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Saudade For You(Kuroo x Black Reader)


You guys run for a good minute through the schoolyard durining lunch. It was a beautiful day the sun was shinning, the clouds were fluffy, the sky was a gorgeous light blue, The grass was bright green swaying gently with the cool fresh breeze.

''Kuroo come back here i have to tell you something'' you say giggling a little while running towards him out of of breath.

"No way your just trying to hit me for eating your hot cheeto puffs, im not that dumb" kuroo said yelling while running away from you with a big smiled plastered on his face. He eventually came to a stop when the fences to the school blocked him. he looked right then left in urgency to get away from you before you could catch up to him. His eyes widened at the idea of climbing the fence, he quickly ran up on the metal fence and put his hands and feet into the holes whilst slowly climbing up.

out of breath you say "Dont...even ...think... bout it" with your hand resting on his back as your bending down with your other hand on your chest trying to catch your breath.

"Dang...you caught me,... i guess ill get that beaten then"
he said as he jumped off and towered over you with a bright chamring smile on his face. you rose up and looked up to him dead in the face.

"You got dat right, and you will pay" you smirked and side eyed him while walking behind him slowly his eyes was on you the whole the time as you were doing so. Then suddenly you grabbed the pack of strawberry flavored twistlers that was in the back of his pocket and ran off with it toward the school building laughing angelically.
"Heyy~ Y/N come back here" he said running after you.
"Not a chance, You shouldve had never ate my cheetos you know i dont play bout my food, boi." you said while gasping air between each word, you turned around quickly and saw he was on your heels. Your eyes widened you starting squeeling a little as he tackled you "Gently" to the ground with his hands around yours waist. The the schoolyard was full of you and his laughter. you had your eyes closed while laughing whislt he was on top of you giggling a little but also looking at each of your features and thinking how beautiful you are. he loved to hear you laugh it sounded angelic to him, that's why he called you his..
"Angel.." Kuroo said looking at your E/C eyes that shimmered slightly due to the reflection of the sun while your curls fell on the ground enhancing your beauty.
"I..i~ Lo-"

"Y/N girl if you dont wake up, im been trying to wake you up for the past 10mins. You mustve had a good dream, cuz you was knocked OUT man i aint never seen you sleep long. you usually be the one waking me up " Victoria said interuppting your flashback.

"Yea it was a good a dream till you interuppted it before i was getting to the good part" you said slightly annoyed while taking the covers off, rubbing the crust of your eyes and walked towards the bathroom to get ready quickly before the Professor yells at you.

"Aight I see it like dat now, next time your butt in fairy dream land im not waking you up no more, So~ ungrateful...Oh and i put the money i owe you back on your nighstand, ugly" victoria said yelling from the kitchen making some cream of wheat for the both you.

You laughed a little at what she said and responded Saying" Thank you girl, your very much aprreciated'' you say walking out the bathroom and into your side of of the bedroom pulling out clothes from your closet to pick out your outfit the day.

You got dressed, did your hair and walked out the bedroom into the small kitchen.

"So how i look love" you say smiling a little.

"GURLLL~!!!! YOU LOOK GOOD, turn around for me'' you turned slowly then faced her again.
" Yes sis your killing it, loving the fit" Victoria said hyping you up with her hand over her mouth in a circle shape to make her voice sound louder and deeper.

"Thank ya, Thank Ya, hun you look good too sis." you said dancing a little smiling.

"Thank you~ and No problem gurl, you know im your hype girl, so if noone else can do it you know Good and well, im finna do it" she said placing your cream of wheat on the small table in the kitchen.

"im glad i got you as a friend, fattie" you laughed and said
" you don't appreciate me" she said fake crying
"Girl whatever and Thank you for the food" then you prayed before you ate your breakfast.

|||(Time skip)

You and Victoria walked in the hallway headed towards your first class. You opened the door and sat down in the very back and victoria sat in front of you.
You placed your bag underneath the table and got out a pen and paper. And started to take the notes the proffesor had on the board.
After an 1hr you went to your next class, but without Victoria because she only had the first class with you. Once you were done with that class you walked to the vending machine, put in the money and pressed some words and numbers and the Hot cheeto puffs fell at the bottom. you bent down and grabbed the chips out of the slot. You stood straight and opened the bag of chips putting one cheeto into your mouth which was hanging half way out. Suddenly you heard some foot steps and giggling, out of curosity you turned around and what you saw shocked you. It was a tall man with messy bed like hair, with hazel eyes. And next to him was a woman with black medium length hair and glasses right beside him with his hand around her waist. You were taken aback it was like you seen him before, but you couldnt really remember. you stand still in the middle of the hall way looking dumb. Staring right at the couple trying to contemplate were you seen this man before. It was like it was in slow motion, him and the girl walked passed you with the cheeto still in your mouth hanging. When suddenly he smiled and laughed at the comment the girl beside him made. His smile is what made you remember who this man was...It was


I hoped you enjoyed please dont forget to like and comment, please tell me how you like it so far even though im only to chapters in LOL. Bye loves thanks for reading❤️❤️❤️
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