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The paladins have answered a distress call. Little did they know the events that would occur would change them forever. ~Warnings~ -rape -language -angst -verbal abuse -mpreg -gorey -polyamorous (chapters are at least 8 pages or more.)

Action / Erotica
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Chapter 1

(Third POV)
The Paladins and Alteans were all sitting in the lounge of the castle of lions. The day had been as normal as it could get out in space. Loosing track of the time they had lost in the never ending abyss they knew so little about. Their time had been spent fighting the Galra.But, months had passed since they had last seen any sign of Zarkon or the Galra in general. It had become peacful except for the few times when Allura called them for training.

The Altean princess was quite paranoid. But, when they heard the coms come on and she said something completely different than training they all responded."Paladins! Come to the Maine deck. We have a distress signal." The Paladins hurried to put their armor on stumbling from the unexpected mission and went to the main deck. They quickly made it to their lions as they roared to life. Their lions illuminated the skies of the planet.

The planet was quite small with few occupants called Oreaona. There were supposedly giant wolf like beings inhabiting Oreaona called Lycanias. But, as they began to descend towards Oreona there wasn't a trace of such beings. As they continued they also noticed no Galra either. Oreaona appeared uninhabited for what seemed to be a long time with the vacancy of the small planet.

It was off and they knew it."Guys this doesn't seem right" Lance said as they finally landed on the surface of Oreaona. The other Paladins nodded in agreement as they got out of their lions. Confused Keith tried to contact Allura with no luck. Their coms had stopped working leaving them to figure it out themselves. Shiro trying to be as level headed as possible decided to proceed with the mission anyways." Let's split up into groups we'll be able to cover more ground that way." Shiro said as he continued to assign teams."Lance and Keith you'll go checkout the settlements up North while Pidge, Hunk, and I will go to the Southern settlements. We will continue trying to contact Allura in the mean time stay out of trouble."

The Paladins all agreed to the plan and began their trek to the northern and southern settlements of Oreaona.
(Lance's POV)
Of course I got stuck with Keith of all people.(Characters thinking are in bold). I watched as he walked ahead of me making sure to keep the distance. Great I'll be stuck with him for a week or more. I wish I was with Hunk and Pidge right now. Then Shiro could deal with him.

But me being me was so caught up in thought I didn't notice when Keith abruptly stopped in the field we were walking through. It has the blue plants that looked similar to wheat everywhere. Sadly my admiring of the place was cut short when I ran into Keith causing us to roll through the weird blue wheat like plants.

"WHAT THE FUCK LANCE!" Is the first thing I heard. Keith looked pissed. "So-sorr","Shut the fuck up!" He yelled cutting me off." Pay attention for once" he growled at me as I still sat on the ground with him standing above me. He began to walk off as without waiting for me to follow.

I scrambled to after him soon coming to a walk as i caught up. We continued we came to this pretty, light blue river filled with crystals instead of rocks. Keith didn't seem to care much for it though as he trudged through the water to the other side. The forest was completely different compared to the beautiful field and river we had just passed through. It seemed mysterious in a way but still gorgeous.

The trees were super colorful like the wrest of Oreaona. The hues of yellow and some magenta surrounded us showing the different types of trees. It was beautiful here everything was just so different. Even the ground was completely different it looked like a ton of vines swirled together to create a solid surface. The ground was also an assortment of colors mostly being purples, pinks, and magenta. I admired everything as we walked. I almost ran into Keith a few times after we entered. Sadly we had reached the end of the forest. As we got out from under the canopy of the forest I was now able to see the star that Oreaona orbited begin to dip under the horizon.

"Hey Keith I think we should set up camp for the night." I said but he didn't look up as he was checking his map to make sure we were going the right way. He was about to disagree with my statement until he looked up seeing the sky darkening. He huffed loudly as he unhappily agreed with me through a nod of his head. We started to set up camp on the edge of the forest so we could hang our hammocks and have some cover from any bad weather that may come our way.

(Time skip 2 hours later)
I had finished setting up my part of the camp right when the sky had darkened from a pretty rainbow of colors to a deep blue. Keith was sitting by the campfire having finished an hour earlier eating a nutrient bar. The nutrient bars weren't to bad compared to the space goo that we ate on a day to day basis. They tasted similar to a granola bar but were just different colors.

I huffed as I sat down on the other side of the fire that was emitting a blue light. Keith didn't even look at me though. He had been giving me the silent treatment ever since he cursed me out for making a small mistake. Keith didn't even let me apologize. Was I really that annoying to bring him to the point of not wanting me to even talk?

While in the middle of my thoughts Keith had stood up and got ready for bed stepping into his cocoon like hammock which wrapped around him like a protective layer. I sat and looked at it for a while as I ate my nutrient bar. He looked peaceful without me annoying him. I guess I need to stop. It's not like he can get mad at me if I don't say anything or do anything he hates in his presence. Standing up I stepped into my little cocoon and felt it wrap around me snugly but, as I began to succumbed to sleep I thought I heard shuffling. As I listened to see if i could here it again i heard nothing so I closed my eyes and finally drifted off to sleep.
(so that's the first chapter if you couldn't tell this is my first book and I suck at writing . So thank you for reading this I will try to write as often as I can and hopefully get better at writing. Love you guys hope to see your comments in the future thanks.)
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