!" The blonde shouts to his henchman before they attempt to drag me to the back. I kick and squirm out of his grip and run towards the kitchen area, looking for anything I can. I grab a pan before the man can grab me and slam it on his head as hard as I can. It only disorients him for awhile until he's back at it again chasing me, more join him till I was surrounded by 4 of them Fuck. I than see the stove, and I remember my lighter in my back pocket. I hate this idea. I quickly turn on the gas stove, throwing the lighter at the them, luckily one catches it. He smirks, not realizing what he's standing next to. I run out the door, seeing Sam and Dean had finished off the others. "RUN." I grab them both as we run out of the bar moments before a large explosion goes off. The explosion was large enough to knock me off my feet and hit my head pretty hard.

I turn to see the familiar building in flames. My home. Tears stung my eyes as I watched. My ears were ringing, and everything around me was moving in slow motion. "Let's go." Dean barks at me, snapping me out of my trance, and pulling me off the ground. I lean against him, trying to adjust to everything. Black spots were clouding my vision. "Y/N stay with me!!! Sam get her in the car! Y/N!!!" Was all I heard till I blacked out.
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