The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Lesson One

Lyra followed George quickly through the halls. She had trouble keeping up with his fast pace. Between that and her growing nervousness, she had to focus hard on not tripping.

So much so that when George stopped abruptly she ran right into him. She jumped back and he turned to smirk at her. He gestured to a door on the left.

"We're here."

She frowned at him. It wasn't her fault he walked so fast. She had little legs. She followed him inside putting her bag down in a corner while George moved the desks with his wand.

I thought we'd start with shield spells. Is there anything in particular that you're having trouble with? Moody only mentioned the unforgivable curse and I can't help with that."

She bit her lip nervously crossing her arms over her chest. "Hexes and other defensive spells."

He nodded he could tell she was nervous. "We'll work our way up to those then. Otherwise are you ready?" She nodded "good, then I'm going to throw some jinx's your way, do your best to block them."

George threw out a couple of jinxes, but Lyra's shield charm blocked them all. He looked at her stunned for a moment. She raised an eyebrow. "Do you really hate talking that much?"

"What do you-" he threw another jelly legs jinx at her but she again threw up a shield.

He gave her his wide toothy grin. "I mean you using non-verbal spells as a fourth year."

"Actually protago is technically a charm not-" he threw another round of jinxes.

"I don't know what's more irritating the fact you blocked all of that or the fact you know that."

She shrugged. "Moody's meaner when it comes to jinxing. He jinxed me through the door once. Cheating bastard."

He nodded "it's that glass eye of his, he can see through solid objects. Man, wouldn't that be cool?"

Lyra tried to picture George with Moody's bludging glass eye and grimaced. "I think you're better off with the eyes you have."

He waggled his eyebrows "oh really?"

Lyra snorted "So not what I meant."

He placed a hand on his heart mock hurt "You wound me so! Keep it up and I may just have to be mean like Moody."

She snorted again "you're going to have to be if you want to do any damage, my shield charms are on point."

"Oh? Why don't we switch roles then?"

The smile slid right off Lyra's face and the mood of the room shifted. "Maybe next time." She said in a small voice.

George frowned. Right when he was getting her out of her shell too. He offered her a soft smile "Where'd all that confidence go? Thought you were just getting warmed up?"

She managed to grow significantly smaller, wrapping her arms around herself and shrugging her shoulders.

"Lyra," George said in a surprisingly soft voice, "You can't push it off forever. I'm not just here to stand around and look handsome you know. I'm here to help you practice."

"I know, I just-"

Before she could finish the door to the classroom swung open and Fred popped his head in. He waggled his eyebrows so similar to the way George did Lyra had to suppress a laugh. "Am I... Interrupting something?"

"No, not at all!" Lyra said before George could butt in, "We were just finishing up!" George shot her a dirty look and she looked back innocently.

"Good," said Fred "because we've got to get to work if we want to have the pastries ready for the party."

"The party?" Lyra asked.

"Harry's Victory party of course!" Fred said wrapping an arm around Lyra again.

She raised an eyebrow "How are you so sure He's going to win? He's up against some pretty talented opponents."

"Then we'll celebrate him not dying in the first task!" Fred cheered leading them towards the door. George chuckled picking up his and Lyra's bags and following the two out the door.

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