Playing with Fire

Chapter 2: Mistake

Song: Another Love - Tom Odell

Draco stood stiffly next to his father, watching Potter face-off with Voldemort, and he wondered if this was it. No one in the courtyard dared to even breathe, all waiting in horrific anticipation.

Narcissa gripped Draco’s arm tightly and leaned towards him to speak softly, “Draco, we have to leave now”.

“This isn’t the time, Mother. It’s too dangerous”, he whispered back to her.

“Please, Draco”, she begged him, “I have made a mistake and I cannot let it affect either of you”.

He glanced sideways at her in confusion when they both startled at the sound of two spells being cast, causing the crowd to back away quickly.

Green and red light struck in the air like lightning, harshly piercing the silence as they each yelled with all the power they could muster.

“You’re only delaying the inevitable”, Voldemort told Harry as they both held their stances with determination.

A yell came from somewhere in the crowd as Longbottom sprinted towards the center of the courtyard with a sword. He swung at Nagini with the weapon but was blown back by Aunt Bellatrix’s killing course. She smiled, showing her crooked, yellow teeth, and Draco winced.

When Longbottom attempted to attack Voldemort’s pet, it had distracted him just enough to allow Potter’s spell to push a little further, but it was a short lived victory.

Sweat began to form on Potter’s brow and for the first time, he looked genuinely scared. Doubtful. Fearful even.

Narcissa tugged on Draco’s sleeve frantically, but it was too late.

At that moment, green defeated red, splitting Potter’s wand and hitting him directly in the chest. He flew back against the hard stone of Hogwarts, cracking his head loudly, but it didn’t matter. He was dead.

A loud cry echoed across the courtyard and Draco turned his head to see Hermione Granger, looking absolutely broken at the sight of her friend.

It didn’t matter that Draco’s family were Death Eaters. He never imagined it would end this way, never wanted it to. But it had.

“Narcissa Malfoy”, Voldemort boomed after a few long moments passed, everyone standing stone still, the only sound Hermione Granger’s sobs across the way. Draco’s blood ran cold and he grabbed his mother’s hand tightly.

Voldemort slowly turned to face the Malfoy family standing side by side - Narcissa on Draco’s left, Lucius on his right. He could feel his father tensing next to him.

“You’ve made a grave mistake my dear”, he told Narcissa, eyes trained on her as he floated towards them. His mother’s hand shook fearfully.

“Avada Kedavra!“, Voldemort shouted and Narcissa shot backwards from Draco’s grip.

His stomach lurched as he watched his mother’s eyes roll to the back of her head. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe.

Voldemort began throwing killing curses left and right as the Death Eaters began to follow suit, jumping right back into the fight. Some chose to knock resistance members out, others opting to just eliminate them all together.

Green light lit up the courtyard in every direction. The resistance members panicked, scrambling to get out of the lines of fire, but most didn’t succeed.

It was then that Draco blacked out. He didn’t faint, he simply couldn’t remember anything that happened next.

The shock of his mother’s death was too much. The last thing he saw was Narcissa lying lifeless on the ground, his father sprinting to her side. An image he could never unsee, a memory he could never forget.

When he finally came to, the battle was over. His mother was dead, his father was blind, and Voldemort had won.

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