Playing with Fire

Chapter 18: Arcturus

Song: one more time - The Marias

Draco sat at his desk, doing the same mundane tasks he did every day.

“Draco”, a sultry voice called from the doorway. Hermione stood there in a short black slip dress, a slit on her left thigh that rode up, leaving little for the imagination. It hugged her curves beautifully. He hummed in approval.

He curled a finger at her, gesturing for her to approach him. She walked over to him slowly, black heels clicking against the floor, her hips swaying seductively.

Once she was in arm’s distance, he reached out, yanking her hips towards him so she could straddle him in the chair. “Busy?“, she whispered into his ear.

“It can always wait - I’d much rather be doing...other things...“, he trailed a finger along her jawline, causing her eyes to shut and her body to shiver slightly. He began placing kisses along her jaw until he reached her ear.

“And what would you rather be doing?“, she asked him playfully.

He pressed her hips down forcefully so she could feel him through his pants. “I think you know, sweetheart”, he chuckled darkly.

She began to unzip his pants, rubbing him torturously. He grabbed her arm, “You know I don’t like to be teased, love”.

“Then tell me what you want, Draco”, she batted her eyes innocently at him. Vixen.

He groaned. She rose slightly so he could slip his pants down. He removed his boxers at the same time, allowing him to spring free and he watched greedily as she slipped her lace knickers down to her ankles, kicking them to the side.

She straddled him again, grinding her wetness against him and they both moaned. “Fuck”, they said in unison.

She began to kiss his neck, leaving small bruises, then whispered in his ear “tell me what you want.”

He pulled her face back so he could stare into those eyes that burned into him. “You”, he mumbled across her lips.

Draco shot up in bed suddenly, sweating profusely and gasping. What the fuck?

This was not the first dream he’d had about Granger in the past few months, it was likely the 4th or 5th, but this one had gone further than the others.

They typically weren’t more than the two of them making out or touching each other curiously. But what he just dreamed was...Salazar I want that. No - just lonely. Horny. Desperate. He wasn’t that pathetic.

He climbed out of bed, chucking his sweat-drenched boxers into the laundry basket. He walked to the bathroom and made the shower cold this time. He touched himself to her once and swore he wouldn’t do it again. So far, he had successfully kept that promise.

“Then tell me what you want Draco” “You”

No. He stepped into the freezing cold water and flinched.

“Busy?“, her voice sounded in his ears again.

Maybe one more wank wouldn’t be the end of the world...


Song: Bust Your Knee Caps - Pomplamoose

So far, no progress had been made whatsoever on the Incendiaries.

Bellatrix, like the pathetic minion she was, had eagerly volunteered to be part of the mission to investigate after apologizing profusely to the Dark Lord.

Rodolphus and Rabastan had both gone as well, in addition to Alecto and Amycus Carrow.

Bellatrix was sent to Poland, Rodolphus to Germany, Rabastan to Romania, Alecto to the Netherlands, and Amycus to France.

The Dark Lord had received owls from all five today, as instructed, and none had uncovered anything new. He was furious.

Draco sat, completely uninterested, in his Minister seat as the Dark Lord took his rage out on Nott Sr. He tried not to laugh. It sounded fucked up, but Nott Sr. really was a piece of shit. He had beat Theo since before he took his first steps. Their entire friend group knew that.

Therefore, not one of them had an ounce of sympathy for the man as the Dark Lord cruicio’d him until he was foaming at the mouth and spasming aggressively on the ground.

“Someone get this fool out of my sight”, the Dark Lord boomed. No one moved. “NOW”, he screamed. The closest person to Arcturus - Crabbe Sr. - scrambled to pick the man up and drag him out of sight.

The Dark Lord took his place at the table once again, eyes closed and fingers steepled in thought.

“My Lord, if I may make a suggestion”, Draco said to him.

The Dark Lord nodded at him and waited.

“While this mission’s hitherto failure has nothing to do with you of course, I feel that those who volunteered for the mission may be gravely incompetent”, Draco told him.

He nodded in agreement.

“I would be happy to take control of the mission and ensure that it progresses moving forward”, he told him.

“Minister”, the Dark Lord began, “while I admire your leadership and strategizing capabilities, I fear that your Minister duties are of more importance.” Draco nodded. He knew that would be his response. He counted on it.

The Dark Lord turned to Nott Sr., who was slouched in the back corner, mostly hidden by Crabbe Sr.’s oversized body.

“Arcturus”, he called, “you will take the lead here. Unless you would like further punishment for your son’s failure, I suggest you figure out what’s going on across Europe”, the Dark Lord told Nott Sr. A chilling finality in his voice.

“M-my Lord”, Arcturus rasped out, and nodded the best he could. It was very clear there would be no denying the Dark Lord. No one in their right mind would.

“Excellent, it is done”, he waved his hand and everyone departed.

He’s going to die. He’s going to fail, and he’s going to die because of it. Theo would be thrilled if he were here...

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