Playing with Fire

Chapter 29: Show Me

Song: She - Harry Styles

Hermione was feeling thoroughly motivated by her success in the previous day’s endeavors. She had spent the entire day in Malfoy’s study reading, and had even finished the book she started that morning.

After breakfast, she made her way to the library first and was surprised to find that the doors were locked. She stared in confusion, completely at a loss as to why they would suddenly be barring her entry.


He was playing with her, but she wouldn’t have it. She marched straight to his study, not bothering to knock before entering, determined to give him a piece of her mind, but he wasn’t there.

It was empty, but his chair was scooted back in a way that seemed as if he left suddenly but had been in here previously.

Deciding this may be her only chance to snoop in his study, she got to it.

She practically tore everything apart, but took great care to put everything exactly where it had previously been. All of his desk drawers were locked - he was painfully thorough. No hidden doors or compartments that she could find without a wand.

Nothing but books and alcohol. So she helped herself.

Taking a bottle of firewhiskey from one of his cabinets and a clean glass, she kicked back in his chair and drank until the bottle was almost empty.

After two hours passed, Hermione poured the last of the firewhiskey into her glass and began inspecting the shelves. Mostly books about the Malfoy family, dark magic, slytherins. All very predictable Malfoy content.

That was when the door flung open to reveal a very disheveled-looking Malfoy.

Her body was warm and buzzing - she didn’t even flinch at his dramatic entrance. She simply looked him up and down, continuing to sip her drink.

His expression grew irritated, his eyebrows arching, “Are you mad? What the hell are you doing in here?”

She slowly walked towards him, put a finger to his chest, and took a long sip of her drink before saying “Calm down, Malfoy, my library is closed so I didn’t have anywhere else to be.” He was clearly floored by her boldness. Exactly like she wanted him to be.

"Your library?“, he asked hysterically.

“Well it’s like you said, no one else seems to use it kind of is mine”, she giggled at that and took another sip. Her cheeks felt warm and she was thoroughly entertained by his reactions.

“Are you drunk, Granger?“, he asked before grabbing the glass out of her hand, “Well this is my firewhiskey, which I remember being full before I left.” He downed the rest of it.

“Well my apologies Master Malfoy“, she said in an exaggerated voice, “I didn’t want it to go to waste.” She walked over and sat in the chair across the desk that directly faced his usual seat. Git.

Draco scoffed before making his way behind the desk to pull out a new bottle of firewhiskey and popping it open. He grabbed a second glass and proceeded to pour drinks for the both of them, sliding hers across the desk. Finally, some common courtesy.

He downed his glass, refilled it, and downed it once again. Bloody alcoholic - why am I not surprised.

She slowly took a sip of hers before speaking, “Is something wrong, or do you always drink this aggressively?”

“You’re one to talk”, he responded bluntly, pointing a finger at her with the hand that wrapped around his glass. He kicked his feet up on the desk and proceeded to down the drink and refill yet again. Merlin, is catching up to my level of inebriation part of the game too?

“Well I’m a prisoner, I’ll take what I can get”, she downed hers and offered her glass for him to refill it, he did. “What’s your excuse?”

“My friend is dead”, he stated plainly. Shit. Well, me too actually.

She laughed loudly at this and he stared at her blankly.

After she calmed down and caught her breath she said, “I truly don’t mean to be insensitive, but welcome to the club. All of my friends are dead.” Well, actually I’m not sure I do care if your Death Eater friends get what was coming to them all along.

When it was clear Draco wasn’t going to say anything else, she blurted out the question, “Who?” The curiosity getting the better of her.

“Theodore Nott”, he responded. “Another Slytherin from Hogwarts - our year.”

“Were you close?“, she sipped again. She thought she recognized the name but she couldn’t be sure.

“Close enough”, he responded, “Not like there are many young Death Eaters to befriend right?“, he laughed darkly. Well he’s not wrong.

“No”, she said quietly, “I suppose not”, her eyes going to the floor.

“I shouldn’t even be telling you this”, he said, swirling his drink and chuckling softly, “it’s classified information.” Classified? She could’ve laughed.

“Ah yes, because you know I’ll be rushing straight to inform Rita Skeeter the second you tell me anything”, she said sarcastically. She went to refill her drink but he did it for her. She tried to hide her surprise at this. It seemed like an oddly natural gesture.

They sat in silence and both finished another drink before he broke it, “Your scar..from my Aunt Bellatrix. It’s still there after all these months?”

She tilted her head curiously at him but then nodded. He knows I do, he saw me when he performed the spell. Oh Merlin, don’t tell me he’s feeling pity now.

“Show me”, he said plainly. Okay.

She rose from her chair and walked around the desk until she stood between Draco’s knees. She hadn’t meant to go that far, but it was like her body moved of its own accord and she was frozen.

She slid her sleeve up to her elbow to reveal the “mudblood” carved into her arm. She hated looking at it, and avoided it as often as realistically possible.

Her heart rate skyrocketed when he reached out towards it. His left hand gripped her shaking arm, and he ran his right index finger across the scar. Human reaction. This is normal. This doesn’t make me feel any certain way. It’s PTSD from my scar.

She shivered lightly. Trying to convince herself it was from his cold rings digging lightly into her arms.

She felt his gaze and slowly looked up to meet his eyes as he darted his tongue out to wet his lips. Her legs practically collapsed from underneath her.

Malfoy loosened his grip on her arm, sliding his hand down until it circled her wrist, dragging his fingers across the palm of her hand, causing a chill to shoot up her spine and a heat to fill her body rapidly.

She couldn’t help it when she reached out to touch the soft blond strands on his head, running her fingers through it.

He shut his eyes and breathed out heavily from her touch, and she hated how pleasing it felt to have him react in such a way.

Her other hand reached up, her thumb gliding across his bottom lip. He gently bit her thumb between his teeth, causing the blush in her cheeks to deepen.

He released her thumb before “Granger”escaped from his lips. Malfoy. It took every bit of willpower she had not to say it.

“Do I smell like firewhiskey”, she asked in barely a whisper. She hadn’t meant to ask it aloud. Simply thought it.

Her thumb still rested against his lips, almost unwilling to move. He sucked it into his mouth softly, causing her to gasp. It felt amazing. Tempting. Thrilling. Wrong, but so right. Her body was on fire from the most intimate contact she had ever had with him.

He released it, allowing her to pull her hand back. She was afraid to know what would happen if she didn’t withdraw it.

“I’d have to taste it to know”, Malfoy whispered, eyes opening to focus on her. She reciprocated. Please.

He slowly rose from his chair to stand over her, bodies dangerously close but not quite touching...

He towered over her intimidatingly, and it thrilled her.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door causing them both to startle. “Come in”, Draco called out, his eyes not leaving hers.

The door opened and she quickly broke their eye contact, swiveling to face the door. In that moment, she had never been more grateful that Lucius Malfoy was blind.

“Do you need something, father?“, Malfoy asked in a bored tone. This is quite possibly the worst situation I could have imagined. I need to leave.

“Yes”, he paused and slowly faced Hermione, her blood ran cold, “but she doesn’t need to hear it.”

She gasped before quickly darting around Lucius and out the door. She didn’t even look or say anything before she was gone, practically sprinting to the dungeon.

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