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(I am terrible at summaries so I apologize in advance.) The Marauders known as Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs never really got there story shared with anyone. This is a retelling of their 5th-7th years at Hogwarts. Friends, Lovers and Yes Wolfstar is included.

Fantasy / Other
Madelyn Morrissey
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First Day

James POV

I never Intended for the Detentions, or the Constant problems with Sirius or the Injuries from Remus on full moons but they are my Best Friends and I wouldn’t give that up for anything not even Lily. The detentions just happened to be a part of the friendship we had. Although I never Remember Remus or Peter Getting detentions with McGonagall Often. But things never intend to go the way you plan right?

Flashback: September 21st, 1971

Kings cross station was packed left and right with people. Children with trolleys, some with the occasional owl or rat in cage on them, some with Regular luggage I assume Not going to platform 9 3/4. Hogwarts was any Magical kid’s dream school, Durmstrang was just a nightmare of a school. There were rumors of Dark magic being used there.

“Excuse me young man, Do you have any idea where Platform 9 3/4 is located?” I gulped and shook my body a little bit but not too much that it was noticeable. The ladies voice was raspy and shaky, she sounded older. Not older than 90 I suppose. Her luggage was a dark brown leather with some texture to it. It had holes and slits along the edges and bottom.

“Yes I actually do, You run right through the brick wall that is between platforms 9 and 10. that should bring you to 9 3/4.”

“Oh thank you so much! Did I get your name?”

“Uh no I didn’t mention that. I’m James. James Potter.” She bowed her head and stood there silent for a short moment.

“I’m Margaret Jones. My granddaughter is a first year. I’m not of magical blood but my son is a muggle born as you magical folk call it.” She paused and I nodded my head knowing that this could go on for a long time.

“If you don’t mind me asking, who is your granddaughter?”

“Oh yes! Marlene McKinnon, She is a first year as I mentioned before.”

“Ah, I see well I have to catch my train, Maybe we’ll meet again.”

She nodded and Slowly walked towards the brick wall. As soon as she walked in, she vanished. I placed my hands on my trolley and slowly jogged towards the wall. Running through it came quick, I was highly afraid that I’d not make it through and break a bone or something but No I made it through.

The station was bustling with people as was the muggle side. People of all ages, children that looked young enough to be first years or old enough to be 7th years. A small portion of the people were adults, most huddling over their kids making sure they haven’t forgotten anything. The train was spewing smoke as kids were slowly climbing aboard.

There were a few kids that had already grouped up together, but most were stragglers. I happened to be one of the many that were singled off with or without their parents. Most kids had normal clothes like jeans and T- Shirts but the occasional kid had their robes on already.

“No Sirius I did not pack your robes! You were supposed to do that yourself!”

There was a family walking by, all with somewhat black hair. It appeared that the woman who I assume is the mother was yelling at a disheveled looking son. His public appearance was quite horrible but inspiring. His long black hair was messily tied into a Bun with his wand holding it in place. His shirt was buttoned messily, while the last two buttons were left open. He had a coat hanging over his shoulder and luggage in his right hand. The man who Looked like the father was pushing a trolley which I presume was the son’s.

“Mum, I do not have robes! Do you see the problem with this?!” The son looked almost distraught but had a somewhat mischievous look on his face. I stood there looking for way to long before the kid came running towards me without his family.

"Uh Hey what's your name?" He had reddish cheeks and his sleeves were now pushed up.

"James, James potter." I held my hand out for him to shake and he pushed it down like he had some authority.

"Cool, I'm Sirius Black." My face tried to stay calm but in reality my chest was pounding and I was screaming on the inside.

Shit, This kid is the son of The blacks. One of the 28 sacred families, who are known for being working for You Know Who I might add.

"Yes So Sirius, Why'd you come running over here?" I asked trying not to sound too panicked.

"Oh yeah, My parents think I forgot my robes, I didn't but I convinced them to apparate back and get get them so they did. I wanted them off my back, They are assholes."

Honestly makes sense, most of the sacred 28 can be assholes. They think they are entitled to do whatever they want just because they are Purebloods. Now I am a pureblood but that shouldn't give me more authority than muggle borns or Half- Bloods.

"I see, Now do you think we should board the train? I'm going to find a compartment but I don't know if you'd like to come."

"Sure that's fine." His answer was simple but informative.

We walked into the first Pretty much empty compartment we could find. The train filled up quickly after The Blacks arrived, so most of the compartments were full or half full. There were a few here and there that only had two kids but the only compartment we found is with one person.

The kid was staring out of the window, and had sandy brown hair. It was short and kept cut neatly unlike Mine or Sirius's. He turned around and his cheeks were a light shade of pink. He had a small round face. You could honestly describe him as a stick of celery. He looked a lot like it anyways.

"Hi, I'm James and This is Sirius. Can we sit in here?" He nodded and motioned to the seats across from him.

"Hello, I'm Remus."

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