Playing with Fire

Chapter 49: Hermione

Song: New Girl - FINNEAS

Dinner with Lucius and Draco went relatively well. It wasn’t painful, not as much as Hermione imagined it would be at least. She kept her eyes to her plate and didn’t speak unless spoken to - which was mostly by Lucius anyway.

Draco even walked Hermione to her room wordlessly afterwards, holding her hand as she walked up the stairs. It was almost gentlemanly of him which she certainly didn’t see coming.

He lingered at her door when they finally got there, having spent the entire walk in silence, but she lingered too. Hermione’s hand reached for the doorknob, but she couldn’t turn it. She could feel his presence behind her, causing the hair on the back of her neck to stand up.

Hermione sighed heavily before turning to look up into his eyes. Draco was biting his cheek harshly, both hands in his pockets. He stared back, neither of them breaking the silence but neither breaking the eye contact either.

She held her breath when he pulled one hand from his pocket and tucked a curl behind Hermione’s ear. Her heart rate was fluttering and she didn’t know what to say or do in this moment. All she could do was micro-analyze every interaction, every movement, every word spoken. There wasn’t much to analyze in that moment, yet it felt like a mountain of hidden information just sitting before her uncovered.

He took one of her hands in his and raised it to his lips, closing his eyes and pressing a gentle kiss to it. “Inextinguishable Granger. Just be smart”, he whispered before taking a few steps backward and turning to go into his own room.

Hermione stood there in the hallway for a few moments longer, taking in the tingling sensation on the top of her hand where his lips were. So much uncovered.

Her mind was in knots at this point, there was too much to unravel and she didn’t have it in her to do so. But maybe what was most knotted was her own thoughts and feelings about Draco himself. What have I gotten myself into. I’m going to get burned if I keep playing with fire. I’m going to get burned.

The next day was a Wednesday. The middle of the week, meaning Draco would likely be working in his office as usual. What was she to do with that? It was mid-October, and she wasn’t any closer to finding out what Voldemort had in store for her. Should she be focusing on Halloween? Sure. But that was something to do at dinner.

Hermione still had the rest of the 22 hours in the day to get information. How had she been so distracted this entire time? It’s been 6 months, get it together.

But how in the hell was she supposed to distract Draco long enough to snoop? Maybe if she was lucky he would be called away for some ridiculous Death Eater duties, but deep down she wanted him there with her. She needed to find a way to snoop. In his study, his office, maybe even the rest of the manor, but she knew this wouldn’t go unnoticed by at least someone. Even if that someone was a house elf that tattled.

I could always distract him, I know exactly how...

No. Not a slag. She was worth more than that. But...

Feeling fed up, she ate a few bites of her breakfast and put on the tightest clothes she could find in her closet. A pair of black leggings and a lightweight cardigan over a Slytherin green fitted tank - his favorite color. She assumed at least. These days it could have just as likely been black. She’d have to play around with this to figure it out.

She scolded herself the entire time she got dressed and fixed the ponytail she had slept in, but Hermione truly felt that she had no other option. Deciding against shoes, she put on black socks, wrapped the cardigan around herself nervously, and went to his office without a book.

Hermione knocked lightly before entering - no reason to go in guns a-blazing. Draco sat leaned over his desk, the tip of a quill between his teeth, and his eyebrows furrowed in thought.

He glanced up at her through his lashes, a subtle look of surprise on his face. He was wearing a pair of black dress pants with a silver belt holding them up on his hips. His dress shirt was only 2 or 3 undone from the top, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows which accentuated the lean muscles of his arms.

And the color of his dress shirt? Slytherin green. Fantastic. We’re fucking matching. Except he looks better in it.

He chuckled lightly, a small dimple flashing on his left cheek that Hermione had never noticed before but found herself quite fond of.

“What do you want, Granger?“, he asked playfully, leaning back from the papers in front of him. Time to play, Hermione.

She put her hands behind her back, letting the cardigan hang open, and smiled at him. “Why would you assume I want anything?“, she asked.

“My apologies - maybe who do you want is the better question”, he remarked, a devilish smirk playing on his lips.

Hermione’s face dropped in embarrassment. No, don’t be scared. You can be a Gryffindor right now, so be fucking brave. She slowly started to pace towards him, feigning confidence.

She dragged a single finger across his desk slowly, not stopping until she was standing over him. Leaning in until her lips tickled his ear, she whispered, “Why ask a question you already know the answer to?” Hermione heard his breath hitch and silently celebrated. I’m winning.

Suddenly a cold, ring-wearing hand grabbed the back of her neck tightly, causing her to gasp. It pulled her back until she was face to face with Draco. “You”, he began as he pulled her legs to straddle him in the chair, “are you playing a very“, his hand gripped her ponytail and yanked her head backwards until her gaze was on the ceiling. ”Dangerous game, Granger”, he growled as he licked a long strip from her collarbone to her jaw.

Eyes still on the ceiling, Hermione summoned her courage, “You clearly don’t know me if you think that’ll scare me off”.

Draco chuckled darkly in her ear sending a chill up her spine. “Let’s play then. Ever heard of a game called Knight Bus?” His grip in her hair loosened and she lowered her head to meet his gaze, giving him a puzzled look.

“Then I’ll gladly give you your first time at it”, he winked, his eyes dark on hers. Hermione gulped heavily. Draco reached up behind her and took the clip from her ponytail, letting her hair free.

“How do you play?“, she asked nervously.

“You’ll have to find out”, he smirked, “just tell me when to stop.” Without warning, he pushed her out of his lap and rose from the chair.

Hermione was utterly lost at this point but gasped loudly when he grabbed the waistband of her leggings and yanked them down her legs. Her face turned bright red when she realized she hadn’t bothered to put on underwear, hadn’t even thought of it. Sure, he had touched her there, but he hadn’t looked. That was something different altogether entirely.

“Holy fucking Salazar, Granger”, he growled, his pupils blowing wide at the sight of her. She reached her hands down to cover herself but he swatted them away. He looked up at her seductively before asking, “Did you plan this?”

Her throat practically fell into her stomach. Fuck. “N-no I...I s-swear I didn’t-“,Draco cut her off.

“I don’t care, Granger. You just surprise me everyday”, he said in what seemed to be a truly honest moment. Suddenly, Draco reached his hands between her legs to hoist her onto his shoulders and stood - his lips right at her core. Oh my-

She grabbed at his hair wildly, afraid to fall, and completely mortified by whatever he was trying to do. He walked until her back was against the wall so she was steady, the heat of his breath hitting her in the most sensitive places. Hermione was sure she had to be dripping onto him from her desire.

Draco reached a hand up to grab one of Hermione’s, which was still gripped in his hair, and threaded his fingers through hers. “Do you trust me?“, he whispered, his words tickling against her there. She swallowed hard before nodding.

With his left hand still intertwined with hers, Draco pressed his right hand at the bottom of her stomach and ran his tongue lightly up her slit. Her legs wobbled but he steadied her quickly on his shoulders.

“Is this for me?“, he growled into her. Fuck yes, so do something about it.

Her eyes were screwed shut but she glanced down and met his eyes when she realized he was waiting for her response. She nodded rapidly. “That’s not good enough, tell me who it’s for”, he demanded.

“It’s for you”, she said shakily, feeling absolutely tortured at this point.

“Then I want to hear it. I want to hear everything I do to you. Understand?“, he asked her seriously.

Hermione’s breathing was growing heavier and heavier. She met his silver eyes once again, the sight of him there still insane to her, and nodded aggressively. He tilted his head and she quickly corrected herself obediently, “I understand.”

“Good girl”, he rewarded before plunging between her folds. Hermione’s head shot back so quickly it hit the wall, but she barely felt it in comparison to his mouth.

The heat of it was so intense as he gently massaged her clit with his tongue, sucking on it occasionally. His tongue dipped down lower and she gasped when it found its way inside her. “Draco...“, she moaned.

“That’s right, Granger”, he said before repeating the action. She gasped this time, still not used to the feel of someone being there - their mouth being there specifically. It felt insanely good, but it went on for quite a few minutes and she began to feel insecure. “You know what I need you to do?“, he asked her, glancing up as he continued to shower her with affection in her most sensitive place.

“I...I don’t know if I can...“, she struggled to get out.

“No. I don’t care if it takes all day. I’m not done until you come for me. Understand?“, he said. Her body felt reawakened all over again from his words.

“Yes”, she responded on another gasp. The hand on her stomach began to wander higher, finding her breast and twisting her nipple as he sucked on her clit. “Oh God Draco I-“, she moaned loudly.

He didn’t slow or speed up, he just kept at that some torturous pace that was bringing her so high she thought she might levitate. It was perfect.

When Hermione thought she might burst, her eyes screwed shut and she called out his name repeatedly, profanities finding themselves in between. She twitched wildly, feeling her walls pulse and squeezing Draco’s hand so hard she was sure it must be hurting him.

When she finally came down, he lowered her to her feet gently and hugged her just as he had the first time - pulling her tightly into his muscular arms, stroking her hair comfortingly.

“Hermione Granger, do you have any idea how magnificent you are?“, he whispered in her ear. She felt...amazing. Cared for? She wasn’t sure what this was, but she wanted it forever. It was more than orgasms and skin on skin with Draco, she knew that for certain. But it was so complex.

He pulled back slowly and cradled her face in his hands, leaning in to kiss her softly. She smiled against his lips softly, causing him to pull back. “What?”

She grinned cheekily before looking up at him through her lashes, “You called me Hermione.”

Awareness crossed his face and he laughed, flashing that dimple again. “I suppose I did”, he responded, leaning in to kiss her again. She could taste herself on his lips, but she didn’t mind, and he didn’t seem to either. It just tasted natural, and he made her feel like there was no shame in it.

She threaded her fingers through his hair, drawing him closer and deepening the kiss until she pulled back to whisper against his lips, “I never said to stop”.

His eyes darkened again and it was like she could see the wheels turning in his head. “As you wish”, he said raspily before placing his hands on her hips and walking them towards the desk. He turned for a moment to swipe the entire contents of his desk to the ground harshly, but not before something caught her eye.

She scrambled to the ground, heart racing, desperately trying to find that morning’s Daily Prophet among the contents laying on the floor.

Seated on her knees, she finally found it, gripping its edges harshly, and her eyes went straight to the picture on the front. An image of Draco smiling, looking absolutely evil. Blood coated his clothes and was splattered over his light hair and pale face, contrasting deeply with his eyes. And in the back of the photo, dead bodies. At least ten of them.

Hermione felt nauseous. She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the photo, she was absolutely horrified by what she saw. The paper was from today, but the image was from the day before. Her eyes finally crossed the headline:

Blood-Traitor, Ronald Weasley, Publicly Executed By Fore-Minister

The Dark Lord announced Draco Malfoy’s rise to the role of Fore-Minister, who will solely be taking on all executions as a show of hope and retribution for the people!

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