Playing with Fire

Chapter 30: The Devil Himself

Song: Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys

With the amount of attacks that happened over the past months, confidence in the Dark Lord’s power began to wane. And he knew this.

Because of this, he insisted that Draco host a party at the Manor as a “show of strength and unity” as he put it. This was not optional.

It had been planned for a few weeks now, and the success of it was even more vital in his eyes now that Arcturus Nott had returned with multiple Death Eaters in tow.

Although he couldn’t remember, Draco’s friends informed him that Nott Sr. was dead before they had even been dismissed that day. They all watched. Draco dissociated.

The allegiance of the Dark Territories was weakening, so this was what the Dark Lord saw as a proper solution. And it was to take place tonight.

Draco tried to avoid his thoughts of Granger’s thumb between his lips but they were unsuccessful. He would fill out a document, and soon after find himself fantasizing about her. Her body. Over and over this went on throughout the day.

He refused to believe it was her he was attracted to. No, she was simply a girl, and he was lonely.

It was even worse that she would have to move out of the dungeon for the night - putting her closer to him. Right across the hall to be exact.

Ever since that night when Draco and Pansy were seen outside The Inebriatus, she would go home with him to the manor often enough to ensure they were known as together to the public. She would stay in the room across the hall from Draco, then go to Daphne’s place the following morning.

It had taken her no time to fill the closets, dresser, and bathroom with all of her things for when she was there. Typical Pansy.

But tonight, Granger would be there.

The party was to take place in the East Wing Gathering Hall, meaning everything there needed to be closed off for tonight, including the dungeon.

Draco sent Bopsy to retrieve her and make sure she moved into the room across the hall and stayed there until the next day.

Could he not trust himself to be in close proximity with her after last night? His thoughts made conclusions of their own, that didn’t mean they reflected his physical actions. He couldn’t allow them to. If he did...I won’t.

Draco made a point to stay away from the West Wing, his room, his study, and especially the room across the hall, for the remainder of the day. I need to work on preparations for the party. That’s what he told himself at least. He mostly watched as the house-elves did the rest.


Song: People Are Strangers - Zella Day

Draco waited as long as he could to go back to his room, but eventually he would run out of time to get ready if he didn’t suck it up.

He showered, fixed his hair, and dressed for the night. A black turtleneck, forest green suit jacket, and black pants. Slytherin pride he chuckled to himself.

As he walked out of his room, he had to pass hers to go downstairs and begin accepting the guests. He paused for a moment, hearing music from behind the door. Landslide.

It was a muggle song, but it was his mother’s favorite. That was how he knew it, and he heard it enough times growing up that it had become one he fancied himself.

He leaned against the wall for a moment and listened to it, thinking of his mother. Remembering a simpler time with her. A time when she was alive, and he hadn’t sold his soul to the devil himself.

He tried to ignore the tug at his heart. The similarities he constantly found between his mother and Granger were growing uncanny. She was almost...comforting to be around?

He shook off the feelings and made his way downstairs, ready to put on the show he had long since mastered.

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