The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

The First Task

Harry did not look well. He did feel well either. Lyra was constantly battling the waves of anxiety and dread rolling off of him. Trying to send him good calm confident feelings was a losing battle. He seemed so nervous that he barely understood where he was.

The first task was today, and even though Hermione said he was ready, Lyra was terrified. She wanted to go support him but she didn't know if she'd be able to handle it honestly. Maybe if she watched from a distance instead of in the middle of the crowds. Plus would she have to sit with Ravenclaw? She didn't really have any friends in Ravenclaw...

A hand landed on her shoulder and she jumped. "Blimey, Lyra you almost look as nervous as Harry!" Fred joked loudly making Lyra once again jump out of her skin.

She was about to answer when she saw a certain Dermstrang student out of the corner of her eye. She slid out of Fred's grasp "Would you excuse me?" And she darted after him.

She went to yell his name but to her surprise, he turned as if sensing her. She smiled and gave a little wave. He smiled back coming to a halt so she could catch up.

"Lyra! Come to wish me good luck?"

She wrapped an arm around his and they continued walking. "Of course! Though you seem a lot less nervous then I would have thought. Maybe I should save my luck for whatever your facing."

He shrugged "I am nervous but used to the pressure."

"Oh that's right, I almost forgot you play quidditch."

Viktor let out a laugh and shook his head. They walked in silence for a while. She liked Viktor because of this, he never made her talk much.

"Lyra Listen..." they stopped walking and she looked up to see blush creeping up Viktor's cheeks "I wanted to thank you for introducing me to hermiinooee. It means a lot to me."

A soft smile crossed Lyra's lips "Of course, I think she may fancy you."

Viktor went rigid his face turning even redder. He cleared his throat looking straight ahead "Well, I will see you later then." And he marched off.

"You two are becoming quite chummy aren't you?"

Lyra turned around to see the twins leaning against the wall. She smiled "don't be jealous, I was just wishing him good luck."

"I suppose we could forgive you as long as you cheer louder for Harry then you do for Krum," Fred said with a grin.

The mood shifted as Lyra was reminded about watching the task. She forced a smile on her lips but it didn't fool them.

"What's wrong?" George asked.

She crossed her arms and took a step back "N-nothing I'm just not sure if I'm going to watch..."

"WHAT?!" Fred yelled "why the bloody hell not? You're at least coming to our party right?!"

She bit her lip "About that..."

Fred grasped his chest and flung himself at George. George caught him almost falling down himself. "Where did we go wrong with this one?" He asked George, tears practically in his eyes.

George grinned at his brother before looking back up at Lyra "How come you're not going?"

She shifted back and forth "I just don't really do well in crowds... or at parties."

"Come on," said Fred in a coaxing voice "it won't be much bigger than a quidditch game."

Lyra's stomach dropped and she looked at the floor "About that..."

The twins looked at her mortified "No." Fred said in a weak voice. He clutched his brother again "Don't say it, my heart can't bare it!"

"I'm sorry!" She groaned.

George held his brother. "Sorry doesn't cut it. Look at the state your mother is in!"

"Mother?" Lyra and Fred said at the same time.

"Why am I the mum, you be the mum," Fred said.

"Neither of you are my mum!" Lyra said a little too loudly. A couple of people turned to stare at her and the twins and she turned pink.

"Finnnneee." Fred said standing up "but you are coming today."

"And to one of our games next year!" George added.

"I don't know guys..."

"It'll be fine! You can sit with us if you really want."

"Yeah, we'll save you a seat!"

She stared at them for a minute, why did they have to be so stubborn? "Fine."

They grinned in victory. "We'll see you then!"

What was she getting herself into?

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