Playing with Fire

Chapter 64: Plan to Win

Song: Lolita - Lana Del Rey

A week went by and Draco was still gone. Hermione hated it, but she wasn’t surprised this time. She kept herself busy regardless.

The day Ginny died, she swept herself up, cleaned herself off, and made her way to dinner with determination.

“Good evening Miss Granger”, Lucius greeted familiarly.

“Hermione”, she corrected him boldly. She meant business, and she was sick of the formalities.

“Well Hermione, I see you ignored my request about the muggle pants”, he chuckled. Amity followed her the entire way, hopping into her lap when she sat.

“They’re more functional. Now Lucius, I need to talk to you”, she began, dark eyes firm on his.

“Who put gasoline in your tea this morning? I haven’t seen this side of you”, he smirked, almost admiring her fire.

“I never thought you’d be the man I’ve come to know you as, Lucius. And forgive me if I’m being too blunt or ‘forgetting my place’ or anything like that. But we have a common goal, I’m sure. Unless I’m mistaken, you are no longer an avid supporter of Voldemort. Correct?“, Hermione pinched her legs nervously as she awaited his answer.

He nodded slightly - a gesture so small it could be missed. Hermione grinned.

“Alright. My opinions clearly haven’t changed on him. What has changed....well”, she hesitated now, but knew it needed to be addressed. “I care about Draco”, she said plainly. There. Simple.

Lucius took a long sip of his wine before licking his lips and glancing in her direction. “Forgive me, Hermione - do you plan to tell me something I don’t know already?”

Her face heated. Lucius laughed wickedly, yet it was almost comforting.

Hermione cleared her throat, trying to find her way back to her train of thought. “That being said, I don’t want him to die. I don’t want you to die either, and life isn’t certain for anyone under Voldemort’s reign.” Amity purred as if in agreement.

“You know, Hermione, you remind me very much of a young Narcissa. Ready to bring Hell upon anyone who threatens those she held dear. I only hope this time around I can offer the support needed”, the man grimaced at his own past.

“I’m honored you see me that way...I hope this brings justice to Narcissa as well, I mean that. I know how to kill Voldemort, and I have a plan. Do you mean it when you say you want to offer support?“, she asked seriously, blushing at the comparison to his late wife.

He nodded simply, more noticeable this time. “Follow up question - can you keep a secret from Draco?“, she said nervously, hands wringing and sweating now.

Lucius smirked at her, chuckling slightly. “Now Hermione, I thought we knew each other much better these days”, he said sarcastically. Playfully even.

“I need to learn Dark Magic, and I need you to teach it to me”, she was eager. Knew it had to be done and that Draco wouldn’t like it. Lucius tilted his head at her curiously but agreed. Her body flooded with adrenaline, shooting through her veins like a drug.


Song: Arabella - Arctic Monkeys

The Dark Magic coursed through Hermione’s body with a heavy hum as she shot spell after spell.

"Mean it Hermione, you have to mean it!“, Lucius shouted at her. Sweat was forming at her brow now, but the blind man with long blonde hair stood there calmly. Patiently.

He waved his wand at the test dummy in the dungeon and it transformed into a Voldemort-faced statue. “A little motivation?“, he said quietly.

“Crucio!“, Hermione shouted angrily over and over as light shot ruthlessly from the tip of her wand. “Incendio!“, it burst into flames this time but Lucius recovered it. “Sectumsempra!“, slices appeared over the faux-Voldemort’s torso.

“Avada Kedavra”, she growled and green light shot out of her wand. It was like it took her own life force from her. Exhausted her. But the dummy shot back into the wall and shattered into pieces.

“Well done”, Lucius praised with a surprised expression. Hermione grinned. This wasn’t the first time she had cast it, and it wouldn’t be the last.

The sound of the floo upstairs came and they both froze. Hermione’s breathing hitched in her throat. Draco. He can’t know...

The dungeon door aggressively flew open, clanging against the wall behind it. Footsteps stormed quickly down the stairs. Had he heard them?

That beautiful, familiar, white hair appeared, but his wand was raised. He looked exhausted, again. “Expelliarmus!“, Hermione yelled with a smirk as his wand flew into her hand. He grinned slightly and she bowed in response.

“Not so rusty after all”, Hermione grinned at him with a gleam in her eyes. But then he turned his eyes on Lucius.

“What are you doing here?“, he asked in an irritated tone.

“He’s helping me”, Hermione said, stepping towards him.

“Helping you with what exactly?“, Draco asked accusingly before turning his eyes on the demolished dummy behind her. His expression grew cold. “Hermione...I’m going to ask you this once"

“No, Draco, just-“, she was cut off.

"Hermione“, he growled, “Surely you’re not doing what I think you’re doing”. His eyes were a stoney grey. His jaw clenched.

She bit her cheek. No, you know what? I don’t have to explain myself. “If I’m not mistaken, you expressed that you didn’t want me to be a prisoner here. You wanted me to practice magic for the plan!“, she shouted angrily, clenching her fists as the tip of her wand sparked.

Draco stalked closer, narrowing his eyes, “Not Dark Magic, Hermione! Do you realize what-”

“YES! Of course I bloody realize what it does to someone! I don’t fucking care!“, her breath was heavy now. She felt she could breathe fire in that moment like the dragon on her arm. “I have to be prepared, and we didn’t win the first time around by avoiding Dark Magic. You did, and you won“, she said accusingly.

His expression softened with guilt. “I plan to win this time”, she said in a tone of finality.


Song: All Mine - PLAZA

They practiced for hours after that, Draco volunteering to duel her. It was riveting to use so much magic and Hermione loved it. They were both sweating by the end of it and Lucius had long departed.

Circling around each other, Draco shot a tripping jinx at Hermione’s feet before rushing behind her to pull her into his grip. In no time, he was behind her, one arm wrapped around her waist and holding her arms down. His other was at her throat with a knife. An eerily familiar knife.

The blade dug into her throat slightly - enough to be uncomfortable without breaking the skin. “You need to be prepared for anything, Hermione. Including situations like this”, he said raspily into her ear, sending chills down her spine.

Draco swiftly loosened his grip, flipping the blade in his hand and offering it to her. “I want you to have it”, he insisted.

“Where did did you..?”, Hermione began, staring at the familiar blade as it glistened in the candlelight of the dungeon. Silver with a black handle - a B engraved into it. The same blade that carved “mudblood” into her arm. “B...for Bellatrix”, she stated.

“B for Black”, he corrected with a small smile. “I just hope you get the chance to use it on her”, he responded with dark eyes.

Hermione’s thoughts went to the worst places, and they were riveting. If she got the opportunity to kill Bellatrix, it sure as hell wouldn’t be an easy Avada Kedavra. She would make it hurt. She smiled up at him, leaning in to brush her lips against his. “That’s a bit dark, don’t you think?”, she teased, holding the tip of the blade up to his chin.

He grabbed her hips, swivelling them until her back was slammed against the wall. causing her to drop the blade. He stroked her arm where the dragon was. “Don’t act like you don’t want that, love. I can see it in your eyes. Feel it even.”

His hip pressed into hers deliciously and she groaned, eyes fluttering. “I have a lot more for you to feel than that”, she whispered seductively.

His eyes turned silver, glimmering in the low light and delving deep into hers. He began kissing her neck passionately, stroking her hair, and rubbing her through her pants. She did the same to him. “I’ve missed you”, he whispered against the skin at her collarbone.

“Have no idea what it does to me seeing you so empowered like this”, he trailed off, moving lower and lower as he unbuttoned her pants. “So strong...there’s no one in this world like you Hermione Granger”, she shivered against his warm breath in contrast with the cold dungeon. It was reminiscent of the time he almost kissed her in that same room months ago, his eyes filled with the same flames they held now.

His lips were soft and burned her skin wonderfully. He nibbled at her hip bone before hooking his pinkies underneath her knickers and sliding them down, kissing his way down her legs the entire way.

“I love you”, he reminded her, looking up through his lashes from where he kneeled before her. “I’d do anything for you, you know that don’t you?”, it was a genuine question.

Hermione smiled down at him, her eyes glittering. “Look at us”, she chuckled. “Who would’ve thought?” He chuckled warmly against her skin and it warmed her entire body. His laugh was beautiful, gentle, light. She yearned to hear more of it.

“I love you, Draco. It’s you and me at the end of all this, I know it”, she stated, pulling his face up to meet hers. She met his lips gently, their tongues overlapping and tracing. Exploring. Memorizing. Admiring. They were entirely in sync.

“I want all of you Draco, please”, she gasped as one of his hands found their way to her breasts underneath her jumper, taunting her there, the other sliding between her legs.

“I wish I could give you all of me”, he responded, placing kisses along her jaw before sucking on her neck until it was sure to leave a mark.

“Stop holding back”, she said, a command without the intention of one. His eyes met hers again and he lost all control.

He unbuttoned his suit pants, sliding them down with his boxers as her hands unbuttoned his shirt, eagerly searching for any skin she could get her hands on. Draco slipped the sweater over her head and tossed it to the side, leaving them completely naked and vulnerable.

He scooped her up so her thighs wrapped around his waist as he pressed her against the cold wall. It was a glorious contrast. The tip of his cock found her entrance and gathered the moisture there. They both groaned at the contact, yearned for it above all. “For me?”, he raised an eyebrow at her teasingly. “Always. I’m yours and you’re mine”, she said, meeting his lips.

Both of their mouths opened in a groan as he slid into her until she had taken all of him.

“Shit”, he rasped against her ear, nuzzling it. Draco began a torturous pace, slowly moving himself in and out, not stopping each stroke until he was fully inside of her. Her walls clenched against him, singeing his entire body as a result. They both burned together. Like two flames becoming one.

They gasped over and over, muttering sweet nothings to each other, constantly reminding the other that they loved them and were theirs and theirs only. He moved one hand down to play with her clit and it was exactly what she needed.

“Oh! Draco...Oh God I’m-”, she cut herself off with a moan.

“Come for me. Only for me Hermione. I want to feel you”, he practically begged, sucking on her chest, neck, clavicle, jaw - anything his lips could find.

She screamed his name - full rapture taking over her body as she peaked, bringing him there as well. “ you...Fuck!”, he grunted into her neck as he came.

“Mine...all mine…”, he muttered as they both came down.

Hermione’s left bicep began to heat tremendously and she whipped her head to it, immediately pulled away from their shared pleasure. The Sanguis Stigma. It was glowing bright red.

“Draco…”, she trailed off, unsure what was happening.

He looked up at her, still half-lidded and out of it from his finish. Still holding her close against his skin. Her hands flew to his chest when it began to glow red as well. Right under her fingers, a red dragon began to form there, on his left peck. Her eyes were lit up red as well from it and he stared into them in awe before looking down at his own dragon mark that had formed there.

Both marks began to dim but his dragon remained. His mark. They were both marked. But what did it mean? More questions yet again. One step forward, ten steps back.

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