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Thats My Girl


You're a normal girl. Well were, till young Sam and Dean came to your college searching monsters you'd only seen in Fairy Tales. When your life shatters around you, due to these monsters you have no choice but to cling onto the Winchester brothers for help. Now they're older, and You begin to feel a certain way towards the eldest brother, but your afraid he'll either only need you for drunken nights like most girls or you'll be rejected.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

I giggle with my friend as we walk back to our dorm late at night. We were coming back from a party on the other side of campus, completely oblivious to the dangers that lurked in the shadows. For the passed 2 weeks kids have been found torn to pieces all over the campus, so tonight my friend and I decided to party to avoid the stress of a possible murder on the loose.

As we open the door to our dorm, expecting to greet our two other dorm mates, we see a shadow figure of a man.
“Daniel is that you?” Meg giggles. The only response we receive is a growl. I back away, afraid unlike my fearless friend Meg. “Come on Daniel Halloween ended days ago, no more scary pranks.” She giggles, entering the room and flicking on the lights. I let out a loud scream, seeing our dorm mates blood splattered on the walls. Their bodies, torn apart laying lifelessly on the floor.

The man’s figure turned slowly, allowing us to see its glowing gold eyes, long claws, and sharp inhuman teeth. He pounces on Meg, instantly ripping out her heart, causing my screams to only be louder. I sprint down the hall, towards the nearest exit. I could hear it chasing me, it was inhumanly fast.
“HELLLPPPP!!!” I scream, tears blurring my vision as I run out of the building, outside. I feel something grab my leg, causing me to fall onto my front. “NO NO NO HELPP!!!! PLEASE!!” I scream. I can hear it growl on top of me. Shutting my eyes tightly, I prepare myself to be ripped apart. But instead I hear a loud gun shot, causing the growling, and the heavy pressure to be released off my back.

I sit up quickly, scooting away from the dead body of the thing that attacked my friends and I.
“Are you alright?” A male voice asks from behind me. I turn around and see a man holding a shot gun which I assume he used on the creature, he had short hair, wore a rugged brown jacket. The one who was kneeling besides me had shaggy brown hair, and look about my age but younger.
“W-What was that?!” I ask in panic.
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” He sighs, taking my hand and helping me up.
“Try me, because that thing killed 3 of my best friends!!!” I snap, tears brimming my eyes.
“A thank you would be nice.” The one holding the gun commented. I walk over to him, and slap him as hard as I can across the face.
“Thanks, but if you would’ve gotten here sooner. My best friends wouldn’t be dead. We were graduating this year!!!” I shout, anger boiling through me. He glares down at me, not in anger but almost sympathy.
“We’ll call the police, you have two choices. You can stay here and get interrogated probably be considered a suspect or come with us.” The one with shaggy says from behind me.
“Well.....it’s not like I’ll have much to loose....foster kid, no other friends or relations.” I sigh, wiping my damp face.
“Come on than....we’ll explain everything to you.” The one with the gun sighs, turning and walking away.
“Can I get your names first?” I sigh, practically grumbling as the tall one and I follow.
“Oh um I’m Sam, that’s my brother Dean.” He replies, giving me a tight smile. “And you are?”

They lead me to an old black car, and load me into the passenger seat. I had no bags, none of my belongings, and I was silent. How else was I supposed to react to a situation like this?
As we’re driving away from my campus, the one named Dean clears his throat and glances at me in the rear view mirror.
“That thing that killed your friends and almost killed you was a werewolf.” He informs me. I look at him in disbelief, and roll my eyes.
“Right right, so that means vampires, witches, and ghost exist right?” I respond jokingly. Sam turns in his seat and gives me a certain look that causes my joking demeanor to change. “You can’t be serious?!”
“Oh I’m deadly serious sweet heart.” Dean replies.
“First off its y/n, not sweet heart. And if these things are real as you say, how come no one knows? Like the police or government?” I ask, leaning forward.
“Well most of them can disguise themselves as humans and very good liars. It’s hard to tell the police, hey a vampire killed my best friend.” Sam informs me. I nod in agreement, he had a point.
“So you guys just go around, killing those things?” I ask.
“Yeah, it’s kinda the family business.” Dean smirks over at me. I roll my eyes in disgust and sit back in my seat.
“Interesting family.” I mumble.
“What were you studying?” Sam asks attempting to lighten up the mood.
“Uh I was studying to be a pediatric nurse.” I respond.
“A nurse that works with babies?” Sam asks a small smile forming on his face.
“Yeah. I grew up taking care of kids and babies, so it’s nothing new.” I inform them with a shrug.
“Interesting.” Dean mumbles. The car grows silent, which I was kind of grateful for. I lean my head against the window and begin to fall asleep to the purring of the car engine.

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