Playing with Fire

Chapter 57: Enough Hurt

Song: Wish You’d Make Me Cry - UPSAHL

“Oh you’re fucking me”, Pansy laughed heartily. Hermione had just stepped into the hallway, prepared to march straight after Draco to his study. But Pansy and Daphne were standing in the doorway directly across from her, where she had been staying.

Pansy’s eyes roved over her, taking in Hermione’s appearance - in Draco’s clothes. Her face went red. “Nice fit, Granger. Those were always my favorite sweats too. Super comfy after a good shag”, she chuckled.

Hermione was mortified, but her eyes wandered to where Pansy and Daphne’s fingers were interlaced. Daphne tried to yank her hand away, looking nervous, but Pansy held tight. “Who’s she gonna tell, love? The portraits of Malfoy men in the hall?”

Daphne gave Hermione an apologetic glance and then they walked down the hall. Hermione didn’t move her feet until she heard the floo downstairs, signaling their departure. I’ve got to get out of these.

Hermione went straight across the hall to change, pulling on a pair of skinny jeans and an oversized charcoal sweater. She pulled her curls into a bun atop her head, stray strands falling over her forehead and framing her face.

She definitely knows. Oh God… Hermione couldn’t shake the realization of how obvious it had been. Her standing in the doorway of Draco’s room, wearing his clothes. Merlin, she felt like an idiot.

Hermione was, however, shocked when she noticed the black satin dress hung on the back of her door, a pair of matching black heels next to it, and emerald earrings on the table. There was a note next to it:

This goes without saying, but keep your trap shut about me and Daph. Not that you have anyone to tell, but I figured I’d cover my bases.

Don’t hurt Draco. Regardless of your false assumptions, he’s my best friend and I’m his. He’s had enough hurt, especially in the past months, don’t add to it.

You and I aren’t friends, so don’t take my gifts the wrong way. I just thought if someone was staying in my room and wearing my clothes, they ought to at least be my real-life Barbie doll for a while. You’ll do.

I also thought you could use a confidence boost after last night...Wear this to dinner tonight, I’ll have something new for you tomorrow. You’re welcome, Granger.

xoxo - Pansy p.s. Wear the damn lipstick.

Hermione stared in a trance at the note, now noticing a tube of ruby red lipstick next to it. Un-fucking-believable. She was more irritated than anything that the outfit was perfect for dinner. And it was perfect for her. Not over the top, but elegant. And best of all, it wasn’t a dress from Narcissa’s closet.

She also couldn’t help but soften slightly towards Pansy - she didn’t want her pity, but she actually cared. There weren’t many people who cared these days.

The fire that had lit Hermione was now fading, and she wasn’t sure about barging in on Draco anymore. Not yet at least. Maybe I should just wait…

The words from Pansy’s note echoed in her mind - he’s had enough hurt. She knew he had gone through some things, but maybe there was more she wasn’t seeing. He lost his mother, but he seemed mostly recovered. One of his old Slytherin pals died, but they weren’t that close...right? His father was blind, but he didn’t seem to give two shits about that.

She decided to wait until they could ease into natural conversation at least - at dinner. That’s better. Maybe I should get him to open up to me first? No, there’s no time…

She spent the day in the library alone, searching with no direction considering she knew absolutely nothing about the dragon on her arm. It was an utter waste of time. She found nothing.

After hours of pointless, mind-numbing searching, she headed back to her room to get ready for dinner. She was suddenly struck with the realization that she might not be expected or invited to dinner now that Halloween had passed. She was more afraid of not showing up though, in the instance that she was expected. Especially after last night and that morning.

Hermione pulled on the dress Pansy left for her, and it magically fit to her figure. Beautifully. Elegantly. She was obsessed with it, everything about it, except for the mile-long slit that stopped just above her hip. She couldn’t even wear underwear with it. She should’ve known it wouldn’t be that easy with Pansy, or that modest.

After applying the red lipstick and leaving her hair up, she actually looked...attractive. Okay, definitely a confidence boost. But she could never admit that to Pansy. She slipped on her heels, took a deep breath, and headed for the dining room at 7:55pm.

Hermione pushed the doors open, walking slowly in an effort not to trip over her heels - which were much higher than usual thanks to Pansy.

Draco and Lucius both turned her direction. Her entire body melted with the heat from Draco’s stare. His eyes locked directly on her leg peeking out every time she took a step. His jaw clenched and he swallowed hard. She averted her eyes and took the seat across from Draco and adjacent to his father.

“You look lovely Miss Granger”, Lucius told her.

“Thank...thank you?”, Hermione responded in confusion. The man simply chuckled in response. He’s literally blind, is he making fun of me?

Draco cleared his throat loudly, breaking the awkward silence, “what day do you return, Father?”, he asked this harshly. Hermione noticed.

“Return?”, Hermione asked, “Oh! Sorry…”, she quickly realized it was November now.

“The fifth”, Lucius said to Draco, taking a long sip of his wing, “Wednesday. What a waste of need for an army when no opposing force can defeat those in power. Therefore - no need for a commander.”

Hermione was silently sipping her wine to avoid putting her foot in her mouth.

“You know the Dark Lord couldn’t let you out of his sight after what happened with mother”, Draco told him, clenching and unclenching his fists covered in endless black and silver rings.

“Ah”, Lucius responded, a smirk growing on his lips, “and now I won’t let him out of my sight either”, he chuckled darkly. Huh?

Hermione was extremely confused, and Draco appeared to be just as lost, but they let it go. Lucius was an enigma of a man.

Dinner was tolerable, no better or worse than it had been the weeks before. But Hermione and Draco kept making eye contact, which would send heat all over Hermione’s body. Like his gaze alone set her on fire. Every time this happened she’d awkwardly drop her fork on the floor or choke on her food. She was mortified.

Lucius excused himself after an hour had passed, but Draco didn’t move a muscle, so neither did Hermione. They needed to talk about things, lots of them.

After the doors shut, Draco rose from his chair and walked around the table to stand behind her. Placing one hand on her thigh and dragging it up slowly, her breath caught. “You”, he whispered in her ear, pausing to place a kiss there, “are a vision.”

Hermione shuddered at his words, feeling moisture pool between her legs, and growing nervous considering she wasn’t wearing underwear. She got the impression that Draco knew that as well. She squeezed her legs together to ease the throb.

Draco pulled her chair backwards, causing her to gasp in surprise. He knelt next to her, placing a kiss on her ankle, slowly making his way up her calf, knee, thigh and further. “Oh God”, she moaned softly.

“Thought he’d never leave”, Draco muttered into her hip, “I can think of a thousand ways to take you right here.” Hermione bit her lip hard, feeling his mouth wander ever closer to where she wanted it.

“Draco…”, she trailed off as he yanked her hips forward in the chair and pulled the slit higher, removing any barriers between them.

“Hermione”, he responded before sucking harshly on her hip bone and then placing a kiss over the bruise that formed there.

They were so out in the open, but he didn’t seem bothered at all. He quickly put his tongue to work, causing her to gasp, and he reached up with one hand to cover her mouth. “I need you to be quiet, love. Can you do that for me?”, he asked, eyes on hers, but mouth still on her core.

“Fuck…”, Hermione muttered quietly, causing him to laugh. “Wait I think-”, she was cut off when he slipped two fingers inside her, combining it with the pressure on her clitoris. Her release was building inside her already.

“Draco I-”, she started, but he placed his hand more firmly over her mouth, shushing her against her skin, sending shockwaves through her body.

Her hands threaded through his hair, desperately searching for something to hold on to as her thighs began to shake. Fuck it, we’ll talk after. “I want you Draco, please”, she begged.

Draco stood quickly, picking her up to stand, and turned her around to face the table. He pushed her down, one hand on her back, so she was bent over the table. She heard the sound of his zipper and sucked in a breath in anticipation.

She felt his head at her entrance and he took both of her hands in one of his behind her back, using his other hand to grab her by the hair as he slid into her with a low groan.

“Oh God”, they moaned in unison. He slammed into her from behind, quickly increasing his pace. It was glorious, creating all kinds of filthy sounds as his hip bones slapped against her cheeks repeatedly.

He pulled her back by the hair so that her back was against him and he kissed her viciously, stealing the breath from her lungs. It was like drowning in heat.

“You’re perfect, Hermione”, he said between grunts and heated kisses, “you know that?”

Hermione’s eyes fluttered shut as she felt herself growing closer to the edge as he filled her repeatedly. “I’m...oh God Draco”, she stuttered.

“I want to feel you come all over me, that’s it Hermione”, he said against her ear, reaching down to rub her clit. She gasped and her legs started to shake as her body was electrified.

“Ah fuck...FUCK”, Draco shouted as he lost himself with her, holding her body close, wrapping his arms around her front and burying his face in her neck.

They both gasped sharply, struggling to catch their breath and feeling exhausted from the aftershocks of their pleasure.

“I love you”, he whispered into her neck, “and I love you”, she responded with stars in her eyes. “But-”, she started and he groaned.

“Granger, that is not what a man wants to hear after a shag like that”, he sighed, chuckling lightly as he brushed a hair behind her ear.

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