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Saudade For You(Kuroo x Black Reader)


After you finished your classes you met up with victoria, walked to your car going to a near by cafe still thinking about how you saw your "boyfriend" at your college with another girl. You all walked in the cafe sat down at the nearest sit next to the window and door, you placed your purse on the side of your chair and just sat their thinking in awe about how you havent seen him in 6 years and all of sudden he just randomly pops up.
Victoria said your name as she pulled out the chair and placed the drinks she ordered for the both of you on the table.
"yea?" you responded with dryly.
"Gurl whats wrong with you, you look pensive, like alot's on your mind....AND dont even try that 'Nothings wrong me' mess. I know you now spill"
she calmly demanded.

You took a sighed and put your elbow on the table whislt supporting your face while your lip pouted a little
" Well rememeber when i told about this boy I dated in 9th grade and how he left me without saying goodbye, and that i had to ask the teachers were he went. And they told me he went abroad to get better at volleyball..."

"yea...what about him?" she said in a calm voice.

"Well he's...Back..I saw him today while i was at the Vending machine getting some Hot cheetos"

"Oh my gawd, girl what?!... did he notice you"
she said whispering but yelling at the same time, which made people around her give her some weird stares.
" Luckily, no he didnt..at first i didnt know who he was but all i knew was that he looked familliar and then when he got closer..he smiled..and thats what made me remember" you said

" What do you mean luckily?! he didnt see you, you didnt confront him'' Victorias voice raised while taking a sip of her coffee.

" No, and No.Because it was another girl beside him i didnt want to cause complications, besides me and his relationship is complicated..we never officailly broke up he just moved away" you stated


"So~ it would be akward to just go up to him and be like' Hey you left without notice, are we still dating' '' you said the last part in a goofy voice.

" I mean i guess your right...But if i was you gurl i would want answers especially if you and him were in love"
" We were...or at least i think we were"

" But yea Y/N if by some chance you see him again i think you should confront him and get some answers" victoria said

"You right, you right... i might just do that" you said a little confident about going up to him.


The door to the cafe opened and two people walked in first a girl with black medium length hair and glasses and and then...
"Gurl its him, its him" you said tapping your friends arm quickly
" its who ?"
" Kuroo" you said his name, it felt weird for those 5 letters to come out of your mouth you haven't said his name in so long.
"What?!...see this is fate, you needa go talk to him"
''But he's with that girl" you said getting a little nervous.
"So....It dont matte-'' victoria got interrupted by deep male voice.

" Sorry to interrupt you guys, but i couldnt help but notice a face very familiar''
he smirked slightly turning his head towards you which made both of your eyes meet.
"Are you Y/N" he asked sincerly
you were shocked you didnt think he would actually remember you, yet TALK to you.
"Y-yea" you said mentally smaking yourself on how badly you messed up for stuttering.
"Wow, you look good, its been a long time hasnt it" he said smiling as he scratched the beck of his neck sheepishly.
"yes it has" You said looking down at the table smiling thinking about the times you had together with him.
" oh and this is my best friend Victoria" you said to him.
" Nice to meet you victoria, im Kuroo" he said while shaking her hand gently.
"its nice to meet you too, and you can just call me Vicky for short" she said
"Aight coo-" he got interrupted by a feminine voice walking towards

"Hey babe..Who are these people?" she sincerely asked in a monotone voice while wrapping her arm around his arm. As to show that he his hers.

" Oh right, my bad this is Vicky and this is Y/N a very good friend of mine" kuroo said akwardly laughing a little to his girlfriend while pulling her close.
"Hi im Kiyoko. Kuroo's girlfriend"
You dont know why but your heart sunk after hearing that Kiyoko was his girlfriend that meant he moved on, he didnt even give a second thought about you all this time. While you were over here having dreams about him. You felt hurt but at the same time you knew it was only right for him to move on. Besides you were Young teens when you dated, yall are 21 now so it was bound for him to move on eventually.


some time went by while you a kuroo caught up and talked about how yall used to chase each other and stuff. But not once did he mention that you were his girlfriend. He always referred to you as his friend or "close" friend.

" alright then sad to say but i gotta be at volleyball practice..Right about~ now! actually" he chuckled a little while getting up from the chair and pushing it back in.

"Bye, it was nice talking to you Kuroo and nice meeting you Kiyoko" both you and victoria said in sinc.
"ooh wait before i leave Y/N can i have your number, you know so we can stay in touch" he said grinning a little, you were a little shocked that he actually asked for your number in front of his girlfriend. You thought...so this boy Bold-Bold.

"Sure thing" you said nonchalantly while you and him both exchanged numbers.

"aight then bye Kiyoko and Kuroo" you said once again
''Bye'' the both of them said together as they walked out the cafe.

You and Victoria turned your heads around real quick, looked at each other smiling goofy saying


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