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Compilation of JenLis fluff one-shots

Romance / Humor
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Ass back home


Lisa’s POV

Walking down in a dark and unfamiliar busy street of Washington D.C., surrounded by the chilly air of November, me and my friends were currently looking for some fun place to party tonight.

It was always like this every night: Party, get drunk, get high, black-out, wake up. Then the cycle repeats itself. It had been happening for two months now. It’s kinda like my new hobby. I don’t even know if my girlfriend, Jennie, knows if I’m here right now in D.C. We both live in Los Angeles.

This new hobby of mine started when I met the wrong people in college. I joined the bad group of teenagers who are fucked up, and all they ever did was to mess with their lives. We all know we have good future waiting for us, but because of addiction in alcohol and in partying, we thought that our wonderful future will always be waiting for us, but that’s where we’re wrong.

I tried, I really did try to overcome my addiction but I couldn’t do it. Imagine a four-year-old who just ate his first candy and we know he’ll keep wanting more. His parents will limit the candy he’ll be consuming everyday, but the kid will find a way to get more candy even if he knows he’ll have cavities. Just like my addiction in partying, I keep asking for more even if I know it could affect my health, even if I know I could lose my future or worse lose Jennie just to satisfy myself.

“Hey, Lis!” Called out one of my fucked up friends, Bam. “After we’re done partying in here. We should try the new club a couple of blocks away from here. I heard there are plenty of hot chicks in there!” He winked at me.

“Sure. That’ll be fun!” I replied, breathing out the smoke from my cigarette before tossing it on the sidewalk.

We entered the nightclub, we were greeted by sweaty bodies grinding each other, smoke coming from drunk people’s lungs and the smell of intoxication. The air was hot and disgusting but we just kept going. My friends got beers for starter but mine was mojito, it was always my favorite. About two hours more, we were so wasted. My friends were out of sight, they might be fucking a stranger right now while I sit on one of the stools in the bar. I then received a text message.

New Text Message From: Jen
I don’t know where you are or when you’re coming home, but when you come home just know that I left the keys under the mat to our front door. I miss you baby. Come home. :(

I was reading it with a blurry vision and I’m so sure that my surroundings were going in circles. I was about to reply when somebody dragged me out of the place and when I looked up, it was Natalie, a girl I met in college and she was one of my few fucked up friends.

We arrived outside and there stood Bam and our clique and next thing that happened, we were in the new club Bam was talking about. Same things happened, we got more drunk, dragged few more cigarettes and grind more strangers. It was all for good fun.

I woke up the next afternoon with a massive headache and hangover. I looked at my surroundings and I was in a bathtub, both my legs were hanging out of the tub. My make-up was smudge, one shoe gone, puke on my hair and a bad breathe because of all the alcohol I consumed.

I washed my face and the puke on my hair. I went outside the bathroom and I quickly recognize the place. This is where my friends and I were staying since the day we arrive here in Washington.

It was a small dirty apartment we rented. There were two beds, a fridge, a small kitchen and a bathroom. I didn’t know how we fit in here but we did. As I was looking for some advil for my headache, I saw some of my friends knocked out on the floor. There were glitters and confetti everywhere, tissue papers rolled to one side of the room to the other, puke on the floor, beer bottles sprawled on every corners and shuttered wine glasses. I found an advil on the cabinet just above the stove and I quickly chug it down.

I sniff my shirt and man was I revolting. I smelled like someone who didn’t take a bath in a week so I decided to take a quick shower before my friends wake up. After cleaning myself up, I went outside to grab myself some coffee to help my hangover a little. I sat on a booth and ordered a strong coffee. While I was drinking my coffee, my phone vibrated.

New Text Message From: Jen
Hey babe! When are you coming home? I seriously miss you so much. I’ll always be here when you get back. Text me when you get this. I love you. Xx

I replied as fast as I can saying I wouldn’t be long gone. Then turned off my phone so no one would be disturbing me. Don’t judge me for treating Jennie this way, I don’t take her for granted. I love her too but what’s important to me right now is wild partying. We only live once.


Telling her I wouldn’t be long gone was a BIG FAT LIE. For the next two weeks, all my friends and I did was to go to different clubs in different cities. We were in Oregon, then in Idaho, then in Utah. And right now, I don’t even know what city I’m currently in. All I know is when we get drunk, we sleep in the van then someone will stay sober to drive us to the next state.

When I woke up the next day, we are now in Nevada. That means casinos and drinks everywhere, which made me so excited. Jennie never stopped texting me though, she’s asking me every minute, every hour about how I’m doing. I actually never replied and only decline her calls.

After Nevada, it was now my turn to drive. Staying sober sucks. I came into a stop to buy myself some water while the rest are asleep, wasted. I grabbed water bottle and was now looking through piles of chips to eat when my eyes caught something very familiar. She was paying in the cashier, her long brown hair and petite body back facing me. My heart skip a bit as I approach her with the water and chips in my hand, when I tap her shoulder and she turned around, it wasn’t her. I apologized to the girl I mistook as Jennie and she just smiled at me. After I paid my food, I went back to the van and started driving again.

There was a checkpoint and I had to stop. I saw a girl wearing an enforcement uniform, she turned around and I think I’m hallucinating because right in front of me was Jennie. I blinked my eyes a couple of times and when I looked at her again, it wasn’t Jennie and she looked nothing like Jennie. For the rest of the car ride, all I could ever think was Jennie this, Jennie that. Jennie was everywhere.

She couldn’t get out of my mind. I miss her so much, and just then I realized partying will never be better than being with my girlfriend. I almost even hit a light post on the road because I was out of focus.

The next afternoon, Bam told me he knew a friend of him not far away from where we are currently staying. He said we were invited to his friend’s house to party so we went. Same old things, just the usual like teenagers grinding, red cups, bottle of jacks, loud blaring music, drunk people vomiting, topless teenage girls in the pool, smoking cigarettes and weeds, some guys passed out in the backyard, the whole place smells like a bar and so on...

Before I even drink my first mojito, I asked myself if I really wanted this. If I really wanna get drunk every night of my life spending it with strangers instead of having Jennie as my companion all cuddled up to me all night long. I was snapped out of what I was asking myself when Bam came up to me with a bottle of beer in his right hand and his other arm was draped around a drunk blondie’s neck who’s sucking his bare chest.

“Lis, you haven’t even sip your drink,” he teased, obviously a little drunk. “This is like my what? 8th beer? Come on, get your ass drunk! Let’s make this night fun!” And just then he left with the blonde to go to one of the rooms in the house.

After I hallucinated that Jennie was in front of me earlier, do I really want to do this? I know I only live once, but I should spend it with Jennie instead of partying. We only have one life and I wanna spend it to the fullest but I wanna do it with Jennie here by my side.

That’s it.

I stood up without saying goodbye to my friends, or should I say ′Bad Influence Friends’. I grabbed my car keys and went outside, but I was stopped by Natalie as I was about to ride the van.

“Where are you going baby?” She said seductively. She was tipsy, and I’m disgusted. She placed her arms around my neck and then kissed my neck sloppily. I pushed her away, making her stumble on her own feet, her bony tiny butt hit the ground with a thud.

“You’re drunk!” I spat as I wipe her sticky saliva off my neck while groaning.

“Come on, I know you want me,” she slurred, still on the ground. She has a smirk on her face. “I don’t know why you prefer that stick-thin girlfriend of yours. It’s obvious that I’m hotter and sexier than that bitch!”

“Excuse me?!” I shouted. I was pissed knowing that she just insulted my girlfriend in front of me. “What did you say?! Let me here it again?!”

“You heard me!” She said again as she stood up. “Your girlfriend is a bitch! Oh wait.. Does she know you’re partying every night? Does she even know you’re here right now? Getting drunk and smoking?! I bet she doesn’t.” She smirked as she walk towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck again. “Just admit it, your girlfriend is boring. ’Cause if not, then you shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

My blood started boiling. I wanna punch her right now but I have to hear everything she’ll say about Jennie so I can beat the shit out of her. “I’m more fun than her and I can make you scream my name the way she can’t. I’m better than her. Your girlfriend is nothing but a piece of shit. She doesn’t deserve you!”

I pushed her away from me. She stumbled down on the ground as I straddled her angrily, pulling at her hair. “Jennie is not boring!” I shouted while I was mad, then I punched her in the nose, then grabbed her collar with my left hand. While my right hand was into a tight ball, waiting for its next swing.

“And it was my decision to come here!” Another punch on the nose. “For your information, you’ll never be better than her!” I punch her left cheek. “How dare you insult her in front of me! I bet she’s better in bed than you! She’s good.. No scratch that. She’s excellent in bed! Remember the time, you tried to fuck the bartender that one night... then he ended up running away from you because he said you were annoying in bed. Or do you remember the girl in the hotel room who also ran away from you because you puke on her hair?! Well that’s you in bed! Every guy or girl you hook up with always ends up running away before you even can remove their shirt! And it’s because you were never good! I pity those guys who fucked you, I bet they regretted it!” I slapped her. “And she’s not stick-thin, she has booty and all her curves are on the right places unlike yours. Your best friend even told me you’re just wearing foam so your boobs and butt looks like there’s meat in it!”

Her bottom lip and nose was now bleeding and she was crying, until I was pulled away from her. A guy was gripping me tightly, while no one tried to help her up. Everyone who saw us fighting were jut watching. Some were even cheering for me. “Insult her again and I swear you’ll feel worse!!” I yelled at her. She sat up but she was covering her face in embarrassment while sobbing. I pushed the guy away from me then I went to go ride the van.

It took me 4 hours and 30 minutes to drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and eventually, I reached home. I wanted to surprise Jennie so on the way I bought her bouquet of flowers. I remembered her text saying that she left the key under the mat, and I checked under it. The key was there and I opened the door.

I was greeted by silence and darkness. The loneliness can kill, and I wonder how Jennie was surviving all of this. She’s a strong woman, that’s why. This was supposed to be called our home but the moment I stepped in, it feels like it’s just an establishment with memories.

I placed the flowers on the coffee table of our living room, turning the lights on on the way. And I went to our bedroom, I found her asleep on the right side of the bed without any blankets on. She was wearing one of my big t-shirts, while she was curled up in a ball, hugging one of my sweatshirts. I felt really bad. And I felt like I was the worst girlfriend ever. I approached her and placed a blanket to warm her, then kissed her forehead gently.

I cleaned myself up downstairs in the bathroom so she wouldn’t wake up if ever I took a shower in our bathroom inside our room because it’ll totally ruin my surprise for her. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and wore fresh clean clothes. I sighed in contentment as I feel like I’m back to my old self again.

I went in the kitchen. Since it’s still early in the morning, I decided to make her breakfast. Stock of banana pancakes with syrup and butter on top with hot chocolate drink would do it. I also sliced fruits for her then placed it in a bowl. After I clean the kitchen, I placed the plates of food in a tray and went up, grabbing the bouquet of red roses on the way upstairs.

If I’m not wrong it was now 7:40 in the morning. As I reached our room, I placed the tray and the bouquet on the side-table. Then I cuddled into her under the blanket. After just a minute, she started moving. I removed my arms around her and eventually she opened her eyes then she just stared at me without any reaction or emotions. She blinked a couple of times and when she opened them again, her eyes grew large.

“Hey, babe,” I greeted with a smile.

“Oh, is this real?” She mumbled. She closed her eyes again and opening it after, seeing me in front of her for real. “Oh Gosh.. I’m dreaming again!”

“It’s me babe. I’m here,” She opened her eyes then sit up, and I did the same. “I’m never leaving you again.” Just as I said that, she jumped at me then hugged me tightly. I heard her sniffle. “Sssh baby.. Stop crying. I promise you, I’m never gonna leave you again for that long. And I’m sorry. I really am.”

“It’s hard not having you here. I felt so scared and lonely.” She said in between sniffles. I feel like shit. “I didn’t know if you were alright or if something happened to you. I was up all night sometimes thinking if you had ate already or even if you sleep in a comfortable bed.. Or.. Or..” I cut her off crashing my lips into her then pulled away.

“Baby, I’m sorry.” I placed both my hands on her cheek as we were staring in each others eyes. “I promise to change for good. I’ll never do those things again.. And I missed you and love you so much! Let’s make it up to you, shall we? I’m taking you out tonight. Sounds good?”

She smiled at me. “Sounds like a plan,”

“Okay.” I smiled at her too. “I cooked breakfast for you by the way and I brought you flowers.” I informed her as I took the flower first and give it to her then I placed the tray on her lap as she was admiring the flowers in front of her. We then started eating her pancakes, while reminiscing the moments we had together before. And telling stories about the past months we hadn’t been together. She was so happy that I’m here already with her, and I was happy too. Actually, I was beyond happy that I made the right decision.

“You don’t have to worry.” I reassure her. ”I’M HOME BABY,"

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