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Saudade For You(Kuroo x Black Reader)


Y/n who is a model, finds out that her boyfriend from freshmen year of high school who moved away to get better at volleyball came back. And goes to the same college she goes to. Which causes some complications between the both of them.

Romance / Drama
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"Alright~ miss L/N we've taken enough pictures for today, you make take your leave" jack
The photographer said as he got up from the floor from taking pictures from different angles.

" okay, thanks I'll see you again next Friday at 6 pm, right?"
You said as you picked up your brown coach purse and swung it over your shoulders.
"Yep, see ya later kiddo" jack said waving goodbye smiling with his lips in a straight line.
You waved bye back to him, walked down the stairs and exited out of the building, getting into your car which was a "Tesla".
You let out a deep sigh saying "Ooooh Chile, I cant wait to get home I was in that place alll~ day"
you said as you put your car in drive, put your GPS on and headed towards your college dorms. You turned on the radio and your favorite song came on "Not another love song" by Ella mai.
" This is my song " you said Excitedly while turning up the volume singing loudly and grabbing a hair brush from the cup holder and put it up to your mouth like it was a mic.
"Making love to you~ though yo-" you sang until you got interrupted with a FT call from your bestie Victoria.

You rolled your eyes and breathed hard answering the call wondering what in the world does this girl want.
" Heffa! what is it I'm driving" you told her while having the phone lay on your thigh were she could only see under your chin.
" gurl~ don't be like dat..,anyway where your ugly self at?" She said while crunching on some ice sounding like a loud squirrel eating some acorns.
" gurl~ over here by-, GET OVER WHAT ARE YALL DOING!" You yelled and honked at the car who got in front of you without turning on his blinker.
" Y/N why you yelling?!" Victoria asked concerned.
" it's just that this idiot Got in front of me all quick without his blinker, and then wanna drive all slow. That junk make me mad" you said with your faces scrunched up.
"For real~ they really be trippin in atl, they actin like don't know how to drive " she said agreeing with you.
"Exactly~ ...but what you need hun?" You said glancing down at her real quick seeing she was dressed up admiring herself again, then back at the road.
" ohhhhh~ yea I need you to get me something to eat, I'm hungry"

" you gonna pay, cuz I know I ain't paying"

"Come on~ Y/N please~ ill pay you back" victoria whined.
It was silent for a few seconds, until you spoke up and decided to just pay for it.
" Fine, ill do it but you better pay me back, fattie"

" Thanks gurl, and i promise i will, soo I want Bojangles. gimme the kids meal chicken tenders with a side of beans...you know im tryin to stay skinny"
she said the last part with a high pitched voice.
" Mkay , whatever im finna be home in 15, bye fattie"
" i know i got one " (IYKYK 👀) victoria smirked and hanged up the phone before you could say something.

" I know this girl didnt just say what i think she said" you laughed a little and pulled up to Bojangles.

My bad it's short my fingers were hurting from typing😂 Any way hoped you enjoyed and please don't forget to like and comment❤️ And if you wanna see what the characters look like go to my wattpad account. it’s in my bio. thanks for reading
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