Playing with Fire

Chapter 34: Burned

Song: What A Feeling - One Direction

Draco sat at his desk, deep in thought, though they had nothing to do with the forms before him. The door to his study flew open and in walked none other than Granger herself. Speak of the devil...

He looked up at her impulsively, taking in her appearance. A sweater, pants that hugged her legs, and simple shoes. Her curls were strewn across her shoulders and down her back, the light catching her ringlets.

She didn’t meet his gaze, but instead made her way to the same chair she sat in days before, facing towards him by the fire. She had her nose in the book she brought with her before her bottom even hit the seat. Comfortable?

He was shocked by this boldness. Impressed even. She acted as if this were a daily routine. Two can play at this game, Granger.

He went straight back to his work. Although, he was really looking at it for the first time, only to spite her.

They sat there together for hours, Granger fully delving into her new novel and Draco getting more work than he had in weeks. In his defense, it was quite mundane being the Minister of Magic in the Dark Lord’s world.

When the setting sun streamed through the curtains, dimming the room, he felt her gaze. Caught you red-handed, love.

She had already gone back to “reading” her novel when Draco turned to face her, leaning back, cocky as ever. He smirked at her when her cheeks turned rosy.

“Like what you see, Granger?“, Draco asked her.

“Yes”, she responded, barely flickering her eyes from the pages, “the sunset is lovely”. The fact that they were focused on the same spot on her page gave away the fact that she was definitely not reading.

He narrowed his eyes. Draco was far too clever to fall for such a poor cover-up, “Is that all?”

“Of course, what else?“, she said in a chirpy voice. The panic in her voice, the clear squirming she did in response to lit up every inch of his body.

Impulsively, he rose from his chair and made his way over to her. She was practically shaking, but he knew it wasn’t fear.

Draco stopped just in front of her, waited a moment watching her statue-still position, then leaned forward until his lips were next to her ear. She shivered when he brushed the curls behind her ear. “I think that something else drew your attention”, he whispered gruffly.

He could feel the heat radiating from her body, and Merlin, he wanted it. He wanted it so bad he couldn’t even comprehend it. But he wasn’t thinking, he was feeling.

Come on, Granger. Light me up. Show me that fire.

“Well something has definitely drawn yours”, she whispered back. He hadn’t moved, so his ear was right next to her mouth as well. He hadn’t realized this until her whisper danced across his ear, sending electricity throughout his body.

Draco leaned back, his face now directly in front of hers, and stared deeply into her amber eyes. Daring her. He boxed her in with his hands braced on either side of the chair, “and what if it has?”

“Something that distracted you from your work? It would have to be irresistible”, Hermione responded. He couldn’t help but notice when her tongue darted out to wet her lips. His eyes flickered. That it is.

“True, but despite my self control, I can be an insatiable man”, he told her. It was true. Draco typically got what he wanted, but even that wasn’t always enough. But something...something told him this was different. He felt it in his bones.

“What would you need to have self-control with?“, she asked, clearly full of nervous energy.

“The irresistible”, Malfoy commented, using her own words. Their lips were closer now, but it wasn’t enough. With you.

“Why?“, she asked, gulping hard.

“I told you Granger, I’m insatiable”, he said.

“Maybe you just haven’t been satisfied yet“, she whispered seductively. He bit his lip at what she was implying. Fuck it.

“I suppose there’s only one way to find out”, he said, eyes flickering up as if for permission. Draco had never struggled with self-control until that moment. Everything he did was well-thought out. Deliberate.

But what he saw in her eyes was the same hunger he knew was his own. The same need. Like he could read her mind. Like some unspoken message was communicated and received between their eyes alone. And it was enough for him.

He moved forward, gripped her bottom lip between his teeth, and tugged gently. They were plump and soft, and burned with heat.

A quiet whimper escaped from her mouth and the noise went straight below his stomach. Holy shit.

“Didn’t take you for someone who liked it rough”, he chuckled. Her breath hitched in response and then his lips were on hers. Molding them, soft but firm. It was heat on heat. Fire on fire. Two flames connecting.

Her hands roaming curiously, across his chest, around the back of his neck, up through his hair. He fought back the moan of pleasure he felt rising in his throat. Her touch set him ablaze. Draco thought he might combust from the heat of it.

His hands gripped her face lightly, and he fought the urge to take a fistful of her hair, claiming it as his. He felt the curves of her waist as he deepened his kiss, parting her lips with his tongue. Not even the magic that tingled beneath his skin, flowed through his blood, had ever sent such a strong surge of energy through him like kissing her this way did.

One of his hands went to the back of her neck, lightly pressing her harder into his kiss, his other hand slid down her back, stopping just above her bum to press her closer to his torso.

Her legs parted as he moved closer, pressing his front against hers. She moaned when his hardness pressed against her there, making him even harder if it was even possible. This is wrong. Fuck. What am I doing?

He pulled back quickly, running his fingers through his hair. Even Draco couldn’t believe what he had just done.

She wore a shocked expression and he was horrified. Did I just force myself on her?

He backed up a few steps feeling mortified, but she was already scrambling. He didn’t want to stop. Didn’t want to end what just happened, but the fear that it wasn’t real horrified him.

He knew what the spell did. It didn’t say this, he hadn’t commanded her, but, did he? Had something slipped from his lips at some point? He felt sick to his stomach. Felt like a monster. Salazar, please tell me I didn’t...please...

Granger grabbed her book from where it had fallen on the floor and practically ran out the door, slamming it behind her in her rush to escape. Fuck.

He tore at his hair aggressively. I didn’t. I know I didn’t say anything. Why did I even do that?

His palms were sweating as he clenched his fists and paced the room.

I didn’t command her...but she didn’t stop me. Granger is not the type to let anything happen she isn’t okay with, right? Fuck. Why did I...

The tips of his fingers still felt staticky. What the..?

He struggled to decipher how he felt. When he tucked her into bed. When he kissed her. When he saw her. When he touched her. He knew he was playing with fire, but maybe, just maybe, he wanted to be burned. By her.

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