Playing with Fire

Chapter 3: The Dungeon

Song: Siren - Kailee Morgue

Hermione was freezing when she woke up. The light was dim, and her back was aching from the cold floor. It appeared to be a dungeon entirely of stone floors and walls. The only light source was a dim candle in the corner of the room near a set of stairs.

She was still wearing her clothes from the Battle of Hogwarts, a pair of jeans, trainers, a thin, pink zip-up, and a denim jacket. They felt stiff and clung to her body from the splotches of blood, dirt, and who knows what else.

She wrapped her arms tightly around herself and began to sob, remembering her last memory of Harry, of Ron, of Ginny. How much time had passed since then? Where was she?

She was shaking for multiple reasons - hunger, fear, sadness, the cold.

She glanced to her right and saw a plate of food - a single slice of bread and a handful of rice. It had clearly been sitting there for a while. She grabbed the glass of water next to it and quickly emptied it.

She felt a weight on her bladder and panicked when she realized there was nowhere to go. Shit.

She scanned the dungeon and saw a bed pan in the adjacent corner from where she sat.

Hermione was suddenly very aware that her knickers were soiled. Oh God, had she peed on herself? She looked down and saw blood stains all over her crotch, seeping straight through her pants. She instantly began to sob again, she felt mortified, scared, and alone.

A sudden POP pierced the air and she gasped, quickly wiping her eyes and looking up to see a house elf standing in front of her.

The elf appeared to be fiddling her hands behind her back and looked at Hermione shyly with her large blue eyes.

“Prisoner is needing anything?“, the elf asked her softly.

She looked down at her pants in embarrassment and the elf gasped.

“Bopsy wasn’t knowing prisoner was having her courses! Bopsy will tell Master Malfoy!”

Hermione’s heart sunk. Master Malfoy?

“Um, Bopsy I-“, she started, but it was too late. Bopsy the elf had disappeared.

She was in the house of the Malfoys? She was a prisoner of Lucius Malfoy? But why?

Her heart was racing with fear. She began to shiver, but her body was too exhausted to even stand, or sit up really. She fell into an uncomfortable sleep, leaving her spine feeling deformed.

When she awoke, there was a fresh pair of clothes, a cloth pad for her courses, and a thin blanket next to her. What a gentleman, Hermione thought sarcastically.

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