Playing with Fire

Chapter 1: This wasn't how it was supposed to end

Song: riptide - grandon

Harry was alive. Alive.

They had all seen Hagrid carry his lifeless body into the courtyard, halting the battle, and shocking both sides. But he was faking.

Thank God, Hermione thought to herself.

Harry stood suddenly and everyone gasped in shock, Hermione wanted to call his name out so badly, yet no sound came out.

It was as if the only two people in the courtyard were Harry and Voldemort. It started that way, and surely would end that way as well.

Without warning, both wizards called out and aimed their wands with deadly intent. Two jets of light shot out towards each other and made an impact as loud as a storm - one green, one red. The sound pierced the courtyard and Hermione felt her heart rate increase. She held onto Ron’s hand for dear life, as if somehow she could simply stand there and love Harry hard enough to save him.

“You’re only delaying the inevitable!“, Voldemort shouted with a raspy voice that made her shiver.

“Neville no!“, Ron yelled and Hermione turned to see Neville Longbottom sprinting towards Voldemort and Nagini with Gryffindor’s Sword in his hands. But it was too late. Neville swung hard in hopes of killing Voldemort’s only remaining horcrux, but it wasn’t enough. Bellatrix shot green light at Neville as his body spun through the air and landed hard on the ground.

Tears formed in Hermione’s eyes, but she didn’t even have time to mourn. Harry and Voldemort hadn’t budged from where they stood, and when Hermione focused back on them, the green was pushing the red further and further back.

Time moved in slow motion as she saw the fear in Harry’s eyes and felt her heart began to ache. This wasn’t how it was supposed to end. It couldn’t.

Voldemort screamed and the green light shot straight through Harry’s wand, splitting it in two, and right into him.

His body flew backwards like a ragdoll until it collided with the castle walls, making a horrible crack.

There was a loud, painful cry that echoed through the courtyard that Hermione didn’t even realize had come from her.

She couldn’t believe he was dead. Harry was the boy who lived. Was.

She collapsed in Ron’s arms but her sobs were drowned out by Voldemort’s change in focus.

“Narcissa Malfoy”, he called out in a way that made her skin crawl. A way that implied there was hell to pay, and apparently Narcissa would be on the receiving end of it.

“You’ve made a grave mistake my dear”, he stated and drifted eerily towards the Malfoy family.

Without hesitation, Voldemort pointed his wand at Narcissa and yelled, “Avada Kedavra!”

Narcissa was ripped away from where she had clung onto her son’s arm, and with that, she was gone. No one was safe from Voldemort. Mudblood, pureblood, Death Eater - none of it meant a thing if you didn’t meet his expectations and serve a purpose.

There was no warning before Voldemort and his followers began shooting killing curses at anyone they could find. Witches and wizards of all ages scattered in fear, bumping into each other and tripping over their own feet. There was nowhere to go.

“Hermione, come on!“, Ron called, gripping her hand as tightly as possible, and she struggled to keep up as they tried to maneuver through the mass of people.

Someone ran straight into the two, causing their hands to part, and it was just enough to doom her. She felt an intense pain permeate the back of her head and she screamed.

Her vision started to go black as she fought to maintain consciousness. “Hermione!“, she heard from her right, and she turned her head just in time to see Ginny get hit with a jet of green light, collapsing onto the ground instantly. Hermione gasped, as her vision left her completely, all the while wondering if this was it. Harry dead, Ginny dead, Ron probably dead, and now her.

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