Playing with Fire

Chapter 45: Draco

Song: Friends - Chase Atlantic

“Fuck, Granger”, Draco muttered. Fuck me.

It was like she had lit a match. One he didn’t want her to put out. Especially not after her confession.

He began sucking on her neck again before slowly making his way down her chest, the straps of her silk top falling off her shoulders. She moaned loudly, which only made him grow harder.

He brought a hand up underneath her top, pausing to look at her for permission and she nodded quickly. He lifted her top over her head and stared in awe at her breasts. “Merlin, Granger. You’re beautiful”, he told her, his eyes raking across her bare skin.

Her face flushed pink and she gasped when he closed his lips around her nipple, tugging softly and making it stiff under his mouth. He quickly found the other and repeated the action. He was aching with need by now.

He pushed his cock against her, needing some kind of resistance, and they both groaned heatedly. “Draco”, she begged, and he thought he would lose himself from that alone.

He squeezed her ass tightly and leaned into her ear, “Say it again.”

“Draco- oh God“, she responded when he slid a hand down her shorts, “please”, she begged him. He chuckled into her neck in response.

“Do you want this?“, he asked her as his fingers lingered at her slit, rubbing it lightly and gathering the wetness there. “Fuck, you’re so wet for me”

“Yes, please“, she breathed heavily.

He slowly slid one finger inside of her, curling it skillfully against her front wall. She moaned at this repeatedly, gasping loudly when he added a second finger.

He used his thumb to circle her clit softly as he began kissing her neck again. “Can you come like this?“, he whispered in her ear.

“W-what?“, she asked, stuttering her words, but her moans became louder and more dramatic and he knew she was close.

It was clearly building inside her and he couldn’t wait to see it. To see her come undone for him - from his touch. He wanted it more than his own release. And he was determined.

“Granger, I need you to do something for me”, he told her.

“Y-yes?“, she asked, her words becoming more and more difficult to get out as she gasped and convulsed slightly, gripping at his shoulders and hair to steady herself.

He chuckled darkly before curling his fingers inside of her and circling her clit one last time before meeting her eyes and commanding her, “Come”.

Her eyes rolled back and she screamed, profanities finding themselves between her moans. It was the most beautiful thing Draco had ever seen. Her curls slightly wild and falling into her face. Her cheeks pink and lips swollen, her breasts out in the open.

Draco held her in his arms kissing her cheek and stroking her hair affectionately. He was hard as a rock, but already concerned he had gone too far. Had he taken advantage of her? Just because she wanted something didn’t mean she was willing or consenting to it. And she only told him she wanted it because he made her...

He lowered her to her feet and pulled back slowly, unable to meet her eyes now...those gorgeous, glittering amber eyes. Draco picked her shirt up off the floor and handed it to her without looking.

He stared the other way, trying to figure out what to say or do, but suddenly he heard the sound of a door slamming. He looked up, but it was too late, Granger was gone.

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