The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

A Solution

Lyra sat with her head between her knees. She felt like she was going to be sick. The crowds of people around her pulsed with excitement and anticipation as if they were one whole organism.

She placed her hands over her ears and screwed her eyes shut. Deep down she knew this didn't help at all. it wasn't her normal senses that crippled her.

A gentle hand grasped her shoulder causing her to look up. The twins were staring at her their faces mingled with worry and confusion. George crouched down in front of her holding out a mug. It held a silver liquid with silvery vapor still coming off of it.

"Here," he said, "take this it should help."

"Drought of peace?" She choked.

He nodded and Fred piped up with "We got it from Madame Pomfrey."

She reached forward greedily taking the mug from George. He winced as her hand brushed his but she barely seemed to notice. She was already in so much pain if anything the rush of only him was a sanctuary.

She tipped her head back to the twin's horror and gulped the potion down completely. It was like jumping in a swimming pool on a hot summer day. Instantly cool. An invisible barrier of peacefulness now between her and the crowds around her.

"Blimey," said Fred "I'm surprised you're not in a coma. I don't think you're supposed to drink the whole thing like that."

She smiled softly and George felt his heart unclench. She was okay now, the potion had worked. "I'll be fine," she said, "Thank you."

Fred gave her a wink before flinging down in the seat next to her. "No problem, right Georgie?"

George smiled too, getting up and sitting next to his twin. "Right!"

A loud whistle blew and they fell silent with the rest of the crowd. Lyra looked down at the ring her eyes widened. She gripped Fred's arm and the twins looked over at her.

"T-Thats a Swedish hornsnout!" She said shocked.

"A what?" Fred asked smiling devilishly.

"A dragon, it's a type of dragon!"

The twins shared a look and chuckled.

"Thanks for finally joining us," George said shaking his head.

"Yeah they brought the dragon in a bit ago," Fred said. As if a Swedish Hornsnout was nothing out of the ordinary. She just looked at the twins like they were crazy before turning back to the ring below.

Cedric Diggery had entered the ring and Lyra's stomach dropped. Dragons. She thought to herself, they were facing off bloody dragons. No wonder Harry was filled with such dread.

Cedric had transfigured a rock into a Labrador and Lyra oohed in admiration. That was clever. Then George gave her a look that said 'remember who your rooting for.' Before getting sucked back into the action.

The hornsnout went after the dog and Cedric slipped past the dragon diving for a golden egg. The crowd cheered but it was too soon of a celebration. As Cedric dove for the egg, the dragon turned deciding he was the better prey. It blew a huge gust of hot fire, making Lyra clutch Fred's arm again. Cedric was lucky though, the fire only brushing him, he soon stood the egg clutched in his hands. The crowd cheered again and Lyra unclutched Fred's arm.

Glad to be free of her death grip he nudged his brother and they switched seats.

"Oh thank goodness! He made it! When that fire came-" she looked over at the twins and paused giving them a puzzled look. "Why did you switch seats?"

Fred smiled at her rubbing his arm "because of your death grip."

She turned scarlet, not even realizing she had been holding onto him. "S-sorry."

He chuckled "it's fine, I know I'm hard to resist."

Lyra screwed her face up. "You wish Weasley."

A second whistle blew cutting Fred off and they all turned their attention back down below.

The hornsnout had been lead away and a green Welsh dragon took its place. Fleur Delacour came out next. She began to put what looked like a sleeping charm on her dragon.

Lyra watched closely on the edge of her seat. George leaned in towards her, making sure his brother wasn't watching and began to whisper in her ear.

"You know," he started making her jump, "I don't mind if you hold onto me."

Lyra turned an even darker shade of red, one George Weasley didn't even know existed. She looked at him with a mixture of horror and embarrassment.

He chuckled and she had half a mind to hit him. Lyra didn't get the chance to though because right then the sleeping dragon let out a loud snore and a beam of fire shot out of its nose.

Fleurs skirt caught on fire and Lyra let out a gasp of horror. The girl stayed calm though, putting the fire out with water from the tip of her wand and then grabbing her egg as well. The crowd cheered again and Lyra found herself letting out a breath of relief, she was okay too.

Next came Krum, and if she thought it was hard to watch Cedric and Fleur, People she barely knew, she was wrong.

His dragon was a scarlet Chinese fireball. She could feel that he was much more nervous than earlier, but she could also feel his set determination.

He shot a conjunctivitis curse at the dragon's eyes. It was successful temporarily blinding the dragon. Lyra let out a cheer, but it was short-lived. To her and the crowds dread the dragon began stomping around in fury. Even smashing some of its own eggs.

Viktor acted quickly though, rolling under the dragon and scooping up his golden egg. The crowd roared to life again, Lyra included. She was so relieved. Now it was only Harry to go.

She gasped as they lead the dragon out. A Hungarian Horntail. Of all the dragons, why did Harry have to get the horntail?

Harry entered the ring and Lyra mustered all her strength to send him a part of her peace. She was so concentrated on this that she did not notice that she was now clutching onto George as she had done to Fred. George smiled at her in victory, but this too went unnoticed.

Harry used a summoning charm to summon his firebolt. He took to the air and Lyra felt his energy completely shift. His fears completely diminishing.

He began with a diversion tactic narrowly missing a few close calls. Suddenly Harry dove, managing to dodge the fire but not the tail. It swiped him and Lyra let out squeak going very pale. George wrapped an arm around her and they both watched intensely as Harry pulled back up.

He began to zig-zag, going higher and higher as he did. The horntail watched him moving as he did but not leaving the ground. He taunted her further, flying always just out of reach. Finally, she opened her wings and shot upward.

Lyra gasped as Harry dove again, arms out and off his broom. He snatched the golden egg up tucking it up under his arm and then flew high above the crowd again. The crowd erupted like it never had before and George, Lyra, and Fred jumped up screaming and cheering with them.

Harry was safe! She thought, He was safe and he had completed his task!

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