Playing with Fire

Chapter 55: With you

Song: Out Like a Light - The Honeysticks, Ricky Montgomery

“Well Granger, it looks like for the first time in our lives, we have something in common”, Draco said with a smirk on his face and a glint in his eyes that made Hermione blush furiously.

“Back to Granger are we?“, Hermione asked him playfully. She suddenly realized how far apart they were, and how close she wanted to be.

“Granger, Hermione, Golden Girl, brightest witch - you’re a lot of things, but mine and mine alone is at the top of that list, love”, Draco said, his voice deepened seductively.

Hermione couldn’t fight the strong pull she felt towards him anymore. Feeling in control for the first time since May, she rose from her chair and moved to straddle Draco’s lap. She brought her lips down on his forcefully, possessively, greedily. She may have been his, but he was hers just as much.

Draco returned the kiss passionately, threading his fingers gently through her curls and molding his lips to hers as if memorizing them. Hermione looped her arms around his neck, playing with the hair at his nape and becoming dizzy from bliss.

His hands slid down her sides, finding their way underneath the t-shirt she wore and exploring her skin eagerly. He slipped his tongue into her mouth hesitantly, not wanting to push her too far. He had already made that mistake once, and he wouldn’t let it happen again. She greeted it heatedly with her own, quickly finding that she couldn’t get close enough to him, and she needed it.

Without meaning to, she pressed herself gently against him and felt him hardening beneath her. Draco grunted in response, pulling her more tightly to him. One hand worked its way back up to her hair and he gripped it tightly near the back of her head, causing her to moan into his mouth.

Hermione pulled back just enough to speak, both of their lips swollen and breathing still short. “More”, she pleaded, a mutual fire spreading between them.

Draco’s eyes darkened, turning grey and hungry, and he dove back into her mouth. He scooped her up with his hands supporting her ass. He squeezed teasingly as she wrapped her legs around his waist when he stood. He carried her over to the bed, not breaking the kiss the entire way.

He laid her back gently on the bed and barely gave her time to adjust before his hands were searching again. Hermione gasped when cold fingers found her breasts, teasing her nipples furiously until they hardened beneath his touch. Draco used his other hand to grip her thigh, keeping it wrapped around his hips so he could press against her, showing her exactly what she did to him.

The boxers that Hermione wore were drenched already, and she felt all too self-conscious about this. Draco moved his lips to her neck, sucking vigorously until he left love-bites all over the sensitive area, effectively marking her even more as his.

“Draco”, Hermione muttered in his ear, her heart was racing and her skin was on fire. He stopped for a moment, pulling back from her neck to meet her eyes with his. “Please”, he whispered, “say it again”.

“Draco”, Hermione mumbled against his lips as he dove in to capture them once again. He smiled against her and she did the same. Butterflies filled her stomach, but something stronger stirred below that, something she hadn’t known before now. Want. Need. She knew exactly how to fix it, and was determined to do so. No question in her mind.

Their kisses grew heated. Sloppier. More passionate. They both moaned when Hermione pressed her core against him. He could feel how wet she was even through the boxers that both he and she wore.

“Hermione I...“, Draco said hesitantly as he pulled back from her lips, inches away from her face. “I don’t want go too...”

She pulled him in again, sucking on his bottom lip and releasing it with a loud pop. “I want it. All of it”, she told him confidently.

“I want all of you, but not if you aren’t sure...I mean...have you ever...“, Draco was too unsure, too afraid of pushing her away or putting his own desires ahead of hers.

“It doesn’t matter if I have or not. All that matters is I want it, and I want it with you“, she insisted, stroking his cheek softly.

“I don’t want to hurt you”, Draco said, genuine concern apparent in his face.

“You won’t. I promise. I trust you”, Hermione insisted.

She wasn’t a virgin - but Ron had never known that. Everyone assumed she was since she didn’t go that far with him. But the truth was, Cormac McLaggen had taken advantage of her that night at Slughorn’s party. She didn’t want anyone to know, didn’t want to talk about it. She tried to convince herself for a long time that it was her own fault, that she had allowed it. But deep down, she knew it wasn’t the truth.

Cormac had taken her virginity without even asking if it was her first time. The thought of it made her cringe, but she had long moved on and recovered. She had already decided once she did it with someone else and under her own consent, she would consider that her “first time”. And as far as she was concerned, her first time could be whenever and with whoever she wanted it to be.

So physically, no, she wasn’t a virgin. But in her mind, this was her real first time, and she had no doubt she wanted it with him. She didn’t want any of that bullshit, half-assed sex. And she knew Draco would be that way if he was afraid of hurting her. She wanted all of him - no holding back.

Draco still looked at her with uncertainty and concern. “Listen to me, Draco”, Hermione said, grabbing him roughly by his shirt, “I want to be fucked the way I’d expect Draco Malfoy to fuck me. Do not treat me like a broken object. If I’m yours, then show it to me. Prove it to me”, she said, her voice growing heavy.

Draco’s eyes blew wide in surprise. He had never heard her speak this way and never imagined he would. The truth was, she had more fire in her than he would ever know, and he learned that more and more each day. Loved it in fact.

“Hermione Granger...“, he growled in her ear, “I will claim you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. I promise, you have no idea what to expect from me. Do you understand what you’re asking for?”

Hermione nodded heatedly, “I do, and I mean it.”

“Need I remind you, I am insatiable. And I have no doubt, I could take you for hours and never get enough”, he insisted, taking her chin in the palm of his hand now and gripping it tightly.

“Then take me”, she dared him.

Song: Love Is a Bitch - Two Feet (not a time jump just a relevant mood change lol)

Instantly, Draco was lifting her shirt away, leaving her chest out in the open. “Fuck”, he hissed, “you’re going to be the death of me, Hermione”, he stated, biting his lip.

He dove in eagerly, latching his lips around one of her nipples, causing her to throw her head back in shock. She moaned loudly as he nibbled her skin, tugging and torturing her before doing the same to the other.

Draco began placing heated kisses along her torso, working his way down until he was at the bottom of her stomach. She looked up at him nervously, just to find his eyes on her as he took the waistband of the boxers she wore between his teeth and tugged them down.

She was naked now, and all too aware of it. Hermione squeezed her legs together nervously but he grabbed her knees and spread her wide, forcing her legs up and back so she was completely open to him. “Don’t ever - I want to see all of you, understand?“, he asked. Hermione nodded quickly, her heart ready to beat out of her chest.

“Good girl”, Draco said before dragging his tongue along her core with no warning and immediately pulling back to watch her reaction.

Hermione squeezed her eyes tightly and moaned. Draco chuckled darkly in approval. When nothing happened, she looked up to find him sucking on one of his ringed fingers before plunging it inside of her. She gasped at the contrast of his warm finger and cold rings against her walls. He curled it slightly against her front, causing her to arch her back. Holy fu-

He removed the finger quickly, only to replace it and add another this time before curling them both quickly, pressing against her just right. “Oh fuck”, Hermione gasped.

Draco placed his lips over her clit, sucking gently, and it was too much. So much pressure, it was a sensory overload. She felt it building stronger inside of her and she grabbed his hair furiously, pressing his face closer.

His rhythm was steady and perfect, and she knew it wouldn’t be long now. “Draco”, she moaned, “I want...“, her words slurred with pleasure.

“Are you close?“, he asked her, and she nodded furiously, squeezing her eyes shut again. Suddenly everything stopped and he pulled away. Her eyes shot open, almost furious with confusion and the loss of contact. “What the-“, she asked, but he flipped her quickly onto her hands and knees.

She gasped sharply when Draco struck her ass cheek once, but was more shocked that she liked it. The sting of it shot through her body like electricity, and he repeated the action. Draco clicked his tongue at her teasingly, chuckling at her response. “What do you want Hermione?“, he asked, spanking her again when she didn’t respond.

“You”, she gasped again. Oh my God.

“Gonna have to be a bit more specific, love”, Draco taunted. He squeezed her ass this time, and lowered his lips to leave love-bites there that matched the ones on her neck.

Hermione was dripping on his bed at this point, and was absolutely shocked by her own reactions. He was right, I had no idea what to expect.

“I want you”, she begged.

“Is that right?“, Draco asked her. She could hear him pulling his own boxers down and placing the head of his cock at her entrance. “How do you mean?”

“Please, Draco”, Hermione begged, absolute desperation in her voice. “I want you inside of me.”

“Good girl”, he praised before flipping her again and joining her on the bed. She felt like she had whiplash at this point - no idea what was going to happen next.

He laid her on her back again, climbing over her and grabbing a pillow. “Lift your hips, love”, he instructed, sending a chill down her spine. She raised up, allowing him to place the pillow under her hips. “What’s tha-“, Hermione started to ask but he shushed her.

“You said you trust me”, he reminded her. She nodded in agreement. Her eyes began to wander now that she could see his entire body. He was built like a greek statue, smirking down at her devilishly, flashing a dimple. She bit her lip in anticipation.

“I’m going to ask you one more time, Hermione. Are you sure?“, he asked, placing a delicate kiss on her lips.

“I’m yours. Are you mine?“, she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Of course, Hermione, forever”, Draco responded. She didn’t want to think about forever, it held too much weight, too much uncertainty, and she wanted it too much. She felt the need for it. It was him for her now, and she felt in her bones that there was no alternative.

“Then I’m sure. Forever“, she promised. He leaned down, capturing her lips, claiming them. He placed himself at her entrance again and slowly eased forward, causing them to gasp into each other’s mouths as her walls gripped him tightly.

“Fuck, Hermione”, he grunted as she slowly adjusted to his size. He stroked slowly, filling her up entirely and kissing her passionately the entire time, massaging her tongue with his. She clawed at his back, leaving scratches down his shoulder blades. It was pure bliss, and she was already on the edge from his teasing.

“You’re-“, Draco stuttered as he went in and out of her torturously, gradually speeding up his pace. “You’re irresistible”, he kissed her again. “I can’t...can’t get enough of you”, he moaned gutturally into her neck, causing bumps to cover her skin.

He took one of his hands and interlaced his fingers with hers, placing it above her head so he could get as close to her as possible. “You set my soul on fire, Hermione Granger”, he grunted into her neck, pounding into her now.

“Draco I-“, Hermione gasped, “Oh God...Draco”, she moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist to draw him in deeper. They both groaned in response.

“It’s like I...I can...“, Draco stuttered, “fu-uck”

“Then I’ll...gladly...burn with you”, she responded between gasps. “Draco I’m-I’m gonna...” Her walls began to tighten and convulse around him as she went over the edge.

Draco sped up, going as deep as he could. “Come for me”, he instructed. Hermione’s vision went dark as her entire body burned with pleasure.

His strokes grew slow and uncoordinated as he reached the edge with her, moaning her name and kissing her through their finish. Finally, he collapsed on top of her, both of their bodies damp from sweat. They breathed heavily in unison with their arms wrapped around each other.

Hermione stroked his hair softly, feeling more connected to him than ever - like they were one. Like each couldn’t exist without the other. Her body relaxed into his as her lids grew heavy.

She was afraid of how strongly she felt for him, and there was no explanation for it. Doubt and fear began to creep in. She couldn’t help but wonder - what she felt was real, they had confirmed that, but what if the physical pull and affection was brought on by the spell. What if this connection she felt was just the dragon on her arm that tied her to him and nothing more?

Would she feel the same without it? Was it removable? Would she have that mark forever?

Her mind was riddled with a thousand questions. Draco drifted off, his breath becoming steady and even, but Hermione laid wide awake.

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