Playing with Fire

Chapter 40: Agenda

Song: Maneater - Nelly Furtado

The next day, Draco received a call from the Dark Lord before 8am - he knew it must be urgent so he quickly dressed and floo’d to his lair.

He smoothed his hair back with his hand as he walked past the Death Eaters guarding the door and into the dark room.

“Ah, Minister. Good Morning”, he greeted him darkly.

“My Lord”, he responded nervously.

The Dark Lord gestured his long, bony fingers towards the chair across from him. Draco obliged. The room was painfully cold but Draco stayed as still as a statue. There was no room for weakness in his presence.

“I know you must be wondering why I called you in on a weekend. I have a proposition for you”, he said as Nagini slithered around his chair. Draco knew better than to think he had a choice in whatever this was. There was no saying “no” to the Dark Lord.

Draco nodded in response, waiting for him to elaborate.

“How would you like to be my Fore Garroter?“, he said, sipping his goblet full of rancid smelling liquid. Draco quirked an eyebrow in question.

“I want you to make a public spectacle of all executions from now on. Think of it as a live action show. The Incendiaries are casting far too much doubt in my followers, you’re going to put that to an end, starting today”, he told him, sizing him up with his snake-like, red eyes.

Draco blinked, trying his hardest not to show fear. Kill more people?

“My Lord”, he began, “while I am honored, I would not want to disappoint you and slack in my Minister duties. I’m not sure I’m the best fit option for the position”, he told him smoothly. No. Please.

“Ah, but I disagree. In fact, the Minister job is just for show as well, you know this. Don’t feign idiocy. Think of it as a promotion of sorts. I believe you’re perfect for the position. You showed brilliance when I killed your mother, a necessary riddance - I’m sure you agree”, he told him.

He nodded in response slowly. Fucking cunt don’t ever speak of my mother again...

“Fantastic. You start today. A toast?“, the Dark Lord said, sliding a goblet across the table to him.

“I’m honored, my Lord”, Draco responded before raising his glass in cheers and bringing it to his lips. It tasted like acid against his tongue, but he didn’t dare ask what it was. He breathed in deeply after swallowing it down entirely, and a sense of calm washed over him. Not like there’s a choice anyway, might as well suck it up.

“Well, no need to waste time. How may I serve you?“, Draco asked him.

The Dark Lord smiled, showing rotten and misshapen teeth, “Well, Fore Garroter, you have quite the agenda today.”

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