Playing with Fire

Chapter 6: To the Dark Lord

Song: Mount Everest - Labrinth

Draco sat at the grungy bar - The Inebriatus - his favorite bar despite the filth. Theo and Blaise sat cross from him while Pansy and Daphne were to his left in the roomy booth. He didn’t want to come out tonight, but he’d rather drown out his sorrows than sit at home staring at the portraits of previous Malfoy heirs. He’d do anything to clear his mind of the current state of his life.

“Cheers to this fucking war finally being over”, said Theo, and they all raised a glass and drank.

“To not getting anymore of my outfits dirty”, said Pansy with a giggle, and they repeated the action.

“To being able to go out in public without being bloody shamed”, added Blaise. Cheers, raise a glass, drink, repeat.

“To friendship”, Daphne said with a smile. Repeat.

They all turned to stare at Draco and waited for him to keep it going. “To the Dark Lord”, he muttered. No-one drank that time except for him.

“That’s the best you’ve got, mate?“, Theo asked him, quirking an eyebrow.

“Of fuck off. To my mother then”, he said and emptied his glass, slamming it down on the table. Everyone hesitated.

“To Narcissa Malfoy”, Blaise said respectfully, and then they all drank, wearing regretful looks and trying not to stare at Draco.

Their friend was hurt. Badly. Like they had never seen before. And the worst part was that they knew they couldn’t do anything about it.

“I’m going to get another - anyone need anything?“, Draco asked as he slid out of the booth. They all shook their heads in response and Draco made his way to the bar, stumbling slightly. He had already drank twice the amount his friends had, and in the same time.

“What are we going to do?“, Theo asked the group as soon as Draco was out of eyesight.

“Meaning?“, Pansy responded.

“Meaning we can’t let him just sulk and pout around like this forever,” Theo said, leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms.

“The Dark Lord killed his mother mate, cut him some slack. It’s not as if he’s been allowed to mourn her. He can’t even show that he’s upset about it in front of anyone but us”, Blaise said.

“Blaise is right. We can’t expect him to just get over it and be okay - it hasn’t even been two weeks. And we all saw it happen...“, Daphne trailed off.

“Do you really think just leaving him be in this state is the best way to help him?“, Theo said with a scoff.

“What else can we do Theo? Give him some time. Not all of us have or had shit relationships with our parents”, Pansy said to him coldly. They all knew Theo’s dad was a terrible man, but he simply pretended Arcturus Nott didn’t exist. That man was almost as evil as Bellatrix.

“Shut the fuck up Pansy”, Theo shouted and slammed his fists on the table.

“Back the hell up Nott”, Daphne said as she stood and shoved a finger into his chest.

“You lot really can’t function without me can you?“, Draco asked sarcastically with a laugh and set down his drink. They all turned to look at him like deer in headlights.

“What?“, he asked angrily after it was clear the conversation came from something about him. Or something he wasn’t included in.

“Nothing”, they all said in mumbling voices that jumbled together guiltily.

“Right. Well I don’t want to invade on your party so I’ll see you all when I see you”, he said storming off and leaving his drink.

Back at the manor it was painfully silent. The halls were dark and empty, the only light came from the moon seeping in through the windows.

Draco walked up the stairs clumsily, undoing the buttons on his shirt on the way. When he walked into his room, Bopsy instantly apparated. He sighed in frustration, he didn’t have the energy or patience for whatever she was about to say.

“Master Malfoy!“, she greeted happily.

“Yes?“, he asked the house elf.

“Prisoner is wanting to speak with sir tomorrow!“, she told him

He stared at her in frustration for a moment - he had forgotten all about Granger living in his dungeon. He began to untie and remove his shoes as he took a seat in the chair near his fireplace. “Alright, thank you Bopsy”

She blushed and disapparated.

How the fuck was he supposed to talk to someone who was a classmate a few months ago, and now was a prisoner in his home?

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