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Society |Minimoni

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Year 2058

"We don't judge someone for their favorite color or their favorite foods or even the color of their eyes. So why when it comes to a persons color of skin we judge? Why when we see two girls or two boys kissing that are not boy and girl, we block them away and don't accept such taste of liking. Why do we judge another persons past that had been experienced and view through their eyes?just why?"

"We live in a shitty society, that's all to it. No matter how hard you want to change it you can't" The old man, with the beautiful yet aged skin continued to draw the tree in the distance that waved at them to not receive a response. The old man just ignored the young boy with his questions on society and continued his work. Only to have a drop of tears slowly fall on the paper.

Standing up he walks away.

Just thinking of the nights and days he wasted with him

179 words
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