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Society |Minimoni


Society said we were equal , where the fuck it is??!

Drama / Romance
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Beforehand ☑️

Like I said in the others

Again this is purely fiction , The events in the stories are not true events but a work of fiction. These stories aren't supposed to give hate to any members of kpop groups and solo artists.

I do not own BTS or the members nor do I force this ship on them, This is fiction and for entertainment purposes only

Spell it with me


(I do not own photos used on top of the following chapters)

If you do not complete with the following list , you are welcomed to leave the door is wide fucking opened.

⬜️ hateful/slurs
⬜️ harming
⬜️ Trust

This book doesn't really have a plot just moments that are all one thing about society. So yeah that's all. Short chapters from 300-700 words per chapter.

Idk okayyyy

If you don't like having short chapters, yes you can kindly leave.

Mature is labeled on this book because well society and all . Sorry no smut. Horny bishes.

That is mentioned 👀

This is just a quick side project I have

"Society said we were equal, where the fuck it is??!

This story 'age is going to be international age such as if a baby was born in 1999 and by the year 2005 they would be 6 not 7.

If some ages are wrong I will like to say I can't do simple math so bear with me but I tried my bet to solve the ages. I'm just like that.

The date is shift of a lot because why the fuck not..

Don't mind the check on the chapters title , I just liked it.. 😬

If you don't like that then ➡️ 🚪

So ya that's it

Slow updates maybe because I don't want to pressure myself.


it's posted as a whole. Like I said Idk!!

311 Words
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