The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The Twins Dilemma

Lyra followed Hermione to the Gryffindor table once again. She slid into her seat with a polite hello. Harry, Ron, and Neville were already sitting and they looked up in surprise.

"Lyra!" Neville said with a smile, "You came back!"

Lyra nodded with a smile. She was glad to be back. "The twins stopped being gits," Hermione said, "So Lyra decided to come back!"

"Hermione!" Fred said mock hurt sliding in the spot next to Lyra. "You wound us! It was simply a misunderstanding." He wrapped an arm around Lyra's shoulders and she tensed. "We're all good aren't we Lyra?"

George slid in the seat across from her forcing Neville to slide over. "Yeah! We're the best of friends now."

Lyra gently grabbed Fred's arm, making sure to grab far enough up all she touched was sleeve and unwrapped herself. "Yeah, We're cool. They're gonna help me get my grade up in Moody's class."

Food dropped out of Ron's mouth. "You're talking to them now too?!" Fred stuck his tongue out a Ron in response.

"We could have helped you with Moody's class Lyra," Harry said softly. She looked him over a grim smile on her face. He looked pretty worse for ware.

She tried to lower a wall and send out feelings of content and confidence. "You just focus on getting ready for Thursday okay?"
He nodded in thanks and turned back to his plate.

"I could have helped though." Hermione chipped in. Lyra looked at her pointedly as if to say focus on helping him right now.

Dinner went on without much excitement and before Lyra knew it the plates cleared and she began to follow the twins. She wasn't really paying attention so it took her a moment before she realized they weren't walking towards the library. She stopped abruptly and the twins turned to look at her.

"What's wrong?" George asked.

"Where are we going?" She asked cautiously.

They shared a mischevious grin. "To the Gryffindor's common room," said Fred.

She raised an eyebrow uneasiness setting in "Isn't that against the rules? For me to go to the Gryffindor's common room?"

Their grins widened. "My dear Lyra," George said, "are you by chance a goody-two-shoes?"

Lyra blushed and anger surged through her. "N-no. I was just curious!"

"Good," Fred said turning away and beginning to walk again. "Because we cant have anyone who's untrustworthy in the center of our operations."

"No one's going to have a problem with me being there?"

The twins shrugged "Maybe if someone else was trying to bring you in."

"But we are VIP, so it shouldn't be a problem."

Before she knew it they stopped in front of a big portrait of a large woman.

"Password?" She asked in a high pitched voice.

"Balderdash." Said Fred and she swung open. They climbed in giving Lyra a hand through the portrait.

"Just a password for you guys?" Lyra asked curiously.

"Yeah," said Fred "What do you guys have?"

Lyra smirked, "You have to answer a riddle."

"What a new riddle every day?"

"A new riddle every time you want to enter."

"What happens if you can't answer."

"You're locked out until someone can."

"We'll that sucks."

Lyra shrugged and went to answer but stopped when she noticed the room they were standing in. It was much cozier then her common room. Red and gold decorated the walls. Tabistersy of valiant making up a majority of the art. She preferred her common room, but this was nice in its own way as well.

"You like it?" George asked and she looked over to see that both the twins were staring at her. A blush crept up her cheeks but she shook it off smiling at them.

"Yeah, I mean, I prefer mine but this is really nice too."

Fred rolled his eyes and George chuckled shaking his head. Of course, she would say that.

They gestured over to a table tucked way in the corner and she followed them over to it. She was glad they had chosen an area she could hide in. After getting settled they handed her a couple of pieces of parchment and started pulling bottles of different liquids out of their bags.

She scanned down each piece of parchment. Stopping on the third. "A love potion?"

"You can make it right?" Fred asked.

She looked up at them and had to stifle a smile, they were sitting on the edge of their seats. "I've never made one before, but that's not really what I'm concerned about. Love potions are no joke."

Their shoulders fell and disappointment contorting their faces. "So, you won't help us with it then?" George asked and her stomach twisted as she felt his sadness.

"I didn't say that I can help you design a love potion and even teach you to make it, I just have some conditions."

"Which are?" Fred asked.

"I'm not letting my name be associated with anything sub-par. If we design a love potion it's got to be made to perfection and it has to be safe. No cutting corners."

"That's fine," said George quickly.

"That means it's going to take time, and we'll need a safe place to work. One where no one has the chance of stumbling upon our test potions."

Fred leaned back in his seat running his hand through his hair. "That's all fine, what about the other plans?"

She scanned the other parchments quickly "I'll have to take a more thorough look but what you have actually looks pretty good. It just needs some refining. We can probably have the canary creams ready to sell by next week if we start tomorrow or Sunday."

"What's wrong with the canary creams?" George asked defensively.

"You could sell them as is, but they'd be better with some kind of freezing charm. It'll extend their shelf life."

Fred grinned wickedly at his twin " She's good."

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