The Weasley's and The Ravenclaw

Potions and Boys

Lyra sat at a tall table, her cauldron and a small notebook in front of her. The twins sat on the other side watching her closely. They thought it increasingly amusing how she managed to be in her own little world.

First testing this after she did not respond to a question Fred asked, they began to make faces at her and do other silly things in an effort to distract her. It wasn't until George fell out of his chair causing a huge crash that they caught her attention.

Just then she slammed her notebook shut and looked up at the twins. "That should do it." She said with a sigh leaning back on her chair. "Now we need to just let it sit for a week and It should be ready to test."

"Which potion is that?" Asked George leaning closer.

She shook her head "You'll have to wait to see."

He frowned "That's not fair!"

She shrugged, starting to clean up her workspace. "You guys will have samples of all the potions I've made by the end of the week. We can test them then and I'll show you how I made the ones you like the most."

Fred smiled "Lyra, you're bloody brilliant."

She smiled back "I know." She opened her bag to put her notebook away and froze, the mood in the room shifted and Lyra cleared her throat. "Before I forget, does this belong to either of you?"

She held up a jacket but didn't look up at them, instead choosing to stare intensely at her bag. "Oh yeah," said George going a little red "It's mine when I brought you back to your dorm you seemed cold. So I gave it to you..."

Lyra looked up at him turning a deep shade of red. "Thanks." She choked out thrusting it at him.

Fred made a gagging noise and slid off his chair. "You two are going to make me sick!"
He scooped up his bag and headed for the door.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Yelled Lyra. But he just waved his hand in response and walked out the door. She shook her head looking back at George. She once again gestured the jacket to him.

"Oh! Right." He took it "So do you want to get some practice in tonight after dinner?"

She cringed, she had been avoiding practice. "I can't tonight."

George smiled "Lyra, you can't keep standing me up like this."

"I know I know, but I really do have something I have to do."

"What's that?"

"Its a secret."

He gave her an unbelieving look. "Sure it is. Well, then how about we meet up after?"

"No, it'll be really late and-"

"Lyra, your not wiggling out of it this time."

She sighed loudly. "Fine, are we meeting at the normal place?"

"Where are you coming from, I can meet you there and-"

"No." Lyra said panicked "if he sees you waiting for me he'll blow a gasket. Probably keep me extra late just because of it."

"He?" George asked trying to keep the disappointment out of his voice. "Got a secret jealous boyfriend Lyra?"

Her face turned green and twisted with disgust. "God no. Lessons George. I've got some lessons I have to go too. But I'm really not supposed to talk about them so keep it to yourself."

With that, she swept up the rest of her things and started for the door.

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