Playing with Fire

Chapter 69: Wanted

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Draco caressed her face delicately, like she would shatter if he wasn’t gentle. Hermione wasn’t something that could break, and she hated him being this way. If she was, she would’ve broken long ago.

“Are you okay?”, he asked her for what felt like the millionth time since they left Lucius’s study.

“Yes”, she assured, nodding with a grimace. She was pregnant. Not a centuries old vase on the edge of a table. And she was barely pregnant at that. They wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for Lucius’s investigative legilimency.

Hermione sighed heavily, sinking into one of the chairs by his fireplace and drawing her knees into her chest nervously. She was fine. Nervous of course, but she really didn’t want him to crowd her obsessively any more than he already was. It only stressed her out.

Even then, he had followed her to her seat, standing behind and wrapping his arms around her protectively. He placed a few kisses to her cheek, leaving a trail of warmth that prickled across her skin.

She could sense his restraint. He wanted to say something, and it was as palpable as his skin against hers. “What’s wrong?”, she asked on yet another heavy exhale.

“Nothing”, he said. Clipped. Brief. Untrue. They both knew it. Draco’s voice even shot up a few octaves - which it never did. He wasn’t even trying to conceal it.

“Say it”, she commanded. He huffed in her ear, frustrated with her use of the bond.

“I’m worried about you”, he responded.

“And?”, she pushed further. Obviously there’s more.

“And...what do you want to do?”, he asked genuinely, quietly. As if he were trying to calm a wild animal.

“Meaning?”, she craned her neck to glance at him behind her.

“Meaning what do you want to do? About the...pregnancy”, he had a strange flicker in his tone on the last word. What was it...distaste? Discomfort? They were young, and still on the fresh side of loving confessions. It was intimidating, really. But she couldn’t decipher his true feelings towards the matter.

She felt somewhat indifferent, as if it was the least of her worries. In all reality, it was. She was preparing to help her boyfriend murder Voldemort. The one thing Harry failed at. Taxing was not a heavy enough term to describe the situation. And what was worse, they had no idea when this would be.

Hermione was horrified for a number of reasons - all of which would cumulatively exceed the average parchment length. The trap she set for the Incendiaries, that wasn’t really a trap, but could end up that way if things went awry. There was so much uncertainty with that topic alone. And now - a child. A fetus. A fertilized egg at most. Completely new. And Draco was up-ended about it.

She would’ve been freaking out had this happened 6 months ago, but it was like her mind was blocking it. On hold for processing at a later date when she wasn’t overwhelmed with the only two potential outcomes that awaited them - they win or they lose. There was no in between. Compromise didn’t exist, and even if it did, this wasn’t the type of thing you could compromise on whatsoever.

“Do as in-?”, a sudden thought invaded her mind and her blood ran cold. “Oh my God”. At first she was saddened and disappointed, but on second thought she was furious and jumped out of her chair, gripping her wand tightly out of instinct. “You don’t want to have it because it won’t be a pureblood!”, she shouted defensively. It wasn’t a question, it was an assumption - an assertion.

Draco’s expression flickered between confusion and anger. “What?”, he asked incredulously, his jaw hitting the floor. Surely she was joking...after all he had admitted to her? She really thought that?

“Hermione, no! Merlin no...I’ really think that? You really think I still...I never…”, he couldn’t find the right words, shaking his head in disbelief. He was baffled, and his heart ached with the fear that she truly saw him in such a light.

“You never what? Considered that shagging me relentlessly could result in a bastard child?”, her fists were clenched at her sides and her face heated. She was certain steam was emitting from her ears.

He rushed to her side, horrified that she was so quick to assume the worst of him. Draco tried pulling her into his arms but she shoved his chests with all her strength. He grabbed her cheeks slightly more firm than was necessary, “listen to me”, her blood boiled at his command but her knees wobbled slightly when his eyes darkened. He was distractingly attractive and she couldn’t adapt to it. Every time she looked at him was like the first time.

But she had no choice - not to mention she had used the bond on him lately too, and she couldn’t be a hypocrite about it.

“I’ve never truly believed all that pureblood supremacy bullshit.I suppose now would be a good time to clarify such, though there isn’t much good it will do at this point. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it for the rest of my life, I’m so sorry Hermione. My father did. My mother didn’t, but I put on a front for it all the same”, he sighed heavily as she fell into his arms, her eyes softening. Hermione felt awful. It was an overreaction, she was aware, but she couldn’t help her initial reaction. It wasn’t as though it was groundless.

“So you called me slurs my entire life because...”, she began sarcastically, teasing him. She was over it. He was a child then, influenced by his parents. He could only be held responsible to an extent when he was just reiterating what his father taught him to be “right” and “true”. It didn’t excuse the behavior by any means, but she had been over it for a while now.

His eyes were almost hollow with regret but she quickly assured him she was kidding. The relief on his face was exaggerated when he finally released the breath he had been holding.

Draco buried his nose in the crook of her neck, taking in her scent. He could pick it out of a lineup at this point, and reveled in that. Roses and libraries. Parchment and flowers. Whichever way you put it, it was subtle but breathtaking, and he’d gladly trade it for oxygen any day.

“I just want to…”, he began but altered his word choice before proceeding. “You mean the world to me, you’re everything, and I want to do what you want to do. I saw your face when my father said what he said - which definitely could’ve been communicated more clearly and less sarcastically if you ask me”

“Hm...that reminds me of someone”, she joked. He exhaled a small laugh and it had bumps rising all over her skin where it grazed.

Draco pulled back to look at her, eyes practically impaling her with the way he studied them. He placed a gentle kiss on her lips. Fragile and breakable.

“This isn’t just up to me, you know”, she told him, looking up through her lashes.

“It’s your body. I’ll support whatever you choose. But you should know, the only thing that would make me happier than being with you is having a family with you. I don’t need it per se, but if not with you I never will. You’re all I want. If you wanted Mars I’d want it just as badly even if only for you. Obviously that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want it myself as well I just-”, Hermione cut him off with a deep kiss, plunging into his mouth with intensity before pulling back slightly.

“You’re rambling”, she smirked against his lips, fingers clinging to the collar of his ripped shirt.

“That reminds me of someone”, he chuckled, throwing her words back at her.

“Draco Malfoy. I will gladly have your children so long as you cease treating me like a snowflake, I’m not going to melt or disappear from too much heat”, her eyes darkened on his, really hammering home the message with a blatant double meaning.

He grinned slyly, “How many?”, he joked with her.

“I thought Malfoy’s only had one ‘heir’”, she said, prodding him in the chest with her index finger but he gripped her wrists and pulled him into her, placing a hand on her lower back so she arched against his chest.

“A tradition, not a requirement. Besides, how can I be expected to stop there? I’ll gladly shag you until I’m in a wheelchair. Probably even then - you’re irresistible”, he grinned, showing off that cheeky dimple of his.

She gasped with a smile, but noticed him grow serious. “This plan...I made a promise to you. But it’s more than that now. This isn’t just for our future, but our child’s as well”

Hermione nodded in agreement, sliding her fingers between his. “I love you”, she said, and Draco’s mark glowed bright.

“And I love you, both of you”, he responded while glancing down to her stomach, and her mark glowed as well. Their eyes met, lit up in red like two flames, and they were on each other in no time.

He scooped her up and carried her to the bed without breaking the kiss. “I’ll always take care of you, you know that?”, he asked, staring deeply into her eyes as their marks continued to burn brightly in the dim room. She nodded before pulling his neck towards her, desperate to kiss him.

The room felt hot and humid with the weight of them. Thankfully Draco wasted no time undressing both Hermione and himself.

After shucking his boxers, he finally crawled onto the bed, turning Hermione to lay on her side as he positioned himself behind her. Hooking a hand under her knee and pulling it up towards her shoulder, she gasped when he placed himself at her entrance, rubbing between her folds to gather the moisture there.

“Please”, she begged, reaching behind herself to grab a fist full of hair.

“Please what?”, he teased, one hand playing with her clit now, his other wrapped underneath her to tease her nipples. The heat of his torso at her back was breathtaking.

“Draco I swear to-”, she was cut off as he plunged into her roughly. She gasped harshly and his lips attached themselves to her shoulder, not relenting until there was a mark there. One hand ghosted over her mark and she could feel the heat radiating off of his against her. The sensation was heavenly.

“You were saying?”, he growled in her ear, catching it between his teeth.

Hermione was speechless. She felt so in tune with him, like she fed off of his energy and he did the same. Like she was more alive than ever before when she was with him. Like electricity was thrumming through her veins. Like they were...magically harmonious.

There was no telling where she began and he ended, but it didn’t matter. It was just him and her. Them. And a third on the way. She still felt uncomfortable almost, as if it weren’t true. Couldn’t be. But she wasn’t upset about it either. If she were to have anyone’s children, she wanted them to be Draco’s. Hermione didn’t even let herself consider Ron...if she did she knew she would unravel. She loved him, but was no longer in love with him. It had been that way before she even found herself so drawn in by Draco.

His fingers found her clit again as he drove into her repeatedly, groaning and showering her with compliments repeatedly. “You’re beautiful. Perfect. Mine. I love you. God Hermione, I love you more than anything in this world. You’re my world. I love you”

Her skin tingled all over as the climax crept up her spine. She gasped over and over, moaning his name and he did the same every time “Draco” escaped her lips.

“Hermione”, he would whisper in her repeatedly.

“Oh God I’m…I’m…”, she gasped as her vision went white and she squeezed her eyes shut. Her thighs trembled in his grasp as he began pouring into her, his teeth grazing her back. “Fucking hell…”, he groaned as he tried to catch his breath, going limp behind her.

She nuzzled into him as he pulled her in close. “Is it possible to cum so hard I get you pregnant again?”, he sighed with a laugh.

Hermione smacked his arm, pretending to hate how bluntly he spoke, but knowing deep down that she loved it. She fought back a laugh that escaped as he buried his nose in her curls, trailing his fingers soothingly over her chest, arms, legs - anything and everything.

She shut her eyes again blissfully, wishing she could stay here forever and never face the world. Safe. Happy. Them. That’s it. It was all she wanted.

“For the record”, she smirked, “I don’t have any names that sound good with Malfoy”

He chuckled lightly, “I’ve got one”, she could feel him smiling devilishly against her. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. All she wanted.

“Alright hear me out, Granger . If it’s a boy - Scorpius?”, he raised his head to watch her.

With another smack to his arm Hermione laughed loudly, tossing her head back onto his shoulder, “Abso-fucking-lutely not”

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